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Submitted by Nineball2112 966d ago | rumor

Will new legislation mean warning label for Xbox One?

Privacy concerns surrounding Microsoft's Xbox One have reached Capitol Hill.

The U.S. House of Representatives has introduced legislation that could force the console to visibly alert users that they are being monitored.

The “We Are Watching You Act of 2013” bill (honest, that's the name) isn't just aimed at consoles, however. Its broader focus is any set-top box device that includes a camera capable of monitoring the activity of users. (Industry, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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DxTrixterz  +   966d ago
When Xbox One is on and you're simply having a conversation in your living room, your conversation is not being recorded or uploaded.

Yes of course what else can they say? It's obvious that they have to say it or othewise they would get same backlash as with whole DRM thing. Oh and you can turn off kinect features why the hell you need it connected anyway? It doesn't listen to your conversations? What if you and your friend are talking and one of you says Xbox On in the sentence? Xbox will only just magically get the xbox on words out of sentence?
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NameRemoved0017  +   966d ago
Its always listening lol, the console can be off but the kinect still listens for commands so its really always on.
SilentNegotiator  +   965d ago
Microsoft is the first follower of PRISM. If the government requests to spy on a user, they'll let them without a peep.

They don't have to be recording/watching 24/7 for the idea of always Kinect and forced connections to be creepy and wrong.
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LeRise  +   965d ago
Sorry for giving you a disagree, I thought the first sentence is your initial thought, when in fact it is a quote. Please, quote such things next time.
DxTrixterz  +   965d ago
Don't worry it's ok.
airgangstarr  +   966d ago
how awesome would it be if they pass a law making xbox ship us there console without kinect man that would be a big win for the people even republicans dont want this thing to get in our homes
scott182  +   965d ago
Just don't plug it in.... Or send MS a camera that uploads feed to your computer, and tell them you will use the Kinect if MS's CEO will use your camera in his home.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   966d ago
Hell yea they need to warn people.
mmj  +   966d ago
I'd be surprised if they aren't forced to make changes before being released in the EU.
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SilentNegotiator  +   966d ago
Trying to dignify bad with bad is ill logic and obvious poorly orchestrated trolling.

That's if you download the wrong app. Kinect is an always on (when Xbox is on) device from the top followers of PRISM, all on a device that has forced 24 hour connection.
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Software_Lover  +   965d ago
........... I wasn't trying to dignify anything. Man you people are so quick to get offended by nothing.

My point was, maybe I didn't make it clear, was that These "Congressmen" could have done this a long time ago. They are just trying to put their names out there for when election time comes around.
mydyingparadiselost  +   966d ago
I don't want this kind of tech in my house in the first place, I don't care if it comes from MS or someone else jusy STOP PUTTING CAMERAS ON SHIT ALREADY. I'm starting to feel like a data point for corporations instead of a human being with all this intrusive BS that's supposed to become available in the next 10 yeats or so, it's getting out of hand. This legislation is a start but I don't need or want ads based on what I'm talking about, ever, period. The benefit of all this is only for the companies, and since the customer is the one paying the money there should be real benefits for us as well.
MikeyDucati1  +   965d ago
Oh stop it. You're arguing that point from a PC that's heavily monitored. Cameras are on every corner reading your body temperature and mouth movements. All due to the Patriot Act. Why be mad at the leaves of the tree when you wont cut it at its base to stop it from growing?
MikeyDucati1  +   965d ago
Yea ok. But if the government deems me a terrorist, they can lock me up for however long they feel like. Plus didn't Verizon just submit to the government all phone calls and text messages? Doesnt Google monitor your actions to tailor ads to your preference? But oh yeah lets get all bent out of shape about MS when privacy issues been a problem since 9/11.
scott182  +   965d ago
Now they have eyes on us though. So not only will they know if people look at porn (which they do) they will know what every ones "oh" face looks like.... creepy.
Tyre  +   965d ago
The thing is all spying devices you mention are indirect & mostly in your control and the cctv is not in your living room. Kinect is a highly advanced 3D object/biometrics scanner/voice profiler...hell it can even follow your eye movements to see what ads your watching and accordingly send you ads, see what brands your wearing etc. None of the devices you mention have that capability or are 'on' without your consent. The reaction by people is finally a healthy and sane reaction. It is not the questions why now? But when will people beginning to realise what the implications are of all this surveillance? It is not just for trying to catch terrorists. The implications are far beyond that and thanks to Microsoft bypassing the legalities in privacy issues and making YOUR living 'their' property, it begins to creep up and getting to close to people's integrity/peace and legal right to be left alone at home. Wake Up! there always has to remain a difference between a state prison and ordinary life otherwise we might as well lock ourselves up and brand ourselves criminals in advance. By proposing these new laws the politicians are finally doing something they are suppose to be doing in a civilised modern democracy: That is protecting the individual from an overpowered government or company instead of helping them erode the foundations of our hard earned freedoms. We all should applaud and support these proposals. Without these safeguards the democracy will even more damaged. The balance of power must be restored. We have learned so much through history plz don't let us be ignorant and F it up again for the sake of a better future for all instead of another war
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MikeyDucati1  +   965d ago
If you believe those devices need your consent to monitor you, you are definitely ignorant to the truth. And democracy doesn't mean freedom, justice or what's right. Democracy is latin, meaning the mob decides. It's not a question of why now. Its more so a statement of "it's too late to complain".

We all should applaud and support these proposals? LOL! Is this before or after Patriot Act? This is before or after government demanding phone call information from cell phone providers? This is before or after smartphones that has been rooted and still show that they are being tracked? This is before or after cameras in stoplights? This is before or after chips being placed into babies for monitoring? This is before or after Google? This is before or after drones shooting people?

We didn't learn nothing from history or the famous saying of "history repeats itself" wouldn't have any merit. LOL at the government striking up proposals "that is protecting the individual from an overpowered government or company". That doesn't make sense. They invade your privacy but yeah, lets take on MS because those plan to invade citizen's privacy.

You have no idea how corporations work, nor the bill that recently passed that deems them an entity in which polices themselves. Save that "fight for freedom" speech for the fool who is already bound and chained.

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