Deep Down is “Still Quite far off,” Dead Rising 3 has “no Current Plans” for PS4, Other Platforms

Now that E3 is over, Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice President at Capcom, has returned to answering questions on the Ask Capcom forums. - PSLS

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dbjj120881770d ago

It'll show up on PS4 after a little while. I don't think Capcom would let the series restrict itself to Xbox One sales.

TrendyGamers1770d ago

They've done it before with the Dead Rising franchise, keeping it Xbox exclusive.

-Mika-1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The original never came So i don't know... Maybe Dead rising 4 will but I don't know about 3.

Blastoise1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I really doubt the Xbox one is going to dominate the PS4 like the 360 originally dominated the PS3 though

It'll come. Its just a matter of time.

It's always just a matter of time...

turnerdc1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I'm not so sure about this one. Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 were published by Capcom. Dead Rising 3 is published by Microsoft. Capcom stated...

"To answer the second question, there are no current plans for any other platforms. Again, MS is publishing so it would be tantamount to asking Nintendo to put their key franchises on other platforms."

That's a pretty strong statement and sounds like it might be staying Xbox exclusive.

TheEvilWithin1770d ago

The original came as a port for the Wii. Dead Rising Chop till you Drop. So YES it could still come to the PS4. Capcom AND Square Enix don't believe in exclusives any more they have already stated that.

scofios1770d ago

The first dead rising was available on the wii.

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Wedge191770d ago

Yeah, that's a death sentence. It's not monetarily feasible to be exclusive on Xbox (not that I'm a financial analyst or expert or anything.)

-Mika-1770d ago

It possibly is. You have to remember MS is publishing the game. So they're going to be paying for advertisement and shipping it to the stores. They also could of possibly funded development of the game so you'll never know.

georgeenoob1770d ago

It's funny how even when a dev says they have no current plans for ps4, they still think it's coming to ps4. Signs of denial.

punisher991770d ago

Kinda reminds me about how xbox fans kept saying the same things about Metal Gear Solid 4.

AusRogo1770d ago

@Punisher. . Dayyyuuuum. Apply cold water on burn?

BattleTorn1770d ago

Straight from the horses mouth, and you still say that it'll show up on PS4.

Force is strong with this one

CGI-Quality1770d ago

I'm sure you were there when Kojima said NO to the 360 for MGS4, yes?

Lovable1770d ago

I think MS funded DR 3 for Xbox 1, so it is a true exclusive

Tyre1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@dbjj12088 Off course, it is obvious that it is exclusive, but if it's not published by MS, Capcom will wait and see....and if the install base of PS4 is more than 10x than that of the XB1, it will be hard to stay 'exclusive'. I like Deadrising 1, but since i've played 'The Last of Us' and i'm so over these kind of zombie games. Once i was blind, but now Naughty Dog has shown me the light!

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AngelicIceDiamond1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

So its a X1 exclusive, nice. Dead Rising 3 a Xbox One exclusive.

Edit: @Trendy Dead Rising released on 360 exclusively because the PS3 wasn't even out yet. So MS took that advantage to market the game as if it was the only game to hit its platform.

The PS4 and X1 are releasing at the same time. Capcom simply has no plans for ports.

Edit 2: Looking at Dead Rising 3, which is an Xbox One exclusive, he said there’s “no current plans for any other platforms,” which is due to the fact that Microsoft is publishing the game, “so it would be tantamount to asking Nintendo to put their key franchises on other platforms.”

So don't expect this game to go multiplat any time soon.

Unicron1770d ago

"So don't expect this game to go multiplat any time soon."

I expect DR3: Blah Blah Edition to show up on multiple consoles though.

Not sure why people are so hyped for it though? Didn't it just get "Overstriked" with this latest sequel?

BlackTar1871770d ago

I expect it will release on PS4 later called Dead Rising Final Cut or something and include Dead Rising 2 or something.

TheGrimReaper1770d ago

“no Current Plans” for PS4, Other Platforms...

Why doesn't he say: "DR3 is exclusive to X1!"

IMO it sounds like this: Our contract with MS doesn't allow us to talk about other platforms for a specific time (6 months, 1 year etc...)

andibandit1770d ago

This is just splitting words, maybe dr4 will be multiplat

TheEvilWithin1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I think the key word here is CURRENT which means it could change in time but who knows with Capcom. They said Resident Evil Revelation was a 3DS exclusive and look how that turned out. Rayman Legends was a Wii U exclusive at first and look how that also turned out. Just saying the game is going to go where the money is and if more Playstation's are selling then Xbox 1 then Capcom will port it. Its just a matter of time. Not trying to be a Di*k about it just stating simple facts here. (AND yes I know Rayman is a Ubisoft tittle not a Capcom tittle) lol

Belking1770d ago

Dead rising 3 is probably gonna stay xbox. That gonna suck for people who want the game but don't buy XB1. That's whyn i'm getting both. I'm not missing out on anything.

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MikeyDucati11770d ago

Ya know, being as though so many people are pooping on the Xbox One direction, doesn't mean that the dev will jump ship and make Dead Rising for PS4. Dead Rising has always been an Xbox exclusive and I see no reason why they would switch now. Anyway, PS4 got other zombie games to keep you entertained. But if you want DR, buy One.

ProudGamer1770d ago

I Gamefly'd Dead Rising 2 for my PS3 so how is it exclusive?

MikeyDucati11770d ago

lol, I said Dead Rising. Nowhere in my post did I mention Dead Rising 2. We are about specifics here...

"I got some ideas for Eternal Death Slayer, you see-"



"Eternal Death Slayer...3!"

Jayjayff1770d ago

You made it sound like the franchise was, not just the original. "Has always been" as if it continuous to be and has a history of being exclusive. If you add Dead Rising 2 that contradicts that thought.
A better way to phrase it would be, Dead Rising was an Xbox exclusive. So yeah, clearly not the same. This is made more than obvious when you say "But if you want DR, buy One" Speaking for the franchise as a whole. It's bad communication in your part.

MikeyDucati11770d ago

Second post went over your head I see. Next time, shut your mouth and think about what just transpired before you try to correct someone who already acknowledged the correction. Smh

Jayjayff1770d ago

"lol, I said Dead Rising. Nowhere in my post did I mention Dead Rising 2. We are about specifics here.." Yeah certainly seems like someone who admits to being wrong/bad implacations. Again, talking about the franchise as a whole as Xbox exclusive is wrong, I was arguing your bad wording not what you meant.

MikeyDucati11770d ago

Again, you idiot, I acknowledged the correction when I quoted a scene from Grandma's Boy when I was talking to the OTHER guy. I know what you were arguing about stupid. You can always tell the lonely weirdo ones on here...

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