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Submitted by cyguration 895d ago | news

Microsoft Says Windows 7, Nvidia GTX PCs At E3 Were Xbox One Dev Kits

Gaming Blend "We, the gaming public have finally received some kind of answer to the conundrum that was the Xbox One scandal of the decade (even though it really wasn't). Microsoft was reached out to over the weekend to gather a response and some sort of explanation to clarify what was going on with those Windows 7 PCs that were running Nvidia GTX 780s for several Xbox One games." (Xbox One)

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DxTrixterz  +   895d ago | Well said
This PC like X1 dev kit actually looked better than the actual X1 console and this quote

Now, according to the developers of Lococycle, the game that was running at the kiosk where the pictures were taken of the Windows 7 PCs with GTX cards, they were simply running the game native since they didn't have time to code to a dev kit for E3

You mean M$ did not have 'real' X1 dev kit ready for X1 at the biggest game convention of the year? OMG. Also I've noticed there is no mention of kinect? Hmm M$ scared of somebody saiyng 'Xbox Off' and ruining their shows?
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   895d ago | Well said
lol I do not see how they were dev kits when they had Nvidia in them and the X1 has an AMD. I have seen MS lie quite a lot now and I do not know if I should believe them or not.

"You mean M$ did not have 'real' X1 dev kit ready for X1 at the biggest game convention of the year?"

That is a good point and seems very likely
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jmc8888  +   895d ago
Remember those lies when they say 'trust us' when it comes to Kinect.
dedicatedtogamers  +   895d ago
@ jmc8888

Yeah, I'm still waiting to scan in my skateboard, talk to Milo (or see ANY of that demonstration used in a Kinect game), swing my arms to accurately swing a lightsaber, and all that other stuff they promised. It still hasn't happened. They're simply re-packaging those promises and using it to sell Kinect 2.0

"We promise, guys! We'll get it right THIS time! Spend $500 on a new system and we'll prove it to you!"
JokesOnYou  +   895d ago
Yeah Ok from William Usher the same guy I remember bashing Halo3 constantly while promoting Haze, sure if you say so.

"And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."
HammadTheBeast  +   895d ago

Jokes, please try and explain why they faked the Kinect presentations.
Ju  +   895d ago
Nice link to Eurogamer. Not sure if discrediting the author serves the cause here. I agree with this:

Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and Ryse. Each plays at a promised 1080p native resolution, with the former two targeting 60fps as well, both of which show huge promise as launch titles, covering off the racing and fighting genres quite nicely. The lack of games optimised to this point on actual Xbox One hardware is worrying, but even so, if the E3 demos are at all indicative, fans of zombie action games and rail-shooters should also be very well catered for when the hardware launches.

If anything, MS pulled a blunt lie suggesting they have actually more games on the actually HW than there is. 3 games only running natively? That's not a whole lot. Forza I can believe runs fine at 1080@60fps - heck, GT6 does that on the PS3 - Killer Instinct is a fighting game, and Ryse pushes all detail into one (main) character model - everything around looks blunt. I am surprised this isn't coming up more. IMO this is quite significant.

I am really curious how devs can disclose performance numbers but can't show the game on actual HW (I speculate they have it running on the PS4 and use those numbers as ballpark numbers, and probably have some part of it running on dev X1 in the "lab").

We saw "prototype" HW before (PowerMac for 360 - but they ran at least the same chips) - or target renders (KZ2) - but never do I remember was one platform sold as another. Nobody has yet tried to pull that off.
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Ritsujun   895d ago | Trolling | show
lomion5  +   895d ago | Well said
Speaking of trusting Microsoft, go to google and type "the Xbox one is" and look at the suggested searches. Now go to bing and do the same thing. Yep.
SilentNegotiator  +   895d ago
Nvidia dev kits for an AMD console? Yeah, that makes sense. lol

Microsoft is caught in yet another lie.

BTW, I know it has been said, but hey, hey! Microsoft doesn't even use Windows 8!
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pete007  +   895d ago
Youre a f***ng moron! Dev kits have been leaked for the past 2 years, even sold on eBay and your Holly stupidity is telling you they dont have dev kits!!!
All PS3/4 games are made on Pc. And so what? Are you not pissing Well because of a devkit?
horndog  +   895d ago
OH NO!!!! OH NOS!!!!!! The sky is falling lol
DOMination-  +   895d ago
Ryse isn't first party
BallsEye  +   895d ago
so fools like you won't have something more to b!tch about if alpha stage hardware fails, which is normal.
Haules  +   894d ago
So the devKit is a PC using a 780GTX? 4 times faster then X1 GPU (AMD gpu)?

Devkit uses high end Nvidia cards while the X1 uses midrange AMD card... Who are you trying to fool MS?

Keep laying MS keep laying.
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gedapeleda  +   894d ago
Probably didn't have stable internet at e3.
loulou  +   894d ago
so they showed some first party games on x1 HW, yet for n4g, lets just forget that fact and concentrate on something, no anything negative.
pixelsword  +   894d ago
Reach for dem straws, Microsoft.
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Kaneda  +   894d ago
Every company lies to promote their product! Nothing new, you just have to do some search...
superkidcupid13  +   891d ago
well one of the articles i read a few weeks back on n4g said that nvidia was suporting the x1 but i dnt know exactly how they were going about on supporting them....maybe x1 could have nividas...who knos these days
The_Con-Sept  +   889d ago
I call bs on this. If that is a dev kit then I'd rather buy that to play xb180 games.

Besides they didn't require the Kinect to run games.

(Oh come on that was funny!)
-Mika-  +   895d ago
Do you even understand what you just wrote. According to your quote. The developers did not have enough time to get the demo of their game up and running on XB1 hardware so they used a pc to demo their game.

So Im not understanding how this is MS fault. That is pretty much the developers fault.
Mr_Nuts  +   895d ago | Well said
Do YOU understand what you write 95% of the time
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infamousinfolite  +   895d ago
"Do you even understand what you just wrote. According to your quote. The developers did not have enough time to get the demo of their game up and running on XB1 hardware so they used a pc to demo their game.

So Im not understanding how this is MS fault. That is pretty much the developers fault."

Blind Loyalty to Microsoft.

In other words, that may be true but this comment to me seems a bit off and I don't think it has to do with any of the developers.
Mikeyy  +   895d ago
The point is, Microsoft is lying, again. A PC was used, NOT an XBone Dev kit.
Narutone66  +   895d ago
To Mika, MS is always blameless. Just check his/her comments history, corporate shill/Reputation Manager or whatever you want to call it, comes to mind.
Ju  +   895d ago
You don't see the significance in this? Really? If they are so far behind that they can't run the game now that doesn't really give them a whole lot of time to get this game ready for launch suggesting MS is actually further ahead than they really are.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   895d ago
Report mika and jokes on you as spam and move on.
SilentNegotiator  +   895d ago
Learn to scroll your window. There's a second picture.

Oh right, it's MIKA. Troll extraordinaire. Intentionally saying exactly what will solicit angry responses.
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Death  +   895d ago
Early Dev kits are PC's. This isn't something new. "Official" dev kits are released as the hardware is finalized and reaches production status. These dev kits are still PC based, but include most of the dedicated hardware too. If you see a modified console running games with extra wires on it, that is a debug unit used to test pre-production software.

There is no deception here, you are simply seeing software during the development process.
fr0sty  +   895d ago
Death, you're full of shit.

Devkits are always based on similar hardware. An AMD GPU/CPU running on windows 8 is nothing similar to an Nvidia GPU running on windows 7. It makes no sense whatsoever to create your game on a much more powerful architecture from a PC GPU manufacturer, then port to an AMD chip that is less powerful. If anything that would hold back game development, as it wouldn't give the developers a realistic picture as to what they can expect from final hardware.
Ju  +   892d ago
In all honesty the reality isn't so black and white. A lot (gameplay) can be developed on PCs. It's just faster to debug. But eventually you need real HW to see the result on the platform of choice. PCs are used for rapid prototyping and for everything which is not performance critical. Most of the tools and middleware runs on both. Yet, it means that the game can usually be deployed to the target in parallel. Thus HW must actually exist other wise you really need to port to that in the last second which can produce unpredictable results and cause delays.
SephirothX21  +   895d ago
A GTX 780 is a lot more powerful than the Xbox One graphics card. The DirectX 11 api abstracts away from the graphics card drivers so it is understandable how it was an NVidia gpu instead of an AMD one but this is a disgrace nonetheless.
liorishot  +   895d ago
A gtx 780 makes the xbox one GPU look like 2006
DJMarty  +   894d ago
Don't Xbots get sick of MS smoke & mirrors.
Hozi  +   894d ago
Maybe MS's box can't do the graphical feats PS4 can and they didn't want to look bad so they amped up the graphics and really it was PC footage all along they made to look like xbox.

I'm just saying...
BattleTorn  +   895d ago
They didnt show Kinect at all because in year previous it has been one of the biggest complaints from gamers.
infamousinfolite  +   895d ago
I think Microsoft wasn't going to show it anyway. When they came out during their press conference a month ago many have wondered 'where is the games' and during E3 Microsoft focused on games they said 'here we got games this one and this one and this one' (question is which of those games are going to be a AAA title, the gamer's game the one you go back to all the time) they were trying to win back the gamer's attention as it were for the 360.
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DARK WITNESS  +   895d ago
that complaint only came about over the years because MS kept telling us it had real value to core games.

year after year we have seen it fail at this.

Rise was suppose to showcase this... so now they have an even more advanced version of kinect, kinect2.0 and still they could not make it do anything more impressive then voice commands and hand gestures. Yet now we don't even have a choice of buying it or not.

just another promise that ms has failed at, yet again.
BattleTorn  +   895d ago

I think they've realized that core gamer, or at the very least the majority of those who watch E3, really don't want to play, or again at the very least be shown how to play, a game standing up with body motions.

Ryse was intended to be built for Kinect when it original was announced few years ago. I think they chose not to show it with the hand gesture, because they knew the audience and who watch E3.

We criticized the seemingly QTE combat as is - imagine if it was a guy using is hands too. I think the Kinect demos are just asking for E3 hate.
Foliage  +   895d ago
Kinect was shown sitting at ever station set up to play a game. Not because it was a kinect game; but because it must always be connected to the system.

it looked so dumb.
horndog  +   895d ago
fanboys laugh and bitch when they show kinect and now they are bitching because MS didnt show any kinect. Lol
FlunkinMonkey  +   895d ago

Spot on! Exactly! I do laugh when i see Kinect and how weak the products are for it, and i do bitch when i fail to see any evidence of what they've been promising for years.
ThanatosDMC  +   894d ago
They didnt show the kinect because there wasnt a Xbone in the whole conference. They were all PCs using completely different specs to what they said Xbone was going to have. Lies after lies. It would have been hilarious if they showed another fake lightsaber demo on stage.
liorishot  +   895d ago
I thought microsoft were using AMD for the GPU so why are the lying?
karl  +   895d ago
everyone is making this questions yet i can only think about how that pc had a little window soo we can all see its an Nvidia card in there

like hey watch me im not AMD.. =D
WitWolfy  +   895d ago
Dude they dont have a current build of their system.. What a joke, I want to go to Don's face and laugh as hard as I can. What a lying SOB! 1 Billion transistors MY ASS! More like 1 Billion lies!!!!
komp  +   895d ago
You can hear the windows noise in this video during Dead Rising gameplay:

16 seconds in
FrigidDARKNESS  +   895d ago
DF article says the game was running on xb1 console. Folks are in denial keep thinling of ways to make up stuff.
infamousinfolite  +   895d ago
Just heard it. Funny I wonder if that's the sound you get when you go over your 24 hour limit and you try to play the game again offline 'ERROR' or when your kinect is not connected to the Xbox One 'ERROR' or when you try to once again lend your friend a game who receive that same game from you a week ago 'ERROR'
DragonKnight  +   895d ago
@FrigidDARKNESS: Yes, because consoles are known to make the Windows notification sound and DF were behind the scenes as the demo was running. You're right, sound is wrong. /s
windblowsagain  +   895d ago
If you can hear that sound, you know it's running on windows.

No game was running on Microsoft hardware.

MS are 6months behind game wise, all these were running with more powerful hardware and being touted as xb1.

gameonbro   895d ago | Spam
Foliage  +   895d ago
Dead Rising devs have already confirmed it was not running on Xbox One hardware; but similar hardware to close specs of Xbox One.

Hopefully they don't consider GTX to be "close specs"; because that would be very very dumb.
JP1369  +   895d ago
You might want to actually read DF's article then:
"Dead Rising 3
Coming from Capcom Vancouver with the aim of being the "ultimate open world zombie game", the demo clocks in at around 20 minutes with plenty of attention to outdoor scenarios. It's not running on actual Xbox One hardware, and the staff on-site describes the hardware platform as a 'PC debugging environment'."
dcbronco  +   894d ago
The fanboys have found a new straw to grasp onto.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   895d ago
People are missing the bigger picture here. Playing all of the XBox One games on a PC with "target specs" is one thing (yeah, it's a bit disappointing and a bit shady, and let's ignore the incongruity between a Nvidia card and the much-weaker AMD in the Xbox One).

HOWEVER, the bigger issue at hand is that Microsoft clearly isn't ready to showcase their own games on their own hardware...hardware that will be launching in half a year. If Microsoft isn't running most/all of its games on actual Xbox One dev kits, it means that the Xbox One hardware isn't ready and will probably be rushed out the door (ignoring QA) to hit that November launch date.

This should be a massive red flag to anyone interesting in buying the Xbox One at launch.
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jmc8888  +   895d ago
This is a big issue.

Especially with all the rumors of poor chip yields and overheating.

If they are getting overheating with a weak GPU and a mobile CPU then they have some serious problems.

To have those sorted out and able to produce the Xbox One to ship in five months means IF they hit their launch date compromises will probably be made.

Lowering the power of an already weak system is one way, but it might not be enough.

Q/A like you said will be horrible and it would not surprise me to see a repeat of RROD with some sort of major hardware failure.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see them push back their launch date, but we won't hear of that for probably a couple more months, if they do...and if they do, there will be a lot of pissed off pre-orders will cancel and buy a PS4 because they want something this year or for xmas and not something next year, weeks or months after xmas.

Microsoft is doing everything wrong. Underpowered. Overpriced. Spys on you. DRM and other restrictions.

Now it looks like it'll probably be underpowered even more, might suffer from reliability issues, and might miss it's launch date and if so most likely year (2013).

Just goes to show you they were more interested in the DRM and Kinect then the actual hardware.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   895d ago
Tbh with you I'm a bit weary of buying either system at launch, I think they are both being rushed out in an attempt to beat each other. I can foresee problems for launch systems on both sides.
dcbronco  +   895d ago
That's one way to look at it. But unlike Sony, MS will be launching in 21 countries. So they seem pretty sure of their supply lines. Sony is launching in two countries and is already admitting to supply shortages. And MS has come out and said that those rumors of bad yields and heat issues were a lie.
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FITgamer  +   895d ago
Rushed or not there are a lot of people that will still buy it at launch. If it fails on them after the one year warranty they will just buy another One. My younger brother is on his 3rd 360 and i know people that have purchased up to 8 of them. As much shit as M$ will get if this happens they will also be getting that $. Just like this gen and that's their ultimate goal.
ShwankyShpanky  +   895d ago

Thing is, in a sense the PS4 only needs to be released in one country, because it's not region-locked, so an imported PS4 and its games will work in any country. Multi-country release would obviously be preferred, but anyone that really wants one can get one and use it, and not worry that games they later buy locally won't work.
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UNGR  +   895d ago
I love how you didn't seem to care about the PS4 reveal running on a PC. Look at how many booths were at E3, do you really think they'd have dev kits for all of them? Or finalized hardware? Nope. A similar PC is the only way to go, it's they only thing they could have brought in abundance. Hell battlefield was on PC, do you really think it was going to be 64 dev kits on stage? If they were all dev kits that would be upwards of 200+ of them floating around, it's just not practical.
Ju  +   895d ago
Sony games ran dev kits. All of them. Those are available since January. Sony shipped quite a lot early this year. And with that said, that mass production started in June this makes a lot of sense.
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Pintheshadows  +   895d ago
Ungr, the issue here is that yes, it is common for games to be shown off for consoles using comparable PC hardware.

We know that. It is expected and accepted.

However, usually the hardware in question will match the rough specs of the console. In this case they were not even using an AMD graphics card. They were using a more powerful Nvidia chipset.

If you don't see the difference I feel sorry for you.
dcbronco  +   895d ago

That's not the point. Launching in two countries means you have a limited supply. Launching in 21 means you have a lot more. If they had plenty of PS4s don't you think they would be launching in Japan?
limewax  +   894d ago
They aren't launching in two countries so try getting your facts straight. Most of the EU will see a release this year, Japan will definitely get a release this year. Where the hell are you getting your stats from?
dcbronco  +   894d ago
Oh. excuse me. Two regions. The US and Europe. But not Japan. Sony abandoned the home market!


MS will launch in regions all over the globe.

I may have misspoke, but the point still stands, Sony has supply issues.
T2  +   892d ago
@dcbronco - 2 countries huh ... Dont u mean 2 continents ? Oh you misspoke , sure troll sure .... So releasing to north America and Europe is equal to two countries , I see just a minor detail huh ... Maybe 100 million ppl off , not bad / s ... You always troll so hard why do you even bother ...
Oh ms is releasing in "regions all over the globe" huh? Except where its not right ? Lol
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   895d ago
Told all you fanboys that's its a dev kit. And it clearly was a dev kit why would it be anything else? Nothings has been finalized at the E3 stage floor everything's still be developed.

People really expect near finished products at E3
Ju  +   895d ago
Just FYI: Devkits ARE actual HW. PCs are not dev kits. Somebody create this new "debug PC"...that's new. This is not how this works. Dev kits are exactly the same specs as the final HW - but might have a different PCB, different case, different size, HDD - and some debug facility in the OS. But that's it. There is no magic to those or "more powerful HW" or what else. This would totally defeat the purpose. Some early versions might contain prototype HW which might even contain bugs. But during a life-cycle of a console they are usually updated to match the actual console (later chip generations and such). So, if Sony say "Dev Kits" it is actual PS4s in a different (bigger) cases - less optimized for mass production - you have seen the leaks. That's what the PS4 devkits look like: (this image is real).
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Hicken  +   895d ago
Are you for real?

Both the PS4 and XBOne are running AMD hardware. It makes exactly ZERO sense for their dev kits to be using different hardware than their console.

Has anybody ever done that?

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound trying to explain away this discrepancy? Nobody necessarily expects fully completed products at E3, but to not even have your games running on ACTUAL dev kits?

To make matters worse, LocoCycle was announced LAST YEAR. Of all things, how could they NOT have that game on its native hardware?
ThanatosDMC  +   894d ago
Must have loved those RROD back in the day, Star Wars Kinect, Milo, etc.
mewhy32  +   895d ago
funny how they had nvidia cards in them and the Xbone has an amd video processor???????
InTheLab  +   895d ago
It's almost like MS was unaware of the fact that E3 was coming. They announced Lococycle a year ago. How were they not ready?

A flimsy excuse for running games on cards that cost the same as an Xbone...
Mystogan  +   895d ago
It was only lococycle. CinemaBlend is looking for hits.
Ace Killa 08  +   895d ago
No they did have Dev kits, do you honestly believe they would not have any dev kits in person. Or can it be possible that dev kits were on site... an entire forum full of notes

Also here's a link for a leaked dev kit close to a year ago. Sounds almost the same
fuzzyLogix  +   895d ago
Cinemablend are trash and are blowing this all out of proportion.

"And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."

The Sky's the limit - The Powerz of the Cloudz
There can be only One
Mariusmssj  +   895d ago
It's simple why they didn't use the actual xbox one.
- Xbox one needed kinect being connected (Thus people would mess with it)
- Xbox one needed an internet connection
tordavis  +   895d ago
Xbox One's on the show floor running Killer Instinct. PLEASE STFUandPLAY!

Related image(s)
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Ace Killa 08  +   895d ago
Bubbles for the guy who actually made sense. And has an image of a dev kit on E3.
ravens52  +   894d ago
Ooooooooo snap someone stop the presses! They were running a game that looks just like street fighter off ps3 or 360 lol if thats the extent of the xb1s power...lmao...
gameonbro   895d ago | Spam
UNGR  +   895d ago
"Also I've noticed there is no mention of kinect? Hmm M$ scared of somebody saiyng 'Xbox Off' and ruining their shows?". Now watch as that person is escorted out, fired from his job, and never again allowed to be a journalist. Nobody in their right mind would do that. That sort of immature crap would make any employer look the other way. Microsoft is having a horrid time with PR, they probably wanted to keep the games as close to core gamer friendly as possible, and have a good conference.
ravens52  +   894d ago
Rite cause core gamers are the ones watching E3 and attending it. Bubbles for you guy.Yaaay nice job fellow you want a cookie? Aghoo ghoo ghoo ga ga xbone poopy:) This is how ill be talking to xbone players now cause obviously thats how you have to talk for them to understand and listen.
rainslacker  +   895d ago
If true, it does lend more weight to the assumption that they aren't going to allow low level programming on the Xbox. You need an actual dev kit to test that sort of thing, since a PC, and more importantly windows, does not allow low level hardware implementation.

The idea is also suspect unless MS is pulling a fast one and now going with NVidia for their console, which we know not to be true. Either that or they are going to require a high level API, such as Direc3D for graphics implementation...something that isn't ideal for game programming since it adds more back-end processing onto the run-time.

For people that don't know, one way Naughty Dog makes such amazing looking games is they create low level code tailored to the chips themselves, and not through a secondary graphics driver.
kingPoS  +   895d ago
It makes sense that MS wouldn't allow coding to the metal. This time around it's components are more inline with what you would see on pc. They're OS could be exposed, that's why their running it through a virtual machine.

Sony's PS4 might well share the same the luxury that PS3 devs are afforded - the ability to code to the metal.
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PiperMCFierceson   895d ago | Spam
Rhaigun  +   895d ago
From Maximum PC:
The GTX 780 still offers respectable single precision performance though, clocking in at 4 Teraflops compared to the Titan's 4.5 Teraflops. For comparison, the GK104-based GTX 680 can only push 1 Teraflop of single precision, and its double precision performance is just 1/24th of that by Nvidia's design. It wants these "cheap" cards to be used for gaming, period, and its expensive Tesla cards to be used for Compute. This is why the Titan costs $1,000 and the GTX 780 costs $650.

- The GTX 780 is a $650 card that pushes 4 tflops and has 3 GB of integrated GDDR5 ram. This is no Dev kit.
ZoyosJD  +   895d ago
Not to disagree with your point, but a GTX 680 only pushing 1 TFLOPS...LOL total BS.

It should be over 3 TFLOPS which would still crush whatever is in the ONE gpu wise.
Rhaigun  +   895d ago
It actually does 3.1 tflops. I don't know what they're on about there.
humbleopinion  +   894d ago
"You mean M$ did not have 'real' X1 dev kit ready for X1 at the biggest game convention of the year?"

Are you seriously asking that? The article clearly says:
"they were simply running the game native ******since they didn't have time to code to a dev kit for E3******"

Do you understand the concept of time? It's merely an Xbox 360 games which they are STILL in the process of porting to Xbox one as well.
Ashlen  +   895d ago

Honestly my body instinctively laughed when I read the title.
dasbeer88  +   895d ago
Each passing day is getting worse and worse for Microsoft. Hell I'm curious how much of a beating they'll get when they come to TGS.
Narutone66  +   895d ago
I'm guessing they will not show up at TGS, probably because, XB1 does not support Asian regions. MS gave up on Japan, because their console didn't sell very well there.
Angeljuice  +   894d ago
Major Nelson has already confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft will be at TGD (although I really don't know why)..
#2.1.2 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Godmars290  +   895d ago
Seriously, what is MS smoking? This just comes off as volumes of wrong to me.


Look, before now my only real issues with MS have been XBL and having to pay for every online feature offered through it. Now with them trying to dictate how people use their system and play their games and this?

They're just games people. Know they're product, but they're just games. This shouldn't be getting as murky as it is.
#3 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Gimmemorebubblez  +   895d ago
-____-Really MS?
PC master-race please do tell how many more times powerful the GTX 780 is than the GPU in the Xbox One, Decrypt Im calling you.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   895d ago
The PC master-race seems to be MS friendly.
cyguration  +   895d ago
It's near 4 TFlops and three times more powerful than the XB1.
jmc8888  +   895d ago
4 TFlops vs 1.2 TFlops would be 333 percent faster in raw power by the inexact but still good measurement.

If they downclock it to the rumored 0.8 TFlops, then it would be 4 vs 0.8 = 500 percent faster.

Here's a link to the specs of a GTX 780 vs ATI 7750, what it would look like if underclocked. You can easily switch to the 7770 if you want to which will show the 1.2 TFlop version.
#4.3 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Arai  +   895d ago
It sounds like they are intentionally misleading consumers, isn't there some kind of organization in the US that protects consumers from this kind of practice?

People should report them, it's false advertising.
To the people disagreeing, you love to be taken for an idiot?

@ Mika:
Perhaps you should look it up before spouting nonsense.
What's going on here ain't no different than this:
#5 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
-Mika-  +   895d ago
Plenty of developers demo their games on PC hardware.This is nothing new. There were some games running on XB1 hardware and there were some games that were not. You need to seriously look up the definition and even examples of false advertisement because you clearly don't know what it means.
SpideySpeakz  +   895d ago
Yeah, hardware that's 3x faster than the actual product their releasing? Man, you MS apologist and sheep are funny.
Ritsujun  +   895d ago
Mikasofie. Subsidiary of Microsofie.
ANIALATOR136  +   895d ago
first a planted Microsoft employee crowd to cheer at the reveal. Then the Kinect demonstration switching from gaming to tv was apparently faked. Now this.
#5.2 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Narutone66  +   895d ago
Now MS are planting corporate shills and reputation managers in forums like N4G for damage control.
wishingW3L  +   895d ago
wouldn't that cause problems? I mean, Nvidia cards and Radeon cards have many differences with performance, drivers and stuff.

Were they using Intel as CPU too? lol
#6 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Number-Nine  +   895d ago
MS also says buy a 360 if you don't have internet.
Ace Killa 08  +   895d ago
well that is true... unlike this story where the idea is all of E3 was high end PCs. Which is not entirely true.
Mr_Nuts  +   895d ago
How can you believe them after everything they've done and said since the XOne was revealed.
DarthJay  +   895d ago
What have they lied about?
Number-Nine  +   895d ago
omitting is just as good as lying.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   895d ago
Yeah seriously.

"MS is lying about its games." "MS is lying about Kinect" MS is lying about Cloud computing."

Hell the console itself is a hologram and isn't even real...
Mr_Nuts  +   895d ago
Are you joking, they spin any negative stuff about the Xbox One...basicaly lie about it.
MariaHelFutura  +   895d ago
Demoing Kinect 2 with the TV. Yusef Mendi reachs in his pocket everytime he issues a voice command.

See for yourselves.

dead_eye  +   895d ago
Even Microsoft don't use windows 8
DxTrixterz  +   895d ago
They always screw up every 2nd system. XP very good, Vista bad, 7 good and 8 bad again. Hope 9 will be better.
Mikeyy  +   895d ago
Im still using vista, if you disable the UAC, I seriously don't see what is wrong with this OS. I understand 7 is better, but 8 is by far the worst OS MS has ever released.

8 is chocked full of crap no PC user ever asked for, just like the Xbone, no gamer asked for any of this crap, and it's just forced on them.
Virtual_Reality  +   895d ago
Windows Vista consumes a lot more resources than Windows 7 ^^^

It is a heavy OS.
DVAcme  +   895d ago
Um, I thought the whole purpose of a dev kit is to emulate the actual specs of the system it's a dev kit 4? I mean, sure, it has to be more powerful to an extent, since it takes more power to make the games than run them, but they should run on exact system specs when running the games. How can this be if it uses completely different, much more powerful hardware?

Such fucking bullshit, man, it's just friggin' tiring.
MasterCornholio  +   895d ago
Why build a dev kit that uses an Nvidia GPU when the XBOX One has an ATI graphics card?

This is why i call BS on Microsoft.
Tundra  +   895d ago
Makes sense using a graphics card nearly 3 times more powerful than your next console. It also makes sense using Windows 7 when your XB1 OS's kernel is based off of Windows 8. /s. The kernel in Win 7 and 8 are similar but still, why?

What this says to me and everyone else? It says that MS either is rushing another (possibly) faulty product out of the gate since they don't even have the damn thing ready 6 months before release or they're scared of the competition.

It's not a good look MS, get your shit together.
#12 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
b_one  +   895d ago
FrigidDARKNESS  +   895d ago
There were dev kits on and hp pc on the floor. Go back and read DF article on xb1 gmes. The HP PC were debug to match xb1 specs without this the games wouldn't be able to run at all.
It doesnt really matter if they are pc as long as they are running xb1 code. Havung dev kits at trade shows are common in the gaming industry.
Ace Killa 08  +   895d ago
now this is a fact, yet people don't want to accept it.
Jazz4108  +   895d ago
There is a lot of facts i stated sttaight from ms web page and people still call me a liar. The biteerness towarss ms on this site and others is redicoulous. I am ashamed to be a gamer and if lying is something I have to do or hate on ms for a verg good conference. If ms would have done what sony did and stayed away from the details this mess would blow over. Ms gave me a great reason to sgay with them as i can now trade my entire library of games for free to anyone on my gold membersbip which is endless and also can trade i. All my retail games that are first party the same as sony as well as third partya on ps4 can implement passea on either system and guess what sony sent me with my last of us online pass. Im a gamer and cant wait to get both of my preorders but I refuse to worship a company that in it for profit every day when as you can see almost all of them are lies just like the fact you can trade xboxone in as a system. Hate can only go so far. Guys and girls enjoy both systems and be a gamer. I might post again in a few months when the lies and truth start to come out but rigbt now Im 42 have a job and im teaching myself web design. Sorry so long as I am a gamer and love what I saw inside and outside closed doors at e3 and pcs being used as dev kits never happenex on either side unlsss the game was on pc as well. Almost every game had a ms dev kit or a song one.
nosferatuzodd  +   895d ago
Well people who buy this crap and buy their console need to get whatever Microsoft dish out to them I mean come on how stupid can you get Microsoft is in full damage control right now and they are just digging their grave deeper with lies and deceit
#15 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PositiveEmotions  +   895d ago
Another excuse hmmmm ms just stop your bullshit we know you failed us
Soldierone  +   895d ago
That just brings up more questions

IF it was a "dev kit" then why are they developing for NVidia then porting to AMD? Makes no sense, why wouldn't the dev kits utilize AMD technology to ensure they function properly?

IF Windows 8 is so great for everything, including their emphasis on gaming, then why are you developing on 7? Windows 8 not good enough?
ashade  +   895d ago wow... that i call the plot twist
segamon  +   895d ago
Daz  +   895d ago
Put it to rest already for god sake and wait till game are released and people might end up with egg on there face.

All ive seen is one pc with a gtx and that was for the lococycle game
#20 (Edited 895d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
NYC_Gamer  +   895d ago
It can't be X1 dev kits since the gpu was GTX 780 which is by Nvidia
GamePeace  +   895d ago
Ps4 doesn't need all this shit. Glad I've pre-ordered mine today...
EPiCDiNGO  +   895d ago
I am so upset that Microsoft have done this to me. I am not going to support Microsoft after doing this. I was planning to get the PS4 on release and pick up an Xbone later once the price dropped for the exclusive games.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   895d ago
Cant believe someone will be upset over games running on dev kits. Arent games developed on dev kits. Please go aind read the DF article most comments in this thread is all negative from people that dont have a clue to what they're talking about.
EPiCDiNGO  +   895d ago
A dev kit should be the actual hardware used in the Xbox one, that is why I am upset they are using different GPU and showcasing the power of the console in tech demos. It is not only a more powerful gfx card they are using its not even the same make they should be using ATI cards in the dev kits not NVideo.
gameonbro   895d ago | Spam
rainslacker  +   895d ago
The PC's that are being talked about now are what they use for dev kits before the final dev kits are ready. From my understanding neither company has released finalized dev kits. Dev kits are typically special boxes, sometimes resembling the regular systems, that have added bios code and usually memory, along with tools used for debugging.

It is possible to run dev kit software on a PC, which is probably what this is, more noticeable in the Sony "dev kit" crash a few days ago.

The fact it's running Windows 7 isn't really meaningful if you know how dev kits work. The fact it's running an NVidia card though speaks volumes into how they are allowing developers use the system hardware itself. Either that or it's just still early and these kits were made before chips were finalized. Currently the games we're seeing are likely running on a high level API, and not coded to any specific hardware. My guess would be Direc3D.

If MS allows low level access later, then that's ok, but it does call into question the quality of the final Xbox One games being shown given that the cards they were using were significantly more powerful than what will be in either system.

This whole thing will just be another question that will never be answered though. Using PC's before a console release for presentation to the public is not uncommon, and no company is really immune to criticism in this. The real question is how close these PC's are to the final build of the console.
Daz  +   895d ago
so everyone trust a PR Manager at Microsoft from Israel now?
sonic989  +   894d ago
Israel nuff said XDDDDDDD
Harmonizer  +   895d ago
It seems to me that Microsoft is rushing the Xbox One to launch this fall so they wont have to launch after Sony does.
fuzzyLogix  +   895d ago
My god, how long is this going to go on. Has pretty much everybody on here completely glossed over reputable sources stating Xbox One dev kits were seen and used for many of the 1st party games?

Read the articles rather than comments from sheep that spew other peoples comments like they are fact.

"And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."

The Sky's the limit - The Powerz of the Cloudz
There can be only One
GamersHeaven  +   895d ago
M$ go home you have brain damage.
clouds5  +   895d ago
Nice to see that my PC has about twice the computing power of the xbox one. Guess i will save my money for a new system and buy alot of games for my PC :)(
InfamousBlackGuy  +   895d ago
How many people here actually read the article. If in fact only Lococycle was using these GTX carded pcs, then there's no reason to bash MS so much. The other games were running on actual Xbones though, so it isn't all that sketchy.

[P.S. Please don't downvote me for stating facts from the article. I'm not a MS representative.]
Belking  +   895d ago
Oh they're gonna down vote ya down. That's what they do here.

Only fanboys believe all this stuff about the dev kits. If anything the games will look better because they are still in development and there is no rule that says you can't develop with Nvidia with AMD in mind. The 360 dev kits were using something different too. This is silly stuff people. Time for some of you to grow up.
Narutone66  +   895d ago
Welcome to 2006, when the PS3 goes on sale. All the so called "game journalist" that were paid for by MS were doing back then, you now see happening to MS. But the thing is Sony's not paying them. MS is doing it to themselves.
InfamousBlackGuy  +   894d ago
I don't like Xbox; I personally prefer my PS3 and gamecube over it any day. But, even I know that MS plays a role in preserving the balance in the gaming world.

People here at N4G really need to read more often. These disagrees clearly show a lack of rationality, and the devolution of the human race. Read instead of being A-holes about facts. People read through comments nowadays to fill their minds with their own delusionary misconceptions of what an article is intended to construe.
Pintheshadows  +   895d ago
So MS is trying to claim that the X1 dev kit features Nvidia tech when the console itself contains AMD tech. What is wrong with MS at the moment? It is like the company has had a nervous break.
Belking  +   894d ago
Your post is a perfect example of what InfamousBlackGuy posted You just proved what he said is spot on.
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