Microsoft Says Windows 7, Nvidia GTX PCs At E3 Were Xbox One Dev Kits

Gaming Blend "We, the gaming public have finally received some kind of answer to the conundrum that was the Xbox One scandal of the decade (even though it really wasn't). Microsoft was reached out to over the weekend to gather a response and some sort of explanation to clarify what was going on with those Windows 7 PCs that were running Nvidia GTX 780s for several Xbox One games."

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DxTrixterz1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

This PC like X1 dev kit actually looked better than the actual X1 console and this quote

Now, according to the developers of Lococycle, the game that was running at the kiosk where the pictures were taken of the Windows 7 PCs with GTX cards, they were simply running the game native since they didn't have time to code to a dev kit for E3

You mean M$ did not have 'real' X1 dev kit ready for X1 at the biggest game convention of the year? OMG. Also I've noticed there is no mention of kinect? Hmm M$ scared of somebody saiyng 'Xbox Off' and ruining their shows?

iGAM3R-VIII1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

lol I do not see how they were dev kits when they had Nvidia in them and the X1 has an AMD. I have seen MS lie quite a lot now and I do not know if I should believe them or not.

"You mean M$ did not have 'real' X1 dev kit ready for X1 at the biggest game convention of the year?"

That is a good point and seems very likely

jmc88881521d ago

Remember those lies when they say 'trust us' when it comes to Kinect.

dedicatedtogamers1521d ago

@ jmc8888

Yeah, I'm still waiting to scan in my skateboard, talk to Milo (or see ANY of that demonstration used in a Kinect game), swing my arms to accurately swing a lightsaber, and all that other stuff they promised. It still hasn't happened. They're simply re-packaging those promises and using it to sell Kinect 2.0

"We promise, guys! We'll get it right THIS time! Spend $500 on a new system and we'll prove it to you!"

JokesOnYou1521d ago

Yeah Ok from William Usher the same guy I remember bashing Halo3 constantly while promoting Haze, sure if you say so.

"And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."

HammadTheBeast1521d ago


Jokes, please try and explain why they faked the Kinect presentations.

Ju1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Nice link to Eurogamer. Not sure if discrediting the author serves the cause here. I agree with this:

Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and Ryse. Each plays at a promised 1080p native resolution, with the former two targeting 60fps as well, both of which show huge promise as launch titles, covering off the racing and fighting genres quite nicely. The lack of games optimised to this point on actual Xbox One hardware is worrying, but even so, if the E3 demos are at all indicative, fans of zombie action games and rail-shooters should also be very well catered for when the hardware launches.

If anything, MS pulled a blunt lie suggesting they have actually more games on the actually HW than there is. 3 games only running natively? That's not a whole lot. Forza I can believe runs fine at [email protected] - heck, GT6 does that on the PS3 - Killer Instinct is a fighting game, and Ryse pushes all detail into one (main) character model - everything around looks blunt. I am surprised this isn't coming up more. IMO this is quite significant.

I am really curious how devs can disclose performance numbers but can't show the game on actual HW (I speculate they have it running on the PS4 and use those numbers as ballpark numbers, and probably have some part of it running on dev X1 in the "lab").

We saw "prototype" HW before (PowerMac for 360 - but they ran at least the same chips) - or target renders (KZ2) - but never do I remember was one platform sold as another. Nobody has yet tried to pull that off.

Ritsujun1521d ago Show
lomion51521d ago

Speaking of trusting Microsoft, go to google and type "the Xbox one is" and look at the suggested searches. Now go to bing and do the same thing. Yep.

SilentNegotiator1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Nvidia dev kits for an AMD console? Yeah, that makes sense. lol

Microsoft is caught in yet another lie.

BTW, I know it has been said, but hey, hey! Microsoft doesn't even use Windows 8!

pete0071521d ago

Youre a f***ng moron! Dev kits have been leaked for the past 2 years, even sold on eBay and your Holly stupidity is telling you they dont have dev kits!!!
All PS3/4 games are made on Pc. And so what? Are you not pissing Well because of a devkit?

horndog1521d ago

OH NO!!!! OH NOS!!!!!! The sky is falling lol

BallsEye1520d ago

so fools like you won't have something more to b!tch about if alpha stage hardware fails, which is normal.

Haules1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

So the devKit is a PC using a 780GTX? 4 times faster then X1 GPU (AMD gpu)?

Devkit uses high end Nvidia cards while the X1 uses midrange AMD card... Who are you trying to fool MS?

Keep laying MS keep laying.

gedapeleda1520d ago

Probably didn't have stable internet at e3.

loulou1520d ago

so they showed some first party games on x1 HW, yet for n4g, lets just forget that fact and concentrate on something, no anything negative.

pixelsword1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Reach for dem straws, Microsoft.

Kaneda1520d ago

Every company lies to promote their product! Nothing new, you just have to do some search...

superkidcupid131517d ago

well one of the articles i read a few weeks back on n4g said that nvidia was suporting the x1 but i dnt know exactly how they were going about on supporting them....maybe x1 could have nividas...who knos these days

The_Con-Sept1515d ago

I call bs on this. If that is a dev kit then I'd rather buy that to play xb180 games.

Besides they didn't require the Kinect to run games.

(Oh come on that was funny!)

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-Mika-1521d ago

Do you even understand what you just wrote. According to your quote. The developers did not have enough time to get the demo of their game up and running on XB1 hardware so they used a pc to demo their game.

So Im not understanding how this is MS fault. That is pretty much the developers fault.

Mr_Nuts1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Do YOU understand what you write 95% of the time

infamousinfolite1521d ago

"Do you even understand what you just wrote. According to your quote. The developers did not have enough time to get the demo of their game up and running on XB1 hardware so they used a pc to demo their game.

So Im not understanding how this is MS fault. That is pretty much the developers fault."

Blind Loyalty to Microsoft.

In other words, that may be true but this comment to me seems a bit off and I don't think it has to do with any of the developers.

Mikeyy1521d ago

The point is, Microsoft is lying, again. A PC was used, NOT an XBone Dev kit.

Narutone661521d ago

To Mika, MS is always blameless. Just check his/her comments history, corporate shill/Reputation Manager or whatever you want to call it, comes to mind.

Ju1521d ago

You don't see the significance in this? Really? If they are so far behind that they can't run the game now that doesn't really give them a whole lot of time to get this game ready for launch suggesting MS is actually further ahead than they really are.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1521d ago

Report mika and jokes on you as spam and move on.

SilentNegotiator1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Learn to scroll your window. There's a second picture.

Oh right, it's MIKA. Troll extraordinaire. Intentionally saying exactly what will solicit angry responses.

Death1521d ago

Early Dev kits are PC's. This isn't something new. "Official" dev kits are released as the hardware is finalized and reaches production status. These dev kits are still PC based, but include most of the dedicated hardware too. If you see a modified console running games with extra wires on it, that is a debug unit used to test pre-production software.

There is no deception here, you are simply seeing software during the development process.

fr0sty1521d ago

Death, you're full of shit.

Devkits are always based on similar hardware. An AMD GPU/CPU running on windows 8 is nothing similar to an Nvidia GPU running on windows 7. It makes no sense whatsoever to create your game on a much more powerful architecture from a PC GPU manufacturer, then port to an AMD chip that is less powerful. If anything that would hold back game development, as it wouldn't give the developers a realistic picture as to what they can expect from final hardware.

Ju1518d ago

In all honesty the reality isn't so black and white. A lot (gameplay) can be developed on PCs. It's just faster to debug. But eventually you need real HW to see the result on the platform of choice. PCs are used for rapid prototyping and for everything which is not performance critical. Most of the tools and middleware runs on both. Yet, it means that the game can usually be deployed to the target in parallel. Thus HW must actually exist other wise you really need to port to that in the last second which can produce unpredictable results and cause delays.

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SephirothX211521d ago

A GTX 780 is a lot more powerful than the Xbox One graphics card. The DirectX 11 api abstracts away from the graphics card drivers so it is understandable how it was an NVidia gpu instead of an AMD one but this is a disgrace nonetheless.

liorishot1521d ago

A gtx 780 makes the xbox one GPU look like 2006

DJMarty1520d ago

Don't Xbots get sick of MS smoke & mirrors.