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Submitted by Prcko 967d ago | news

Cliff Bleszinski: Developers Like Ken Levine And David Jaffe Deserve More Mainstream Recognition

Outspoken former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski believes developers should receive more mainstream recognition for the products they create.
"I think more developers need to be known," Bleszinski told CNN. "I think Ken Levine is a total rockstar game designer. More people should know who he is because BioShock Infinite is genius. David Jaffee; all these folks." (Cliff Bleszinski, Industry)

Saints94  +   968d ago
How much does this guy talk? I see a news thread about him A LOT.
vishant101  +   967d ago
He has his own tag so yea....
Relientk77  +   968d ago
David Jaffe is awesome, and I like and agree with most things he has to to say, he's a great game designer.
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Boody-Bandit  +   967d ago
Best part about Jaffe is he tells it like it is.
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GDDR6_2014  +   968d ago
So true, most gamers don't even know who makes their favorite games
Godmars290  +   968d ago
And we need to heat less from this guy...
HammadTheBeast  +   967d ago
I know, he's like a microwave oven....
Godmars290  +   967d ago
Yeah. My typing has become more crap than usual now that I'm trying to learn to type...

But he is about as good as a leaky microwave oven next to a baby crib.
TheBossMan  +   967d ago
No offense, but how old are you if you're actually just learning how to type without looking at the keys? You're likely to be either really, really young or possibly a dinosaur.
MikeyDucati1  +   967d ago
And what more do you want? Do you want them to be miniature rock stars? This Cliffy B guy...c'mon. He's turning into a Peter Molyneaux with his left field antics that no one cares about.

Cliffy B is basically saying that us gamers don't appreciate what we have. He has been saying this in so many ways at various times. They don't respect the gamer, period.

You mention either name and the respect factor for any game they stand behind raises to ultra levels. Hell, Ken is set to write the script to Logan's Run.

It's as if they want gamers bowing to them. Callate
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Monkeycan8  +   967d ago
I agree.
breakpad  +   967d ago
No they dont at least Jaffe ...why he deserves recognition ?? because he made crap twisted metal games or because f..ed up Kratos character from GOW...this guy is untalented and probably the same goes for you Cliff...Gears was good but not so good to be taken seriously as a developer
Tontus  +   967d ago
And what's your talent? You sound bitter, like someone who has achieved absolutely nothing noteworthy with your life but desperately want people to notice and appreciate you which they don't so your jealous & malicious, sad.

Jaffe deserves recognition for being the mastermind behind 2 genre defining franchises, vehicular combat with Twisted Metal and hack n' slash with God of War which is one of the most acclaimed and popular franchises in gaming.

Cliff deserves recognition for the genre defining Gears of War franchise which is a critically acclaimed and very popular.
breakpad  +   967d ago
i m the consumer which pays them money and i have the right to JUDGE them...whatever you say they still remain untalented... in industry full of unrecognised talents and hard working developers see indies )from japan to europe ,NO these specific guys donot deserve recognition
CernaML  +   967d ago
Yes yes you have bad taste in games no need to tell the world.
RavageX  +   967d ago
Personally I'm interested in games, not the devs. It could be a team of sheep for all I care. If the game is good and I enjoy it, then I'll buy it. At the most, I'd offer suggestions to what I like/didn't like/want to see more of, tell them if I think they did a good/bad job and that is probably all that's really needed.

Recognition is what the credits are for at the end of a game.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   967d ago
True but you should at least give the credit to where the credit is due. Because if it weren't for them, the game wouldn't have existed.
MikeyDucati1  +   967d ago
So when's the last time you did that Apollo?
ApolloTheBoss  +   967d ago
@MikeyDucati1 Plenty of times, otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up.
RavageX  +   967d ago
It also seems he is talking about individuals as's generally a team of people, they should ALL get credit...and they do, in the credits.

I agree that there's nothing wrong with telling them they did a great job/bad job if it's just sounds like he expects ass kissing or something.
rainslacker  +   967d ago
You can put a persons name behind the games they make themselves. Like for Last of Us you could say, "From the creators of Uncharted". That is more effective, because it's rare that people would give a rat's ass over who creates something. Very few movie producers or directors achieve this status.

Basically I'm saying that a developers work speaks for itself. Well known games are usually made by a huge team of people, and many conceptual talents. It's rarely the mindchild of a single person.

I would wager outside the hardcore gaming community, most people, in the western world, wouldn't even be able to name who created Mario and Zelda. These guys don't go around throwing their names onto the box, because they let the work speak for itself.
C-Thunder  +   967d ago
I thought these two were already pretty well known.

I'll tell you someone who needs a lot less attention, Cliff....
barb_wire  +   967d ago
Ken Levine has support, read earlier today that he's been hired to re-write the script for the long delayed 'Logan's Run' reboot.

Of course it helps that Ken Levine was a script writer before coming a video game designer/writer.
Mikelarry  +   967d ago
Not another cliffy rant about what we gamers are not doing right. Soon cliffy is going to be that guy doing crappy advert that go something like this hey remember me I am cliffy b the guy who brought you great games like gears today I am here to talk to you about Washing up soap
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Pittoo  +   967d ago
Cliffy B needs to B pushed off a cliff.
coolasj  +   967d ago
You mean loudmouths? I can't agree with that..
tristanwerbe  +   967d ago
Cliffy B come on just play Gears of War with your wife and leave us be
Godmars290  +   967d ago
So he's asking them for work?
RememberThe357  +   967d ago
I'd rather these guys focus on their craft rather than their egos. We love their games, thats all that matters.
manny1up  +   967d ago
he keeps going & going ..Cliff B - diarrhea of the mouth !
mochachino  +   967d ago
I agree.

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