PS4 gameplay can be broadcast via Ustream profiles, says Ustream's David Thompson

During a webcast discussing the marketing benefits of video streaming, Ustream SVP of Marketing David Thompson confirmed that PS4 gameplay can be streamed to outside platforms beyond the PS4 console itself.

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Cam9771637d ago

I'm sure this was revealed on the 21st February PS Conference.

PositiveEmotions1637d ago

Thats cool it has more details to the ustream awesome article.

BlitzKriegBOOM1637d ago

Ustream is terrible, laggy as hell

rajman1637d ago

Hope we can stream using Twitch, since that is a host only for gamers

SonicRush151637d ago

Well I don't know... twitch is partnered with Microsoft

R_aVe_N1637d ago

Considering Twitch has people streaming The Last of Us now it is possible to stream it via Twitch it would be built into the console however.

Serg1637d ago

I was confused why they announced UStream instead of Twitch, until May. But yeah I really hope Twitch has no exclusive deal with MS because that would suck. All it would take is a firmware update to allow for both streaming services. No hardware changes necessary. So at least it's in the realm of possibilities.

patsrule3161637d ago

Do you have to pay for a UStream account to broadcast? I don't know about their service.

wishingW3L1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

it's all free and if you become famous then you can get revenue from ads and subscriptions. There are people that make a living from that alone... Just playing games like 3-4 hours a day everyday and that is it. But now is not so easy because the e-sports scene took off and all the attention goes toward the MLG and crap and like mindless sheep, people just follow the most popular stuff...

You still need some equipment though like a capture-card and some encoding software but the PS4 and XB1 will do it automatically.

This is gonna be so fun man!

BTW, the quality of your stream is heavily dependant on your upload speed and you need at least 1MB up for a decent cast.

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The story is too old to be commented.