OXM: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

What little story there is unfolds across three totally open islands. All you have to do to complete an objective is stroll over to a certain area and talk to someone, collect an item, or clear out a few bad guys. While this nonlinear approach sounds cool on paper, it makes everything sort of feel like a side quest, and it means you'll spend a good deal of time just running (slowly) from place to place. And though you'll sometimes be given compelling reasons to complete tasks, they just as often feel like pointless errands.

Just like an action movie, however, the violence makes it all worthwhile. Viking's delightfully gory hack-and-slash combat is well executed-offering a satisfying selection of different moves that give you plenty of freedom and control. But the real stars of the show are the battle sequences in which you lead an army of literally hundreds of NPCs into full-on raging wars. It's just a shame that there's so much filler between the fights.

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