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PlayStation Chief Jack Tretton: Riding High Out Of E3

Forbes: Jack Tretton - "I think the bottom line is you’ve got to constantly communicate and market what the device does, and understand what people are looking for, and try to deliver on that appeal.

But we always firmly believed that you start with a gamer –that first and foremost, PlayStation means gaming. And I think people need to understand that, and that’s what initially draws them to it. There were certainly exceptions with PlayStation 3, where people bought it because it was the best Blu-Ray player on the market. But our bread and butter was the gamer." (Jack Tretton, PS4)

stuntman_mike  +   591d ago
yeah i thought i saw Jack Tretton riding out of the conference on a white horse whilst wearing a gold coloured suit, and smoking the worlds biggest spliff!
Bathyj  +   591d ago
Jack should get high.

Hes earned it.
Polysix  +   591d ago
I think he's earned the right to not NEED to "get high" to feel good.

A nice cup of tea and early to bed will be fine. He'll sleep easy (unlike MS's execs who WERE definitely high at E3, and still are). That's why you can't sell used games properly, to pay to quash their munchies!
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Utalkin2me  +   591d ago
Sure you wouldn't like to add 420 to the end of your name Bathy, like a teenager living in his moms basement?
PositiveEmotions  +   591d ago
No ps1, ps2 games on ps4 with gaikai cloud ;(?
mayberry  +   591d ago
I bet the champagne was poppin' the night after E3 in the Sony camp! They had alot to celebrate.
Maninja  +   591d ago
Jack coming out onto the stage with radioactive playing seemed so fitting for next-gen. Welcome to the new age indeed

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