What happened to The Last of Us’ A.I?

The Last of Us has been met with critical acclaim and for good reason; Naughty Dog have bested themselves once again with their latest game and this is no mean feat considering the sheer quality of the seminal Uncharted franchise that helped define the PlayStation experience this generation. However, the Artificial Intelligence leaves a lot to be desired and we discuss why.

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Agent Smith1802d ago

Making your partner ai's invisible was a design choice.

colonel1791802d ago

Correct! They said that if it wasn't, the player would get frustrated to be found by bad guys because of the AI's fault. So it was a conscious decision.

GDDR6_20141802d ago

You don't see a problem when your teammates can run past clickers? How's that for immersion

InTheLab1802d ago

The AI in this game is amazing. There's times when your partner will run into an enemy and that's immersion breaking at times, but the alternative is one long escort quest and plenty of broken controllers.

It's the same thing with the Elizabeth AI that everyone went nuts for in Bioshock infinite.

Old McGroin1802d ago

@ GDDR6_2014

It might break the immersion from time to time but I'm glad Naughty Dog allowed this. Remember how damn annoying Sheva was in Resident Evil 5? Imagine that level of annoyance in The Last Of Us, it would break the game. It's excellent just the way it is, it might break immersion for a few seconds every now and then but this is still an incredibly tense game, one of the best I've personally played in a few years.

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AsheXII1802d ago

I see a lot of people showing videos of poo Ai behavior in the game, just because you cant accept the game isn't perfect doesn't mean the article is looking for hits. Its just an issue of the game.

Ezz20131802d ago

there is nothing wrong with this game AI itself
the Enemies AI is incredible
hand down the best i have seen in any game
and i love how they react in different ways every time
it was very fun toying with the AI in this game

however this article is talking about something that was ND choice from the start and most of us know it already
it might break immersion and i can understand that
but it would annoy alot and would bring the game down
because ellie would break joel stealth
when an enemy all of the sudden notice her
and you have to restart the part over and over again

this would make hate the game right ?!

DigitalRaptor1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Well said Ezz.

We all knew the AI was going to be advanced, and very advanced it is. At times, the system can hiccup and guess that's understandable for such complex a system, but it does break the immersion somewhat.

However 95% of the time, it's better than most AI systems I've ever seen or experienced. It's incredibly tense and thrilling. Overcoming the enemies made me feel a matched sense of relief of the characters, which is fantasic. When this game is about you feeling what Joel and Ellie would be feeling, they've definitely accomplished what they set out to, at least as far as I'm concerned. If this is just the start of the evolution of AI systems, next-gen will be a treat in that regard.

leogets1801d ago

only time the ai are poo is on easy settings. play it on normally then its tip top.

avengers19781802d ago

It's kind of funny that the people with you can run around unhindered, but there have been plenty of times when I'm playing when I'm glad they can, cause playing it on hard mode gets me killed a lot, can only imagine the frustration of my AI partner getting me killed...
As someone else said, same thing in bioshock infinite.

OlgerO1802d ago

I was very impressed with the AI. Cant think of a game were it was better

Kingdom Come1802d ago

Agreed, Ellie's AI was incredible, as was the enemies flanking and strategic approaches to combat...

asmith23061802d ago

I agree. Obviously looking for hits. The enemy tactics were excellent and the AI friendlies are really helpful and never get in the way.

Transporter471802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Wonder what difficulty they played at. So far the AI is really smart. I'm playing on the harder difficulty of course ;)

Edit: A.I in its own its really smart, there are times when they have actually come from behind me and killed me and times where they act a bit unnatural but the A.I is one of the best ones i have ever experience.

Soldierone1802d ago

It says they played on Hard.

brodychet1802d ago

im playing on survival and it's so ridiculous. The enemy AI is so ruthless, but ellie steps in at the perfect times and saves my ass. (sometimes)

Number-Nine1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

the AI is downright weird at times running all over the place and in circles.

ps: playing on hard.

2pacalypsenow1802d ago

And here i thought Humans infected by a fungus that controls your brain where supposed to be Masterful tacticians . Im Selling this game right now stupid A.I /S

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