E3 2013: The year of the open world

GamesBeat: Last year, the gaming community declared that 2012′s Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show ushered in “the year of the bow.” We just finished up this year’s event, and while it was far less full of twings and/or twangs (unless Alice in Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell’s guitar performance at the Ubisoft presentation counts, which it might), one thing kept coming back through all of the press briefings, floor demos, and previews.

Seriously, did you notice all of the open-world games?

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wita1137d ago

This kind of scares me. Open-world games aren't always a good thing.

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darkronin2291137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I just hope the next round of open world games makes their worlds seem more "alive." I feel like only Rockstar and Ubisoft know how to do that.

crazytown991137d ago

What about the Zelda series?

CaptainFaisal1137d ago

You forgot Avalanchle, and the guys who make the witchers, and ofcource bethesda.
And the most recent State Of Decay

Sadie21001137d ago

It's almost like 10 years ago again, when everything had to be Grand Theft Auto.

OniAsura1137d ago

Grand Theft Auto invented Open World games?

barefootgamer1137d ago

The only thing I don't like about open world games is that I never finish them because they're too big!

bjmartynhak1137d ago

I really prefer a linear story with non-linear gameplay.

In open-world games I usually get bored and don't finish it