R.I.P. PS2: Last Ever PlayStation 2 Title Coming September

After 13 long years of service, the PlayStation 2′s final title will be released this September before eventually being laid to rest in peace after a long and successful career.

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coolmast3r1826d ago

Yeah, PS2 can rest in peace now, it completely deserved this with it's awesomness. Unlike X1 by the way.
*evil laugh*

badboy7761826d ago

What Were You All Doing 13 Years Ago?

loulou1826d ago

playing the gta games on the ps2 was something else.

guitarded771826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@ loulou

Agreed. One of my best friends got a PS2 at launch and he'd come up to where I worked graveyard shifts, and we'd play PS2 all night. It was fun at launch, but when GTA3 came out, we had the most laughs. A game designed for solo play, but we made it the most fun coop game. See who could kill the most hookers... see who could do the most damage... etc.

DragonKnight1826d ago

A moment of silence for the King of Consoles, the PS2. ...

Its greatness shalt be known throughout the ages, it rests at the top of the pantheon of the greatest gaming eras.

There will never be another like it again.

SecondSon1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@badboy 776
13 years ago it was my 7th birthday!
I still had 2 birthdays ahead of me before moving countries.
I had 3 birthdays before I finished primary school.
I had 8 birthdays before getting into college.
11 before getting into university.
13 birthdays before starting work for Cancer Research UK.

Its amazing that if I had bought a PS2 at launch I could have played on it from the momment I started learning long division in primary school all the way to helping cure cancer for the second biggest cancer research organisation in the world!

O.o Mindblown!

Congratulations Sony and the best of luck for the next generation!

longcat1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )


Seriously though if the ps2 outsells the xbone even for 1week.......

douevenlift1826d ago

Am I the only one who had no idea the PS2 still had games being made for it?

shadow27971826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I feel this is appropriate.

fr0sty1826d ago

PS4 will be Ps2x2. History will repeat.

FITgamer1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

13 years ago it was the summer before 8th grade. I remember my dad was stationed in South Korea and he came back a couple of weeks before the school year started. Bam! There it was a PS2 i was so stoked i was the only kid in the neighborhood with one being that it wasn't out in the states yet. I remember 5 of my friends and myself spent the rest of the summer in my room, it was amazing. and The best part was it had a mod chip so i could play the both the Japanese titles my dad brought back and a few months later the american titles. I played an arse load of games, but I spent many many hours on GT3 and Ace Combat 4. Man those were the days!

takohma1826d ago

@douevenlift you are not alone. Lol I thought they stop making ps2 games 2 years after ps3 came out. Makes me wonder how software sales were over these past years for it.

QSPR1826d ago

13 years ago I remember I get laid!! lol

President1825d ago

Who says Fifa 14 is the last PS2 game? We might see Fifa 15 next year.

Animal Mutha 761825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

13 years ago I was 24 and selling consoles in my shop. GameCube didn't take off and I remember getting the ps2 in stock and using one to demo GT on the shop floor. Once the customers saw that running we couldn't keep them in stock fast enough. As a small shop we only used to get 6-8 at a time. They didn't stay on the stockroom shelf very long.

And important to remember it was many people's first DVD player.

A few years later I got burgled and they took my ps2 games but oddly enough not the console ( it was an original fat).

Still have that machine in the loft with the rest of my collection. Great machine, great memories. I bet playing gt on it now would still be awesome.

Sony at their very very best, no doubt about that.

R.I.P PS2. Your place in the pantheon of greatness is eternal.

Edit: in fact I might dig it out for a retro evening :)

JokesOnYou1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

A very well deserved R.I.P. for a legendary console that will never be forgotten. I still have memories of the good old days when we had Madden tournaments, it was insane at parties, lol my ps2 single handedly paid for itself ten times over...ahhh the memories. [Lays flowers, wipes tears, turns away and walks slowly, with head down]

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3-4-51826d ago

I remember playing PS2 for the first time at a friends house.

I had Gamecube so it was fun to play games I couldn't otherwise play.

Played SSX Tricky, Grand Turismo 3, and soon after GTA 3 and those games sold me on the PS2.

Never owned one because I bought an xbox soon after GC, but still I appreciate and admire and respect Sony for what they did with the PS2.

That thing is legendary world wide.

DragonKnight1826d ago

SSX Tricky. Man that takes me back. That and FFX were my first PS2 games. To this day there isn't an SSX game that surpasses Tricky in my opinion.

TheLyonKing1826d ago

Can pick up a ps2 for dead cheap so many games!

I remember playing this hover board game demo which came with the ps2!

TheTwelve1826d ago

Wow the PS2 is as old as my marriage... one point my PS2 was better than my marriage...

...happy to say that as the PS2 dies, my marriage is still alive...

...however the PS2 helped me get through the very tough times of my marriage.

Take care big guy and thanks!


T21826d ago

haha thats awesome, such good times I can't even remember :
Was final fantasy 10 ps2?
Gran turismo 1, 2 = ps2?
Grand theft auto Vice City = most fun ever.

TheRacingX1826d ago

Nice 12, good to see people still try to work it out and keep it together instead of taking the easy way out.... coming up on yr 1 myself, my PS3 arrived pretty much the same time my girlfriend now wife did.....just a generation behind

DragonKnight1826d ago

@joecanada: FFX was PS2, but I think the first two GT games were PS1.

lukeb4dunk1826d ago

The PS2 came out during a bad time in my life too and helped me get through it. Crazy to think about, really.

Foliage1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Great comment; which is rare on this site!

13 years ago I broke up with a girl I had been with for 7 years; it was one of the toughest times of my life. I've since gotten over it and I wouldn't trade my current girl for anyone.

Hopefully I can say that about PS4 when the dust settles; as it was hard to get over PS2. :P

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C0MPUT3R1826d ago

I don't want it to end, I want it to go on forever.


It will probably reincarnated in form of cloud gaming on PS4

Foliage1826d ago

Dust in the wind.... er.. cloud!

305LoneWolf1825d ago

we all want that to happen

Muffins12231826d ago


TotalHitman1826d ago

It's been a pleasure PS2. Truly the end of an era. This is my childhood over now. Ironic, considering I turned into an adult 3 months ago. I grew up with you and you grew up with me. Enjoy retirement pal. I'll be joining you in about 5 or 6 decades time. I'll never forget you.

Kingthrash3601826d ago

rip least you got to see your grandson experience the same hype you did. may he have the same success.

Seraphim1826d ago

Pretty sure the last 3+ years have been nothing more than Sports titles. Madden, The Show, NBA 2k... It does have me wondering, did I miss anything good? Lol...

Should I pick one up just in case my fat boy shits out. Should I rely on my fat boy years down the road when it gets hooked back up. Decisions must be made...

RIP Good Friend. We had many a memorable moment

FlameBaitGod1826d ago

He saw how good PS4 did that he said it was time to pass the torch

Bhai1826d ago

Well, its kind of a martyr actually.
In pakistan/india/bangladesh, our great artists have experienced it, inspired from its rtistic marvels and what not. No words to describe it specifically. Me returning fniv. find my brother playing Onimusha, Virtua Quest, GTA:VC, all great stuff, all awesomeness.

Nothing, nothing can compare to it...

Will PS4 relive the 1 and 2's glory days, only possible if PS4 gets a big market share, I surely hope it does for only then a variety of marvels can happen at the same time...

"China was created on this rule, remember: 'All under Heaven' ;)".

FamilyGuy1826d ago

Remember the game disc with blue backs?
TimeSplitters for example?

Crazy game memories, my most epic
Dark Cloud
Star Ocean 3
Final Fantasy 10
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Street Hoops
Grand Turismo A-spec
Burnout 3
Midnight Club
Dragonball Z Budokai

I spent hundreds of hours on all these games, I miss those days.

Gamer19821826d ago

Yeah and the last ever Xbox original game will be soon :).. What?? They stopped making them shortly after the Xbox 360?? Well that just says it all :(.

TAURUS-5551825d ago

thak you PS2. what a console..what a console.

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KrisButtar1826d ago

I didn't think they made PS2 games now for a couple years.

rainslacker1826d ago

PS2 is still dominate in some areas of the world. It's cheap, and more available than the higher priced PS3/360. My regular GameStop which opened early last year even has a small section for new PS2 games, although I don't think they are terribly new ones. Not everyone jumps into a new generation, and just want to play a game here or there, or have budget constraints.

CaEsAr-1826d ago

I saw someone who actually bought a PS2 while I was picking up TLoU lol.

Foliage1826d ago

Sony was not lying when they said their consoles run strong for 10 years. Case in point...

PositiveEmotions1826d ago

Wtf i thought they stopped making ps2 games a long time ago.

Well in that case R.I.P PS2

maniacmayhem1826d ago

You could still get some of the latest Madden's on PS2. not to mention some other obscure games from third parties.

PositiveEmotions1826d ago

I did not know that lol i dont have a ps2 anymore idk what happaned to it it just vanished lol but i want to buy a ps2 for my ps colletions.

NihonjinChick1826d ago

In some places, like Japan, the PS2 is still popular.

PositiveEmotions1826d ago

Wow, really? Hmmm i didnt know that.

PurpHerbison1826d ago

This is actually amazing for kids in places of poverty. Not so much the USA but other places in the world, especially places where soccer is the only dream a kid can have.

ThatCanadianGuy5141826d ago

Yeah.PS2 still outsells 360 in Japan on a regular basis.