Nintendo: Nintendo Land hasn't done as well as Wii Sports

Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata admits that Nintendo Land hasn't had the desired effect Nintendo hoped for, saying that it hasn't communicated what is good about the Wii U Game Pad as well as Wii Sports communicated what was good about motion controls.

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dedicatedtogamers1769d ago

Shocker of the century.

What's worse is that Nintendo obviously knows Nintendo Land isn't recapturing the Wii Sports crowd, and yet they insist on devoting their time on vanity projects like Mario 3D World and Wind Waker HD.

PopRocks3591769d ago

Isn't that a little overly cynical, at least in regards to Wind Waker HD? I thought it was basically confirmed that WWHD was a hold-over game that was using the newer 3D Zelda's assets.

As for 3D World, I honestly hope it's a hold-over game as well. I want the next really big, innovative 3D Mario game. Not another offline multiplayer game that borrows a concept from an older (albeit awesome) portable game.

chadboban1769d ago

Can any game even come close to that in terms of sales and consoles sold because of it. I think not.

Utalkin2me1769d ago

Well Wii sports was packaged into the console. So technically it is not game sales. Just think if the PS2 had a game packaged in? It would be the "Most Sold" of all time.

andrewer1769d ago

that would be a massacre lol

stragomccloud1768d ago

It wasn't packaged with every console in every region though.

Utalkin2me1768d ago

lol @ the guy above me....

SuperBazza1769d ago

Apparently, there's a need to exteriorize the feeling. Good for them they got it out of their system, maybe they'll put out a good game now.

Subzero2001769d ago

that's cause it is no wii sports, and Nintendo messed up trying to go that route again.

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