PSP to be Sony handheld of choice for the next 7 years

TVGB: "...the PSP will be around for at least the next seven years. But, it will see different versions released with tweaks, much like the transition from the original model to the PSP Slim. Honestly this shouldn't be a big surprise, Sony has done the same thing with the PS1 and is currently approaching nine years with the PS2. And no doubt we'll be seeing a PS3 Slim somewhere down the line as well."

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eagle213619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

What part of that is so hard to understand? LOL I freakin' love PSP!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33619d ago

All built to last;)
(well i still got my PS1 and it STILL works!) ;)

See xBot Lemmings again i didn't say RRoD...Ooooooooops!!! ;-D

kevoncox3619d ago

Umm.. Sony owned the majority of the market for the ps1 and 2....
The psp is still far behind the DS. Sony can only do what the DS allows.

crck3619d ago

1. the PSP is still profitable. And apparently it is if they plan to support it for 7 more years.
2. the PSP still sells. Seeing as how Sony raised their forecast for hardware sales this fiscal year from 10 mill to 13 mill. It seems to be doing ok don't you think?

The Killer3619d ago

i am thinking to buy one when i have money and time!!

Danja3619d ago

The PSP is catering to a different demographic than the DS...the hardware in the PSP can more than outlast that of the DS..I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo's next handheld...has the same graphics as the current PSP....

which means the PSP is viable until Sony ..feels the need to release the

funkysolo3619d ago

PSP rocks and any one who has one knows that. Just look at the sell numbers for last year and look what it's doing every month. Do you really beleave the DS drives the psp sells? 33 million psp have been sold. Kevin go put a portable screen on you 360 and shut the hell up

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ps360s3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

well no surprise to I don't see Sony will be making a PSP 2 anytime soon just like Nintendo with the DS

but damn FF:Crisis Core rock!

Danja3619d ago

Impressive indeed and best of all.

PERSONA 4...!!!

Doctor Who3619d ago

It's STILL a nice bit of kit!;-P Looks lovely to;)