GT5 Prologue Launches in Europe, Sells Out

PSXExtreme writes: While we await for the final release of the greatest thing since sliced bread, we'll gladly settle for its prologue counterpart. We're so glad to settle, in fact, that Gran Turismo 5: Prologue's release in Europe has catapulted the game to the top spot on Amazon's UK site. It holds pole position (that's #1 in auto race talk, folks) in the PC and Videogames category on the online retailer. Furthermore,, one of the largest game stores in the UK, is reporting a sell-out for initial shipments.

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chaosatom3333765d ago

yeah, looks like sony will be climbing the ladder of software sales form here on.

Homicide3765d ago

Yep, nice to hear. Sony must be pleased, especially after that 1 million pre-orders.

Maddens Raiders3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

but I am a little concerned about the damage / no penalty aspect on the time attack - online portion of the prologue. I mean will records be sacred or just bullshyt like they were with Gran Turismo HD?

I LOVE Gran Turismo, but until they can ensure that players won't be wall riding and bumping players off of the track, it will probably keep me offline and racing and recording times in the good 'ol single player races like I have for years.

sonarus3765d ago

agree. it could ruin the online. however, there are apparently penalties that occur as a result. sort of like formula 1 penalties

achira3765d ago

online is awesome. imho gt5p ist the game with the best online gaming. its fu*** addicting and awesome.

Bathyj3765d ago

I noticed already in some of the B class races ther are ramming and short cut penalties. No doubt time trails on line will have this too.

Fricken awesome by the wait. Definitely worth every cent and no way would I wait another year to play this when everyone has it now. Suck it up and buy it.

I'm even considering getting a G25 steering wheel.

Maddens Raiders3761d ago

didn't know that they were instilling penalties for driving infractions/wall riding etc....

This makes me a little more confident about the online portion and the validity of times/scores. There was never any doubt about the purchase though. 8D

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eagle213765d ago

hey la, hey la (my GT's back)

You went away and Forza came around
hey la, hey la my GT's back

But now your back to get it's ass
outta town
hey la, hey la my GT's back!


alan0013765d ago

got my blu-ray copy thursday morning :-p

spandexxking3765d ago

damn you! ive gotta wait til tomorrow

killer_trap3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

finally a chance for European ps3 owners to look at their fellow Americans and say. nya nya na nya nya we're playing it and you're not.

what am i happy about i won't get the game till saturday. and i think it's a month's wait for north america.

Breakfast3765d ago

@ above

Enjoy it while it lasts buddy, it aint gonna happen to often. :P

I think the game comes out april 17 in the US?

meepmoopmeep3765d ago

gotta love my birthday. GT5p and MGO beta.

The_Engineer3765d ago

for our Euro Ps3pios getting a title before us, the playstation nation is about brotherhood and sharing the love.

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The story is too old to be commented.