DriveClub Will Support All PS4 Wheels, Studio “Aiming” At 60FPS

In a behind closed doors session with TheSixthAxis last week, Evolution’s Col Rodgers confirmed that the game will support every wheel that works with the PS4. Hopefully that also means that current PS3 wheels will also work just fine, although that’s not 100% guaranteed.

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wishingW3L1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

yay 60 frames, so that means less judder and input lag! I remember them saying that it was going to be 30 frames and I was so disappointed.

ZodTheRipper1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I rather hope that they have finished the game in time for the PS4. I've read somewhere that it's just 35% finished right now. This fact of course has the upside that the game already looks really good, but I also want to play it on launch day.

Minato-Namikaze1617d ago

I think that was just that build. But evolution games don't really come together until a little before launch, just look at the motorstorms.

fr0sty1617d ago

While I was at E3 in 2006, I saw that many of the launch PS3 games had similar completion percentages (they actually would put a % complete indicator bar under each screen for each game), so I wouldn't worry about that too much. It was common to see a launch title with 35-50% completion.

dcbronco1617d ago

As powerful as the PS4 is supposed to be I'm sure it will be. Forza is.

ANIALATOR1361617d ago

Don't forget that the cars are supposed to be the most detailed in a game. Around a million polygons per car and up to 12 cars on a track at a time. I think it could be a challenge for evolution even with the PS4 but it would be great news if they pull it off

dcbronco1617d ago

They have to bump up that car total. I've been in situations where we ran a series and there were more racers than slots. Developers need to get it up to twenty at least.

Swiftcricket1617d ago

After seeing how much Motorstorm evolved in a very short amount of time, this game has a good chance it will make 60 fps and be much more polished by release.

Donnieboi1617d ago

Can we use ps3 wheels on ps4? They should, since it is usually connected via usb. But will Sony allow it?

HammadTheBeast1617d ago

Probably. You can use the same mics from PS3 to 4 so I wouldn't rule it out.

Donnieboi1617d ago

Mics? u mean like the turtle beaches?

rainslacker1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I hope they do. I don't have a terribly expensive wheel, but it wasn't cheap either. I'd rather not have to buy a new one because I feel it's good enough for me.

I believe wheel implementation is actually in the software though, not a premade console input API. Guess it would be up to the wheel manufacturers to give the code to handle the inputs for the game, and then for the developer to actually code for those inputs.

ZBlacktt1617d ago

Everything about the PS4 just says good news.

Whitey2k1617d ago

im sure theres a site stating that products that work with ps3 will work on ps4 like turtle beach headset

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The story is too old to be commented.