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Submitted by segmentnext 964d ago | rumor

Major Nelson Addresses DRM Concerns, Silencing Don Mattrick and How PS4 Isn't a Threat

Gamingbolt - "Regarding the current opinion of the Xbox One, don't count on Microsoft changing their DRM strategy any time soon. In fact, they'll be working to "educate" gamers about the benefits of their policies". (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Lovable  +   964d ago | Well said
That's right dumb gamers, we know what's best for you, so just handover your money and stfu!
xHeavYx  +   964d ago | Well said
Looks like M$ went back to bullying.
He keeps saying that Xbox One will be on par or even better than the PS4, and that the PS4 is a "Xbox 360 version 2" but I wish he would explain why, and how an inferior hardware could beat the PS4.
His last point is that the free games you get on Xbox (Halo 3 and AC2? please) stay with you forever, and PS+ games go away if you cancel your subscription, but how long does it take to beat those games? Even more puzzling, who is going to stop paying for PS+ when you get great discounts and a ton of free games?
People aren't jumping to the PS4 for no reason, Sony must thank M$ PR for all the new fans
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Ezz2013  +   964d ago
what ?!
Major Nelson would never lie
ps4 is inferior console ...Confirmed
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US8F  +   964d ago | Well said
is it me or is that the more they open their mouths the more I hate xbox One?

There is so many mixed messages, we don't know who to listen to. Regardless, the damage is done after the bullying started. Oh microsoft, you never cease to amaze me.
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MizTv  +   964d ago
Case and point!
P_Bomb  +   964d ago
I already got Halo 3 for free when I got my 360 two years ago. Same with Fable 3. Platinumed AC2 on PS3 forever ago, and Walmart was giving away AC2 free with AC3 anyways. Heck, even AC Revelations comes with a free AC1 on PS3.

It's a bit of a fine line, bragging about sloppy seconds. Old games are old, and them being free once before and elsewhere diminishes the bragging rights a bit. Walmart bundles the oldies away all the time (GTA Tales from Liberty City free with Max Payne 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 free with Far Cry3).

I platinumed Sleeping Dogs from Plus, I don't *need* it forever Major. It's Game Over. Doubly for games from 2007. If August freebies are gonna be similar golden oldies like BioShock or Saints Row2, you run the risk of bragging about catch-up. Both came free with PS3 purchases of BioShock Infinite and Saints Row3 already. Speaking of which, SR:The Third comes to Plus this month. That's where you should aim imo.
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NewMonday  +   964d ago | Well said
"they'll be working to 'educate' gamers about the benefits of their policies"

it's like saying "hey! getting r@ped is actually fun once you try it"


"He also pointed out that unlike the free games you get on PSN, the two free games per month on XBL are yours forever. Whereas if you cancel your PS Plus subscription, you would lose those games"


PSN+ stay yours even after canceling the subscription, you can even re-download them without PSN+, I know it's hard for MS to believe a company would just give this much away.
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Why o why  +   964d ago
Pride before the fall
ShwankyShpanky  +   964d ago
@newmonday: Actually, you lose the "free" games if you cancel your sub, but anything you pay for (PS+ discounts) you can keep. If you re-sub, you can get the "free" games back.
Tetsujin  +   964d ago

Your comment just made "Comment of the month award."


Here's a solution for Don Mattrick, fire him. Oh wait, he's actually speaking what MS "wants" to say, so instead he's probably going to be someone working behind the scenes at this point.
superbhoy  +   964d ago
Ya and he talks about the ps4 as if he made it and knows everything about it!
DVAcme  +   964d ago
The "PS4 games go away forever if you don't pay PS+" thing is absolute bull, they just become unplayable until you pay for PS+ again, which is old news already. Compare that to the XBox One, which ALSO makes its games unplayable on account of THE WHOLE SYSTEM BECOMING UNPLAYABLE.

And yes, the PS4 is not allowed on DoD networks, but neither are the PS3 or 360, so that's a moot point. Except it's not a moot point for the XBox One because THE SYSTEM BECOMES UNPLAYABLE.

As for the whole Don Mattrick thing, that is an utterly despicable move. Microsoft has been vague and confusing even to its own people, that's why Don Mattrick's been giving out information that contradicts other employees. The guy's not dumb, he's been misinformed. And Hryb and Microsoft are using him as a scapegoat. It's reprehensible and a clear sign that management in Microsoft is utterly shameless.
fhizikz  +   964d ago
ps2 was inferior
pixelsword  +   964d ago
Microsoft's policy is doubleplusgood!

Extra points for anyone who gets the reference.
minimur12   964d ago | Bad language | show
JoySticksFTW  +   964d ago
What's funny is that many current Xbox 360 gamers are looking specifically for Xbox 360 version 2.

Calling ps4 that will probably make them jump ship even quicker
RiPPn  +   964d ago
I like that they call the PS4 "Xbox 360 2" so they are basically admitting it's the console people want. lol
hillsht   964d ago | Personal attack | show
nix  +   964d ago
i think the article is true because in Reddit, majornelson himself is commenting in the thread. that is if it's him.
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Boody-Bandit  +   964d ago
Keep it up Major Nelson and Mattrick. You guys just reaffirm my decision to avoid the ONE like the plague being the best decision I have made regarding gaming.

MS is going about this whole scenario ALL WRONG. Instead of just talking about why they made the decisions they did and how it's beneficial to their consumers? They act like school yard bullies with their obnoxious arrogance and ignorance.

You're not going to win any of those sitting on the fence with a wait and see approach with this attitude. You (MS) guys are so snobbish, arrogant and come off like pompous D-bags. I "was" (my XBL account runs out in August so technically I still am) an XBL member since day 1. My son has been an XBL member for 8+ years. We are both going with the PS4 ONLY next generation and we are not looking back unless these restrictions -> used, rentals and no every 24 hr verification, are rescinded.

I don't want to purchase a console and wonder down the road if it will be a paper weight because you guys move on to something else.

"Major Nelson was asked this during an interview at E3: What about down the road when MS goes to it's next console or if you guys were to move on to something else in general. How are consumers suppose to be assured that the servers that handle these 24 hr verifications will always exist and the XBOX ONE wont become a paper weight (paraphrasing on my part)?

Major Nelson response to that question? Next generation hasn't even started yet and you are asking me questions like this?
^THAT WAS HIS RESPONSE! Are you kidding me? Yeah MS call us crazy but we actually would like to know if these consoles will have online verification indefinitely or only as long as MS profits from the X1 and then it all gets shut down. Silly consumers we are."

^That was bad enough but I also want the option of choosing how I obtain (purchase or rent) my software and what to do with it once I have (keep it, sell it or trade it in where and how I choose). Not have the decision made for me.

Good luck to you MS. You're going to need it.
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xursz  +   964d ago
BrutallyHonest delivers.
glennco  +   964d ago
@ xHeavYx - Inferior hardware plus cloud processing may boost the performance over the PS4. I don't know if this is true and fanboys are currently out of control here but you asked a question and this is the answer.

The thing is, not one fanboy here, xbone or ps4, knows the answer to whether it will be able to hold its own or not when cloud processing has been optimised over time. We could be looking at something that will just improve and improve, and is nearly uncharted territory. This could be a route the PS5 even takes if it pans out.

It seems like MS is taking a huge gamble that may or may not pay off. The hive(herd) mind has said it won't but it seems emotions are running rampant since E3, and most people don't have a clue what they are talking about. Somebody must have done a great sales pitch at MS.

Not everyone is a shill here BTW, some people try to look at it from both stand points. PS4 is going the tried and tested route that we are all happy with and MS are going the futuristic route that quite possibly could be too ahead of it's time, very much like On-live was.

I am amazed more people do not find the technology proposed to be fascinating at the very least. I am a huge fan of technology so will be watching this unfold with interest (while I play my PS4 haha).
Death  +   964d ago
The 24 hour "check in" is simply a way to make sure you haven't traded your games. Your game rips from the disc to the HDD of the XboxOne. If there is no way to verify you have the disc, you can't access the library. Last gen you could rip all your games to the HDD, but the disc needed to be in the drive for verification. Not a huge deal if you are home, but remote play would be restricted to the game in the drive. Having access to all your games without a disc locally or remotely is a very nice feature to have.

When you trade a game in, the authorized retailer needs to unlock it from your console so they can make it work on the next persons. Once again, the 24 hour check will send a signal to the server blocking your game from working since you sold it. Sounds kind of fair. This check can be done over your cell and uses very little data.

As for the games we own when the console life cycle ends, who is to say they won't be downloadable to the next console? If Microsoft decided to call it quits and publishing stops, I can't think of a reason the remote feature couldn't be removed and downloaded games get verification old school with the disc in the drive. It would be counter productive of Microsoft to discuss this before the system launches.
Mexico619  +   964d ago
another point about PS+ is that since your going to need it to play online on the PS4 your pretty much going to keep the free games you get with it as long as you want to play online that is.
SilentNegotiator  +   964d ago

So people that haven't read 1984 aren't "capable" of understanding your reference to a small detail of an idea (one word in the pseudo-language)?

I've read 1984 and I had to Google your reference. It's one word. Not everyone remembers one fake word.

Furthermore, if you force a reference and/or make 50% of your comment "ZOMG guys, mah cool reference!! :D ", you're going to get disagrees from people rolling their eyes anyway.

And if you think so lowly of N4G, then just leave. No one is keeping you here.
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ramiuk1  +   964d ago
the thing is they say lose ps+ games, i dont mind there free,so if in 5 years time i cant play them i dont mind or my net down i still can.
ms want you to pay £45 for a game and then it be unplayable in 24hrs if net down
morganfell  +   963d ago
So Major, the Xbone which didn't enter planning until late 2010 is more optimized than the PS4 which has been in development since 2007. And with the MS record of hardware you must be correct.

There was a time when Hryb had a coolness that made him seem separate from the corporate shills. Now he is just another annoying mouthpiece.
pixelsword  +   963d ago
@ silent:

[So people that haven't read 1984 aren't "capable" of understanding your reference to a small detail of an idea (one word in the pseudo-language)?

I've read 1984 and I had to Google your reference. It's one word. Not everyone remembers one fake word.]

Now that's the point, isn't it? If you don't understand something, it's not like you can't look it up on the internet, while you're ON the internet. It's not much more complicated than clicking a link. The comment, and responses like yours are the whole point of why I post things and go out of my way to get responses: because people too often act like spoon-fed fools who can't think for themselves; and when people do think for themselves, the mentally-defunct majority seeks to beat them back into the mainstream.

You looked it up, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if I was actually complimenting you for actually looking it up or complimenting you backhandedly because of your reaction.

As far as the "one word" in a story which revolved solely around deception, changing the meaning of words to make it fit the twisting of facts and limiting a person's mind because the truth damages their agenda... well, I hope some people got that. That's exactly what Microsoft is doing, and leading people who aren't thinking into a web of deception. The stakes are too high not to be a little elitist in thinking and expressing myself because the people that are pushing a very intrusive and oppressive console are using the same methods to hoodwink the masses.

[Furthermore, if you force a reference and/or make 50% of your comment "ZOMG guys, mah cool reference!! :D ", you're going to get disagrees from people rolling their eyes anyway.]

I often do things that will get me banned just to force an issue; that means nothing to me. Disagrees could be considered as, to someone who has a thick skin, a tally of fools when it comes to someone not capable of putting a word into google and hitting enter. I don't think of the disagrees I got as such in this instance because I didn't think that kids would care to look up the meaning; I did, however, expect an adult or two to nail it down.

Any reaction is just icing on the cake.

[And if you think so lowly of N4G, then just leave. No one is keeping you here.]

Um... no; although I never said that I thought low of N4G, even if I did I have a right to an opinion as do you. Banning me for free, non-offensive expression... interesting. If I got banned, I wonder if this comment is a microcosm of what could happen if you made the comment on the internet from your Xbox One?

At any rate, N4G is more for kids, and since it's also summertime, there are probably more kids here. I did not expect kids to have read 1984. They aren't capable because they probably aren't in the grade level to have such a book as a requirement to read nor an interest in that particular book yet.

Is that acceptable to you? ;)
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dedicatedtogamers  +   964d ago | Well said
From the article: "they’ll be working to “educate” gamers"

When this phrase is used, it is very, very bad news. Do you know who else used this phrase? Iwata said it when the Wii-U console and game sales took a nose-dive.

(these are actual, verbatim quotes from Iwata)

"We have not been able to solidly communicate the product value of Wii U to our consumers yet"

"We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product."

"We would like to take time to work thoroughly for its penetration, by making various efforts to have many people understand its product value" (a.k.a we need to educate the lowly peasant about our product)

These quotes from Iwata sound nearly identical to what Microsoft is now saying, and the Xbox One isn't even out yet! Microsoft is also having a lot of trouble "communicating the value" of the Xbox One, and look what that did to the Wii-U's hardware sales...
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aiBreeze  +   964d ago
The thing is, I don't think anyone but the most ardent Sony fanboy can question the value of the Xbox One, it's the cost of said value that is the problem. Seeing how Microsoft's only real response is "it's the future" or "well we have a console for offline gamers, it's called an xbox 360" it's safe to say that they need to try an awful lot harder.
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RememberThe357   964d ago | Bad language | show
DragonKnight  +   964d ago | Well said
I was going to post something similar, so I will as a reply to you.

"It’s also revealed that the 24 hour check-in is a means to update your library, for when you lend games to friends."

Lie. It's to check up on the licenses and boot you if necessary.

"And say goodbye to leaks, since Microsoft is also working on a system where games can only be activated on release, no matter when you buy them."

I'll believe it when I see it.

"It also looks at the PS4 as “Xbox 360 version 2″ due to the lack of social and multi-tasking features."

LMFAO! This is the funniest fallacy of the whole article. Major Nelson didn't pay attention to the PS4 reveal at all. Plus, forgive us for wanting to play games instead of Snapping into a Slim Jim... I mean Skype.

"The company doesn’t even see Sony as a threat. Even better, it believes that the PS4′s graphics RAM will run hotter, besides not being as optimized as the Xbox One. Thus leading to both being evenly matched or, believe it or not, the Xbox One performing ahead."

Damage control. Every developer who's worked with the PS4 has nothing but fantastic things to say about its tech, and there are plenty of references showcasing the superiority of the PS4 over the X1. The X1 is going to rely on "teh powah of da Kloud" to catch up, but too bad it won't do them any good considering the latency and networking problems.

"The good news is that the company sees Don Mattrick as some one who is making them look worse, and is working to muffle him."

Don Mattrick can only work with what the X1 gives him. It's not his fault, it's Microsoft's fault. He may have said "stick with a 360" but it's a prevailing attitude at Microsoft that he just put into words. Adam Orth anyone?

"As for military personnel playing consoles: the defense given is that PS3/PS4 won’t be allowed on DoD networks. So the whole issue of military members switching to the PlayStation while on deployment is a non-issue. Scroll down in the comments on that thread, and you’ll find military personnel who agree – but state that they can still play offline. Also, how would that inspired a switch to the Xbox One, since it needs to be online?"

*facepalm* Really MS, really? So rather than just allowing military personel the ability to play offline, you'll simply say that the PS4 won't be able to play online? Really? It looks like Don Mattrick isn't the only one making MS look bad.

"Nelson also talked about changing the messaging and marketing campaigns to support those whose friends would be jumping to PSN. He said they understood that and were going to be working to actively change the messaging and marketing campaigns. Hilariously, they don’t feel that pre-orders will determine the console war until both consoles are released."

So rather than fixing the problems, changing the policies, you'd rather just tell people in a more pleasing way that they are being screwed? You're right MS, the PS4 isn't your biggest threat. You are.

"He also pointed out that unlike the free games you get on PSN, the two free games per month on XBL are yours forever. Whereas if you cancel your PS Plus subscription, you would lose those games."

Considering that A)The games you get on Live are 7 or more years old and, currently, only going to be given out until November, and B)No one who wants multiplayer will unsub from PS+, your point is moot and completely ridiculous.

Honestly, just stop talking Microsoft. Seriously. For your fans sake, stop talking.
fr0sty  +   964d ago
aiBreeze thinks only the most ardent Sony fanboy could question the value of a machine that only lets you license the games you have to still pay full price for? Only lets you play games if you are able to connect to the net every day? Has inferior hardware to much lower priced systems?

Seems more like only the most ardent MS fanboy would be able to defend it's value.
aiBreeze  +   964d ago
Come on fr0sty, the machine does a lot of good things. The ability to switch games on the fly, stream via twitch (I hear the ps4 can use twitch too but not 100% sure) and share games with friends is value. It's the controversial stuff which takes away from that value and makes me refuse to get one. There are a good few things about it where I'd love it if Sony could implement in the ps4.
MWong  +   964d ago

You must be Major Nelson or M$ PR rep. That was a load of bull. As a long term XB consumer if you don't look at the value of the system something is seriously wrong with you. Those 3 reasons which honestly only 1 is a good value share digital games w/friends. I don't need to switch games on the fly. Not worth a $499 price tag.


Honestly liked what you said better than the article, keep up the good work!!!
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aiBreeze  +   964d ago
Me a M$ rep? Lmfao you sure are paranoid.. look through my comments history, I've been hating on the Xbone as much as the next person. I'm just saying it does have good points to it which makes it offer value. It's still a piece of restricted crap that I'm not going to buy but I can at least acknowledge it's good points.
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
@ aiBreeze

when you say it's the cost of the xbox one, i hope you don't just been the price tag.

I think a lot of people that are turning up their noses at the xbone are doing so because of the cost to our consumer rights etc.
Death  +   964d ago
The author of this article said

"Regarding the current opinion of the Xbox One, don’t count on Microsoft changing their DRM strategy any time soon. In fact, they’ll be working to “educate” gamers about the benefits of their policies".

Microsoft didn't say it. The author only quoted one word "educate". It's is Microsoft's responsibility to educate consumers of the features and benefits of their console. That's typically how anyone markets a product. Features and benefits. It's incredible that people are crucifying Microsoft for a quote from a third party in reference to an interview by someone else.

System performance. Anyone that says one is inferior to the other is a technical moron. Both use an 8 core x86 derived Jaguar processor. Both use a custom 7000 series GPU by AMD. Both have 8 gigs of ram. Both even sport a blu-ray drive. The main difference is in the ram. Those with the PC knowledge of an 8 year old blindly believe GDDR5 is better than DDR3. I'm guessing its the additional letter and higher number. If this is you, slap yourself for being an idiot. Latency is key. DDR3 is specific to CPU's and GDDR5 is made for GPU's. Both consoles use a combined CPU/GPU configuration which means the ram can't be dedicated for each like it is in PC gaming. Microsoft decided to go with CPU memory and add a buffer to speed up processing. Sony went with GDDR5 which is awesome for the GPU and not so much on the CPU side. Neither solution is ideal, but I personally like the Microsoft solution better. Look up the technical limitations of both and make an informed opinion for yourself.

As for size, any PC gamer/builder knows that airflow is extremely important for performance. PC rigs are not small for a reason. Between the radiators for liquid cooling, big ass fans and even bigger GPU's, a big box is required. I'm a little concerned over the size of the PS4. Durability may be an issue over time. If heat becomes a factor, the bios may be updated to slow the system down. The "tech specs" people came up with are based on pen and paper calculations. Without running some benchmarks on the hardware, it is pure speculation.

How anyone is calling either inferior today is beyond me. The only thing that differentiates one from the other is the software and features. So far the XboxOne has more features, but they also have active DRM to make them work. I'm betting Apple has sold more ipods and iphones along with music from itunes than Sony has sold CD players. People couldn't move away from the discs fast enough for the convenience mp3's provide. Microsoft is allowing us to rip our games into digital downloads, but the DRM is keeping us from trading them in and still playing the game. You can still trade them in, but it's a little more involved.
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Blakhaze999  +   963d ago

No your wrong. The systems are not identical. Ps4 is superior as a gaming console. xbox1 is superior if you only consider tv and multi tasking functionality. xbox1 has multi layered OS which is good for multi tasking. 8gb of ddr3 is prime for that purpose. As far as gaming graphics and physics etc. ddr5 is better for that purpose. Am I wrong?
So I guess it depends on what you want from a gaming console. xbox one is a good cable box that also plays games. Ps4 is a good gaming console that has some tv functionality.
moparful99  +   963d ago
@Death Your overly cavalier attitude towards XBONE and Microsofts anti-consumer policies is getting old. First of all "educating gamers" is a condescending statement, a proverbial slap in the face to gamers.. Gamers are some of the most passionate well informed consumers of any industry.. We aren't stupid and to be spoken to like Microsoft has been over the last 2 weeks is a testament to their arrogance and innability to understand their audience.. They are bullish and corporate mouthpieces like Don Mattrick, and Major Nelson only echo this greedy self serving ethos that defines the company..

As far as the purported inferiority of the XBONE is concerned there are some major concerns.. Microsoft built the XBONE to their specs wheras Sony let developers build the PS4.. These developer s were adamant about 8 gigs of GDDR5 specifically.. To throw fuel on this fire ther have been reports that Microsoft is having to underclock the apu due to "performance concerns.. You bring up the size of pc cases as if to cast doubt on the ps4's smaller profile. This here is where your argument is falling apart.. Most pc case are large not for cooling effeciency especially considering APU's sport sinked exchangers and fans , yet they are large for expansion purposes.. Adding harddrives, optical drives, larger graphics cards, motherboards, additional RAM, input control boards.. The list goes on.. The Ps3 proved that compactness is of no threat with well made, highly efficient hardware. To speculate that the PS4 will have heat issues just shows you are digging for critiscims to level the playingfield.

Its no secret that I prefer Sony but as a consumer that is fervent about "educating" myself before parting with my money I find that Sony has always treated me well.. I've only ever had one incident of hardware defectiveness with a playstation product and that was a burned out HDMI port on my slim.. Sony has earned a sterling reputation for making the best hardware and the best first party suport.. Microsoft just keeps on burnning bridges and they are unapologetic about it..

I tried to warn the world that if successful with the 360 Microsoft would only get bolder and more demostrative o er their desires to control everything they touch.. They will be the death of our industry if allowed to continue on this path. This reason alone should be enough to abandon the XBOX ship.. But if it's what you want then more power to you. Just stop trying to convince the world that they are so noble. History proves otherwise.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   964d ago
Ps4 not a threat? yea keep telling yourself that.
Ezz2013  +   964d ago | Funny
well, he did try telling him self that

he looked at the mirror and said :
"Ps4 is not a threat"

but his reflection in the mirror looked at him in shock and than laughed hard
#1.3.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(2) | Report
DragonKnight  +   964d ago
I'd say his reflection looked back at him like this...

Related image(s)
VonBraunschweigg  +   964d ago
He wasn't lying, he already knows this coming generation the One has to fight it out with Wii U for 2nd place (when winning is decided by sales of course).
MizTv  +   964d ago
Just a bunch of nonsense and damage control
ZodTheRipper  +   964d ago
This time it's more than the usual non sense. It's bashing the competition close to the belt. They realized that the Xbones features aren't getting them many fans so they try to tell us that this other console is even worse.
But it isn't Microsoft, face it. You just did an awful job in the last couple of years whereas Sony did it's homework and learned it's lesson from the last generation.
#1.4.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report
MizTv  +   964d ago
yes very true
its all they have left
MizTv  +   964d ago
Well if you need plus for mp on the ps4 why would I ever unsubscribe
So I would never lose my games
MariaHelFutura  +   964d ago
94.7% on a poll taken down 2 weeks early should definitely be considered a threat.
#1.6 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(43) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
liorishot  +   964d ago
Is his name actually major or is he just stupid?
sAVAge_bEaST  +   964d ago
no, he is just a 50yr. old PR whore (clear channel).. who thinks he is really hip.. (he's not)
Fairchild Channel F  +   964d ago
Oh come on, next you'll be telling me that wearing Chewbacca on your head doesn't make you hip -_-
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fuzzyLogix  +   964d ago
The Sky's the limit.
There can be only ONE
solidjun5  +   964d ago
More like "Skype's the limit."
T2  +   964d ago
agreed, there will be only one winner, and its name is FOUR
DigitalRaptor  +   964d ago
@ solidjun5

Ha! That was good. Bubble to you.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   964d ago
better send out the -Reputation Management Shills-,..
to drive home the message/propaganda.. oh wait, they already are on every site.
ZodTheRipper  +   964d ago
But unfortunately outnumbered by far. Also it must be pretty hard to defend such a bad device.
redwin  +   964d ago
I've always had all the systems since 1984, lol. I wii again have all the systems come this December and I can tell you this from an unbiased consumer , I'm far more exited about the XONE than the PS4. Sony always says you don't need this and you don't need that but they always wind up coping the Xbox: bigger controller, online gaming, broadband, paying to play. Lol. Lol. Stop being blind followers and wait till you play both and then talk.
Lovable  +   964d ago
And you my sir is one of the problems and will contribute to a bigger problem next generation.

You are the very definition of a what you call a blind follower. Ironic huh?
#1.10.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(0) | Report
redwin  +   964d ago
Ok. I'm getting both systems and I'm getting games for both but I'm admitting that I'm more exited over one system over another. How does that constitute being a blind follower. I like games from both systems! Lol. Lovable, please explain .
Lovable  +   964d ago
The fact that MS is restricting you as a costumer and a gamer doesn't bother you at all? Ok fine you have the money, but it's not really about that, the gamers are fighting for their rights.

Why did you think Sony started charging for online? Cause people supported Xbox live and they know they can get away with it. See if you support all these restriction and MS gets away with it, what do you think other company will do next gen? What other restrictions do you think MS or Sony put next gen?
nub_cakes101  +   964d ago
Why would anyone waste $500 on the Xbox One when you could use that money to buy PS4 games and upgrade your PC? What exclusives does Xbox One have that's worth spending $500?
redwin  +   964d ago
Somebody has to pay for all the servers that are running to get everyone to play under the same umbrella, and now with the fact that you won't need swap disks to play different games is enticing. I'm sorry, it's like getting upset because the phones are getting too expensive. If you can't get a smartphone don't get it, there is nothing wrong with a flip phone, in a way they are more dependable.
moparful99  +   963d ago
. "Sony always says you don't need this and you don't need that but they always wind up coping the Xbox"

Ohh you mean like built in wifi right? Or what about HDMI? Removable/upgradeable hard drives? Ohhh I know you must mean Blu ray.. You're right because everything Microsoft does is for the good of the gamers... Man get lost with your "unbiased gamer" rhetoric...
redwin  +   963d ago
I agree with you mopar, the PS3 is a far superior hardware than the 360 and I would never say otherwise, but I notice that nobody is saing anything about the good things that Xbox has done. I remember when the Ps2 came out everyone was just plaing single players games and no achievements, now look where we are. Consumers are hesitant to buy games without online play, use of hard drives. Look, the PS4 controller is so much like the Xbox . Seriously, I don't understand the hostility. Lol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   964d ago
I personally don't like Major Nelson. Hes the biggest MS troll ever. "PS4 isn't a threat"

Riigght that's why its outselling the X1 by ridiculous margins.

But this guy doesn't have to worry. He has that corporate AC as well as that corporate internet connection to power his X1.
avengers1978  +   964d ago
What else is Major Nelson supposed to say...
"PS4 is going to kill us on all possible levels, and our policies are shitty"
Come the F on
#1.12 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NextGen24Gamer  +   964d ago
It's sad because it's obvious from reading comments on this site (which is 90% sony fans) that many are surely lacking in education and definitely need to be educated.

Many of you spew nonsense like the ps4 is 50% more powerful then you post links to websites that only talk about the Ram being faster & the gpu being faster. Those are stats on paper and not real world calculations. Developers have already been saying that it's a slight difference "IF ANY".

Microsoft's CPU specs haven't been announced but we do know from several articles that it's custom built and Microsoft augmented it to maximize games.

You can say all you want that developers are paid to say this stuff, or they don't want to say anything to go against the console they are developing for...Well that makes some sense..but, the eye test is what matters and at E3 it's Microsoft that stole the show in regards to the games shown and played! I know that doesn't sit well with sony only fans...But every website that attended is saying the same thing. The xbox one games looked and played better!

Also, no one is making a big deal about the games for sony at E3, freezing, and studdering...Just so you non tech kids understand, that's what happens when your console is over heating....

Performance is one thing, specs is another...Major Nelson summed it up perfect with a common sense statement.

"the PS4′s graphics RAM will run hotter, besides not being as optimized as the Xbox One. Thus leading to both being evenly matched or, believe it or not, the Xbox One performing ahead"

Sounds about right. Sony took a risk going with the new faster ram, and those gains in speed look better on paper than in real world gaming.

If you don't believe me understand this...My computer doesn't have the super fast ram that the ps4 has, but it will blow away the ps4 in graphics...How can that be? My computer uses the same ram that is in the xbox one!

There are many other things that go into game graphics and performance that 50% faster ram. But you sony fans wouldn't understand that.

Sony always throws numbers at you pigeons and you guys eat it up like bread crumbs on the ground outside of a dump! They know that's all you need to hear. Problem is, those numbers are just that...numbers....Games are the proof!

I will leave you with one question. Why is it that the xbox one is capable of displaying games at 4k resolution but the ps4 is not? That doesn't seem very future proof. 4k tvs will be more affordable in 4 years.....I will have one sometime this year.

Fact is, Sony went for a status quo current type of system. Xbox One is definitely more aimed or next gen future type stuff.


Kinnect 2.0
Tv & game intergration
Skype on everyones TV
Their crazy investment in Cloud computing. (Butying a cloud streaming service ISN'T THE SAME as what MS has down with their 300,000 plus servers dedicated and made to augment games)

Sure Sony has ps eye...but it's a gimmick and an add on that not everyone will buy so it won't be used for much just like this last gen...sure sony has bought out a cloud game streaming company...not the same as building your own cloud infrastructure and making your console always online to take advantage of it.

Big difference. When developers know that everyone has the kinnect 2.0 and everyone is online...they can maximize ALL OF THEIR GAMES for this and it will push the industry forward.
NextGen24Gamer  +   964d ago
Ps4 is the ps3 with better graphics...That's IT!

Xbox One is revolutionary and when the Metal Gear Solid dev says that there is little difference if any at all...I would believe him as he has always taken the stance of quality over anything! But he's not alone saying that and sony fans will continue to shout out the numbers that Sony as threw their way! Pigeons
insomnium2  +   964d ago
Facepalm is all that I can muster up after reading your comment partially.

Just be quiet please.
SniperControl  +   964d ago
If you think the N4G is full of Sony fanboys, why do you come here? Go and spout your BS on an Xbloc site.
NextGen24Gamer  +   964d ago
@Pigeons LOL

I come here for all the gaming news in one place and to read all the comments. Pure Comedy and it puts a smile on my face and I get a good laugh every day. You know that laughing and smiling every day is good for your soul.

I speak the REAL. From a Real Gamer who actually puts his money where his mouth is. I buy EVERY game that I want to play on EVERY system. I have pre ordered a ps4 and 2 xbox ones thus far for Day ONE. I will not miss out on any next gen game because I've swore allegiance to one company or another.

The funniest part of all on this site is when So called gamers say

"I've been an xbox fan for a long time and because of the restrictions I'm going to the ps4"....Because when I click on EVERY SINGLE ONES screen name and go back and look at the comment history, I quickly find out they are ALL full of it. They have ALL been sony fan boys and then they lie in the comment section of xbox articles to make it seem like they are switching sides. LOL...That's the funniest ones of them all.

Sony fans speak the loudest and they lie and act like they were xbox gamers switching over. That's a sad way to live your life. If you only buy Sony...Say that loud and clear and don't try to trick people, because real xbox gamers can see through your BS once we click on your name and comment history.

Bottom line is Xbox one will sell a good 40-50 million consoles and that's being modest....I wouldn't be surprised once gamers realize that the ps4 is limited and it's basically the ps3 with better graphics and once gamers see the experiences that can only be had on the xbox one because MS has invested in the future....It could easily outsell the xbox 360 and hit above 80 million in 8 years.

Regardless, As a gamer who plays every system....I'm excited about this next gen. Sony has done a great job igniting its base..

The tail tail sign is that xbox live subscribers are still going up and closing in on 50 million subscribers to GOLD. ALl those subscribers every day when they turn on their console is getting great info on the Xbox One and have the option of ordering it straight from the front screen.

Competition Is good for the console war...It pushes developers to keep creating incredible content and gamers win.
thedon8982z  +   964d ago
You sound like a blind idiot, go crawl back in your Microsoft bunker saying dumb shit like gddr5 is unoptimized and runs hotter... Its already been confirmed that one of the main reasons why ps4 is smaller is due to the type of ram(gddr5 simply runs cooler. Furthermore Microsoft has been lying there ass off about the cloud its simply not possible on today's internet.Its just another way to trap you in there walled garden, also you going to eat that ram comment in about 2 years once that bloated ass os is maxed out.
T2  +   964d ago
You are hilarious in that you fail even at your own PR nonsense. Here you come complaining that Sony fanboys spew numbers and random shit, that everyone "eats it up"... then your reasoning to dispute those numbers?

1. Major Nelson said....(LOL, LOL)
2. Xbox one games looked and played better.... (on a proven system which was NOT the xbox one and a complete sham)
3. Sony looks better on paper only (your invalid opinion, thanks)
4. My computer will blow away ps4 in graphics with ... the same ram as xbox one .... (proof? not a chance)
5. Xbox is capable of 4k and Sony is not... (false)
6. Sony is status quo and Xbox is next gen future stuff ... (like rocket technology i suppose huh)
7. Kinect is awesome but Ps Eye is a "gimmick"... (great breakdown there)
8. Sony's cloud isn't as good as MS ... ( any proof? NOT a chance you have any evidence as usual)

So to summarize you have ZERO evidence to support one of your stupid claims, you are a PR rep pure and simple. not one number, in fact when you do bring up numbers you just say they only work on paper, because the fact is so far all the numbers are in favour of ps4
will xbox sell? sure, but not because of the nonsense you posted.
#1.13.6 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   964d ago
Microsoft are to blame that the Xbox One is an invasive and anti-consumer device with no long-term appeal, not Sony fans. If it was just Sony fans, then why would Amazon's interest poll outnumber Xbox One, 17 to 1? If it was just Sony fans why would polls across several intermediary gaming sites like Gamespot have polls that also vastly, vastly outnumber Xbox One in terms of interest?

Microsoft's attitude and damage-controlling statements are literally the most confusing, arrogant and borderline insulting of any gaming company I've ever seen. Kutaragi's "you'll need a second job" is nothing compared to the disgrace that is MS management and PR at this current time. The anti-consumer policies that their console has been designed around have even some of the most ardent Xbox fans switching over to PS4.

You keep laughing and I'll keep myself far, far away from MS's rapacious grip.
#1.13.7 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
NextGen24Gamer  +   964d ago
Polls mean nothing. The Xbox one Facebook page has over 40,000,000 LIKES. That should tell you all these Sony boys who talk the loudest means zero in the real world. Polls get a couple thousand votes. First you have to care enough to vote. Sony has way more trolls that care about who wins a poll. This ain't no presidential election. Who cares about trolls who vote on polls to give off the illusion that Sony is going to sell more. LOL... Lets see sales after they are released. Sony has a very passionate core base of gamers. They have done a great job igniting their base. Thus the polls thus amazon...etc. But all this wont matter in 2014. Lets revisit this again at that time and just like last generation...I'll be right again.
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
Sony did plenty of proving with the ps3... why should we think they are going to stop.

Devs kept saying there was little to no difference between the ps3 and 360... ps3 exclusives proved the point there.

ps eye is a gimmick and kinect is not just because ms is forcing it.

carry on... carry on...
kingPoS  +   964d ago
It's the direction the industry would be pushed in that worries me.

What's to stop that same interconnected (DRM) approach from being adapted to other media forms. The online Bluray players & TV's that we take for granted are nice. But having an internet requirement for either to function would be crossing line.

If we the consumer let Microsoft carry through with such policies without resistance, then we have no one blame but ourselves when others follow suit.

We're already part way there with all BD players being network enabled & Westinghouse TV's needing to be activated.

All the market needs is a hard push. And it just so happens that Xbox 1 users might well end up helping with that push.
#1.13.10 Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
leejohnson222  +   964d ago
xbot apologists amaze me, its not about Sony, its about restrictions MS are putting on consumers. I do not want kinect 2, i do not want used games fees, i dont want 24 hour online checks, Ms are taking my choices away. Is major nelson a developer? did he design the console, of course he is going to rubbish PS4 spec if its higher than the xbox1. Xbox1 was not even running at e3.Who the hell wants motion games as for the cloud there is nothing a cloud can do better than hardware. Anyone can get skype on a pc tablet etc, tv !really you need to plug your cable box into that thing, cant take out the hd have to upgrade to external, thats now 3 boxes, not 1 box! Ms think we are all morons with no attention spam, i can play a game without checking my emails, skyping people and watching a movie at the same time. Makes me laugh when people type FACT when what they really mean is opinion! what a joker.Kinect 2 and online does not push the industry forward i would check your kinect games attach rate to kinect 1 sold and see how that looks.It shows how much you know, sony has had their own cloud since ps+ launched and that can be used by developers. This gen is changing last time 360 was lead platform for developers, this time its ps4, dayz developer just announced dayz for ps4 only, and thats is just down to MS charging thousands for patches and publishing issues.Xbox 1 is restrictive so many hardcore xbots have pre ordered ps4 already, this shows gamers do not believe this is the future.
#1.13.11 Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
leejohnson222  +   964d ago
i can tell you something i work in a large game store and quite a few xbox live subscribers told me they watched the xbox1 reveal on xbox live and it was boring and didnt appeal, they pre ordered ps4, they were not happy with the restrictions placed on them by MS. Taking one developers statement of the consoles being the same this early on is simply idiotic. Competition is good but your boy major nelson believes they have no competition arrogance from MS rubs off on the fanboys
#1.13.12 Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
grimmweisse  +   963d ago
"Big difference. When developers know that everyone has the kinect 2.0 and everyone is online"

Firstly everyone is not going to buy kinect 2.0, kinect 1.0 managed to make general gaming unfun and disastrous at time. It used a super hardcore game like steel battalion, made it unplayable because kinect is rubbish at gesture recognition. Most other kinect games were mediocre at best!

And secondly why do gamers need to be always online to enjoy gaming? Unless its an mmo, but this is a system. In terms if online gaming the PC is ahead, why, because PCs are generally alway online when gaming on PC but always online is not needed and hardly used, same can be said with Sony's systems. When Ubisoft tried their always online DRM on PC it fell flat and was subsequently removed. What makes you think the Xbox One will be any different.

300 000 or even 3 000 000 servers doesn't detract from the fact the DRM issue is flawed and restrictive.
#1.13.13 Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
moparful99  +   963d ago
I'm not going to heed the OPINION of someone with terrible grammar and archaic sentence structure. Nearly every statement you made included sentence fragments as well as run-ons so, therefore I'm not going to indulge your fanboy rant.
#1.13.14 Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
redwin  +   963d ago
Mmmm, I understand that a lot of people in forums work for GameStop and they feel like their job is being threaten but with the disk media dying, how long did you think this thing about buying games in a disk was going to last? I don't watch blue ray anymore, lol. I stream my movies. Sony is fighting hard to keep his media alive, cd,DVD , blue ray .. It's all gone my friends, it's like a-trac, for better or worse. Lol
#1.13.15 Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
3-4-5  +   964d ago
Basically that means..." ok they are smarter than we thought, we now need to focus on tricking the dumb ones into thinking they are correct, shouldn't be too difficult."

Microsoft......We are always watching you.
GAMExxOVER  +   964d ago
Microsoft needs not your approval, only your obedience.
jmc8888  +   964d ago
Educate the gamers who already know more than he does?

Is that like the Khmer Rouge or other tinpot dictator re-education camps?

Earth to Microsoft...the reason why we hate the Xbox One is because WE ARE EDUCATED already.

Only those whose passion for the brand (stupid for anybody to be that way about a corporation) blinds them from finding the facts or those with too much mental sloth to attempt it.

Sounds like the Major needs to get busted down to Private since he missed the boat on everything that has to do with being private.
#1.16 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
T2  +   964d ago
Great points, it appears these companies spend more time telling consumers what they want and not listening.
Sony wins much respect for coming out and saying "hey guys, we tried some stuff with ps3 but hey, we want you guys to enjoy our games and we will make the system we think you are asking for".
Microshaft - " you want this system because we say it's what you want".
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   964d ago
that was took the words right outta my mouth jmc8888!
#1.16.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
THamm  +   964d ago
Same thing Nintendo is in, instead of listening to consumers, they want to "educate" everyone in why they are right and you are wrong
greenlantern2814  +   964d ago
if we are to dumb to see the advantages of the xb1, than are we not to dumb to understand microsoft's "education"
on a side note of course major nelson is going to defend their product. it is not like he can come out and go well the ps4 is more powerful and cheaper but buy ours anyway
nypifisel  +   964d ago
"Even better, it believes that the PS4′s graphics RAM will run hotter, besides not being as optimized as the Xbox One. Thus leading to both being evenly matched or, believe it or not, the Xbox One performing ahead."

^This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life and the stupidest PR bollocks to ever come out of a man (well except "the infinite power of the cloud")

So hot RAM (You've heard of this? Like there wouldn't be a cooling solution in place) in the PS4 will make the X1 run better... Even though the X1 got a lower preforming GPU and RAM..... WHAT? I can't even fathom how insanely stupid that is. If heat generated by the higher preforming hardware in the PS4 is high there's obviously a cooling solution in place (he talks like it would be impossible to do this)

Anyone buying an Xbox One now, after all this, seriously gotta go get a head. Cause thinking with your ass just don't cut it any more.
Krosis  +   963d ago
Only on N4G would a comment like that not be deemed as trolling. Either the "moderators" are bias Sony loyalists, are cowadly sheep who fear punishing Sony fans will affect site traffic or simply people who care very little about what goes on period. I really don't care for either console but feel equality is important. I've said it before: this site has a pathetic structure and is in need of an overhaul.

"PS4 sucks". Better close this as trolling N4G, it's a departure from the Hive mindset.
RedHawkX  +   963d ago
heh the ps4 isnt a threat he says and hes right.

because im the freaking threat to him, microsoft and any xbox one product and any xbox one supporter. i will be on you all like white on rice. the ps4 is the console everyone will be getting and its the cheaper console and most powerful console. it only makes since that its gonna be the go to console for eveeryrone. its the new ps2 baby. its just sad to see some people holding on to the xbox one like its gonna be the awesome console everyone gets when its not. xbox and ms are done they are finished in gaming they are the new myspace.
jc48573  +   964d ago
ummm....i still own the games I've downloaded off of PS+ even after it got expired. Not sure what you mean by "unsubscribing" Major Nelson.
Mikelarry  +   964d ago
if you got those games free as part of your subscription of psplus you lose access to them until you reup your subscription this is true. if its a game you paid a discount on or the game was given during the time of the hack those were free for life.
dedicatedtogamers  +   964d ago
But it's a trade-off. The two games Microsoft used to "showcase" their monthly freebies were Halo 3 and AssCreed 2 which came out 2007 and 2009 respectively.

PS+, on the other hand, gives you NEW or NEARLY NEW games, and they give you MORE, to boot. Over the last few months I've seen games like Sleeping Dogs, XCOM, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Unch:3, DE: Human Revolution, and Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition.
jc48573  +   964d ago
Major Nelson really loves to play around with words. He is referring to the 360 right? because this "forever" thing doesn't seem to apply with xboxone yet.
fr0sty  +   964d ago
Microsoft removes access to Netflix/similar services, all free-to-play games, and a number of other services if you stop paying for Live.

They remove your ability to play any of your games at all if you either get your account banned or lose internet access...

I don't think he needs to be tossing stones in that glass house.
markbob  +   964d ago
The issue is that those free games you get through PS+ you can only play if you are subscribed to PS+. Once you choose to not renew PS+ you can not play those games.

So you still own them but you cant actually play them without PS+

Q: What happens to the games and DLC I downloaded from through a PS Plus membership, and I decide to not renew my membership?
A: You will not be able to access free games downloaded with Plus if you choose not to renew your membership. However, if you decide to re-activate your membership, you will once again be able to play all games downloaded from the Instant Game Collection.
Mikelarry  +   964d ago
i think it because of the tv elements of the system that they have taking the really strict approach. i already said it before micro-soft are not changing their minds any time soon so if you do buy the system in hope they might that's a risk you must keep at the back of your mind.
DeathofSouls  +   964d ago
I agree the Xbox One will look much better in time. Microsoft isn't making good decisions, but the box being "all digital" IS better in the long run. Just have to wait for them to explain their policies better so people stop spreading their LIES saying "Xbox doesn't support used games".....really?

Things aren't as clear as PlayStation and that's Microsoft's fault. That will not last forever. Is it confusing, yes, there has never been an all digital console....the confusion will end you will say "hmmm its actually not that bad when you think about". it.
#4 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(49) | Report | Reply
Lovable  +   964d ago
No actually it's still bad. There's a reason why they made it vague. Xbox one is a gamers nightmare.
SALT  +   964d ago
Being able to share 10 friends library of games without getting off my arse is a nightmare?

How so?

Its a bloody dream come true thats what it is
sAVAge_bEaST  +   964d ago
yes it is a nightmare, a twisted nightmare..

Xbox One's Always-On Kinect A Twisted Nightmare, Says Germany's Federal DPC -
xHeavYx  +   964d ago
Care to explain how going all digital is better in the long run? Xbox also let's you share the disk copy only once, they have yet to disclose what happens after (they probably lock the disk)
What's so confusing about Playstation?
SALT  +   964d ago
Cuts out the middleman & associated costs
tuglu_pati  +   964d ago
You know digital is the future, right? Same thing happened with music cd and mp3 files. Everyone was complaining about it, last time i checked no one remembers a CD is anymore.
Angeljuice  +   964d ago
I still use cd's, they are way better value. I will always prefer to have a physical copy of anything rather than digital.
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
jmc8888  +   964d ago
So what's the difference between buying digital games on PS3, PS4, 360, One, or Steam?

Well only MS and Xbox One is using this 'feature' and claiming it as a reason to need asinine DRM and check-ins.

The simple fact is for some people their first all-digital console was an 360 or a PS3, or wasn't a console, it was Steam.

Last I checked only Xbox is claiming the need to staple your ass cheeks together just to play your games. I mean really, their DRM and spying is as needed as that.
moparful99  +   963d ago
I'm growing tired of this digital vs physical debate. Especially this cd to mp3 argument some are making.. Yes digital music is far more convenient but those reasons are not applicable to gaming. Let me clarify, with music you take it everywhere. In your car, work, exercising etc.. Carrying around one device that holds 1000's of songs is much more logical and convenient than 100's of CDs. Not to mention that you can buy just the songs you want instead of an entire cd for one or two songs. Additionally digital music is of a higher quality then that of cd. The only performance gain of digital games is in loading. Graphics, physics, gameplay are all unaffected. Until digital games offer major advantages like those I highlighted with music then physical formats will still be preferred. This whole DRM controversy is just a means to ensure publisher control over content in the consumer eco system, or in layman's terms they make more money. More people would probably be on board with this system if it drove the cost of games down but it's not. Used game sales are predicated on the high cost of games.. While the price stability we've enjoyed now for the last 3 generations is great for a lot of people $60 is way to high. So consumers seek alternatives and GameStop is making a fortune off of it.
NYC_Gamer  +   964d ago
It's bad in my eyes because X1 is full of restrictions and those over shadow any benefits the console may offer
#4.3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SALT  +   964d ago
Where is the restriction in borrowing ya mates games on PS4 should be the question.

If they live next door - none.

If they live 200km away and wont see you for 2yrs then theyll be restricted when they wanna play their game they lent you

XB1 removes those hassles with a 24hr check in - big woop
solidjun5  +   964d ago
"If they live 200km away and wont see you for 2yrs then theyll be restricted when they wanna play their game they lent you."

That's the best argument? The fact that they 200 km away?

Also, I thought for X1, you can only have 1 person play that one game. You can't have 10 people play COD from one X1 Disc.
jmc8888  +   964d ago
Don't forget that PS4 users will be able to do some similar things, like let their friends play the game with them even if they don't have the game.

So really I see some fairly similar features, but without the DRM.

If you could really give away 10 copies for every 1 that was purchased, don't you think developers would rather have used game sales?

Also that 'big woop' will seem like a big deal if you can't use YOUR console and YOUR games for days, weeks, even a month because Xboxlive isn't online. Not because you couldn't play your games for some real reason, but because M$ wanted to be dicks and not allow you to.
moparful99  +   963d ago
@salt so you buy consoles just to let your friends borrow games? Of course this is a rhetorical question before you reply. I buy consoles to play the games i want to play. If a friend close by wishes to borrow a game then cool but being able to let a friend digitally borrow a game "200km" away is of no concern to me and judging by the uproar a lot of gamers agree. I'm not going to base a 4-5 hundred dollar purchase on such a trivial feature. Besides the restrictiveness of Microsoft's DRM. Overshadows any value that feature has.
GenericNameHere  +   964d ago
I do believe games will be Digital Only someday, but right now? Where games take over 20 GBs to download, and not everyone has high speed or reliable Internet?

Btw, PSP Go. 'Nuff said.
Elit3Nick  +   964d ago
*Tries to stop him from saying something good about the Xb1 to spare him N4G's wrath* Damn, too late...
Relientk77  +   964d ago
My favorite part of the title is: PS4 is not a threat

RandomDude655  +   964d ago
lol Microsoft STILL channeling 2006 sony.

"not a sprint"
and then copying this:

"It’s difficult to talk about Nintendo, because we don’t look at their console as being competitors. They’re a different world, and we operate in our world – that’s kind of the way I look at things." Kaz Hirai
No_Limit  +   964d ago
"The good news is that the company sees Don Mattrick as some one who is making them look worse, and is working to muffle him."

LOL, I cracked up on that one.
Fairchild Channel F  +   964d ago
"Making them look worse". That implies that they know they already look bad lol.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   964d ago
yep...i LMAO they're turning on their own n$%$$! (Unforgivable reference)
Pittoo   964d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Godmars290  +   964d ago
The only thing that's going to "educate" MS are XBO's sales numbers three months after release. If not sooner.

Expect that they will only have a high-yield launch - that if consumers are in any way intelligent, while many simply wont have a choice because of internet limitations - followed by a sharp drop-off.

Its really in the hands of the casual market.
#8 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
TheEvilWithin  +   964d ago
I hate Major Nelson! Part of the reason I left the Xbox community. Sick of all the little 10 year old kids on there talking trash and this guy knows NOTHING. He has to be one of the BIGGEST tool's in the gaming industry.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   964d ago
some tool has to take the role of sheeple herder.. since they don't offer quality. -they offer image.
captain_slow82  +   964d ago
"due to the lack of social and multi-tasking features"

so hes saying the ps4 has no social features and it carnt multitask??

what a load of bull shit

there shitting there pants now there talking smack...

lol just looool
2pacalypsenow  +   964d ago
"The company doesn't even see Sony as a threat."

He must not read the internet and Ps4 pre orders ...
Dannehkins  +   964d ago
Kinda think it would be better to both muffle him and Mattrick at the same time, because neither do a good job relating with gamers by the looks of things.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   964d ago
Almost none of this is true.
dumahim  +   964d ago
The level of thick-headedness is truely astounding. They should be commited for study to see how they function.

"As for military personnel playing consoles: the defense given is that PS3/PS4 won’t be allowed on DoD networks. So the whole issue of military members switching to the PlayStation while on deployment is a non-issue."

THAT'S THE WHOLE BLIPING POINT! Military people usually don't have access to the internet, so the only way they'll be playing next gen games is on PS4.
LoveOfTheGame  +   964d ago
Actually MS is experimenting with allowing Military personnel to use a code that allows for offline play.

Don't have a link, it was sent to me via phone from a friend in the military when I told him of this concern.
Yo Mama  +   964d ago
There's a man in Nigeria who is transferring his millions into my bank account soon because there was a clerical error and I was supposed to inherit it.

I don't have a link, it was sent to me via fax.
SniperControl  +   964d ago
BS, Don the man has already said tough shit, get a 360 instead. Allowing codes would go against everything they have implemented.
This is xbloc fanboys grasping.
LoveOfTheGame  +   963d ago
It may not be true, I haven't read anything about, except what my friend sent me. I think it's a little more reliable than the "experts" on N4G.

Checked the text I had, it's only a pic of a site's article, no idea why he just wouldn't tell me the link.
jmac53  +   964d ago
If anyone is interested in going in to PR, this will be used as a classic case of what not to do when launching a product. MS is in full tilt damage control right now, and what a show it is! seriously though how is their any benefit to DRM with consumers if the games are still going to cost $60! Should we be thankful that MS didn't raise the price to $80.
KionicWarlord222  +   964d ago
Dear god microsoft...

Just dont talk anymore.
SALT  +   964d ago

What is DRM 24hr check required? MS taking piracy head on. They do not want 1 bit of pirated games blurays etc on their system. It is a neccessity when requiring games to be installed/played from HDD - its to ensure licenses are up to date.

A great use of this feature is SHARING GAMES

PS4 - requires you to obtain physical copy borrowed as we currently can do. No change no DRM checks. Piracy still an issue for devs/publishers with offline system.

XB1 will allow you to access 10 friends game libraries which you can download to your HDD - 1 licence can be shared on 2 consoles at same time. All other games can be accessed provided the licence holder is not playing. REQUIRES DRM CHECK

WHICH IS BETTER? One that can be done from home? or the oldskool way? I know im embracing the future/change.

What will be most popular with publishers? the one which protects them/licences and keeps them in the resale process.

Forget the other rubbish - this is where MS is flogging Sony and theyll be playing catch up. Start asking Sony what happens when 3rd party games want a DRM check - they are already aware of it. Their analysts are saying let MS take the heat on piracy protections - we will play catch up if need be and enjoy the success from those who THINK they have control.

Sony being hypocrites on anti piracy by keeping mouths shut/ doing nothing with an offline no DRM system.
jmac53  +   964d ago
Never thought I would see someone defending MS draconian anti-consumer practices. When is it ever a good idea to give up your choice and freedom. You bought the game, it's yours. Sony could have easily gone the same route (they have the patent for a RF chip in the disc) but they didn't because they realized that the consumer's trust is far more profitable than bending to the will of the publishers.
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
Godmars290  +   964d ago
Xbox 360 = rampant piracy. Millions of systems and owner accounts banned while the problem only persisted.

PS3 = systems hacked at least twice, but no reports of real piracy during its entire run.

One of these companies did something right.
ShwankyShpanky  +   964d ago
There is a PS3 piracy community out there, but it's orders of magnitude smaller than on the 360. It took them way longer to crack the PS3, and they can't go online (I don't think... they may have bypassed that), so at least there aren't modders/cheaters on the PSN.

The fact that the PS3's security took so much longer to crack than the 360's should be another reason to give pause to those dismissing concerns about the Xbone's always-connected spycam. (that and the fact that the Xbone's DRM policies have basically slammed down the gauntlet in front of every hacker on the planet)
Elit3Nick  +   964d ago
The 360 was very easy to crack thanks to its similarities to the pc's architecture, since the PS4 uses a similar architecture now it would be easier to crack than the PS3, but hopefully Sony has their own countermeasures.
LoveOfTheGame  +   964d ago
That's the second time I've seen someone bring up that a game in the shared library could be accessed by, at most, 2 people at one time.

Is there a link to this as I haven't seen it yet and am very interested in verify this as it will make me even more excited for the sharing ability with Xbox one.
GenericNameHere  +   964d ago
The PS3 already does this. Back when it was released until a few years ago, Sony allowed 5 people to share a downloaded game. However, people abused that, and now only 2 people can share a downloaded game. Just download the game from your friend's download list, and you can play it at the same time as your friend. This is nothing new, and I doubt Microsoft will go through with this.

If Sony lowered the amount of game sharing because of abuse, what makes you think Microsoft won't also lower/remove it when people are game sharing all their games and seeing less profit? Especially with 10 people?
Tales RPG addict  +   964d ago
Wow what are you an idiot. I choose the Old school way cause when I buy a game I keep it Permanently, not let my friend borrow the game and its his Forever. You sir are a Moron, and if you think Microshaft is gunna win the Next Gen. war "you've got another thing coming". Seriously why embrace DRM like this when it's more punishing than it is beneficial.
BattleTorn  +   964d ago
Gamingbolt kinda mixed up it's facts,

"It’s also revealed that the 24 hour check-in is a means to update your library, for when you lend games to friends. Which is funny because the with game trades limited, why would it need updating every 24 hours? No good answers there and no clear understanding as to why it inconveniences consumers."

The "limited trades" they reference is in regards to 'gifting' of games - the owner giving the license away entirely.

The 24hr check is a means to update the library for the "family-sharing" - which is not limiting.
#18 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
PerryCaravello  +   964d ago
There's nothing sadder and lamer than microsoft trying to do pr and/or damage control.

Old, ugly, white, grey haired men talking... like anyone gives a FUCK about this guy lol. Well, microsoft nerds probably do.

The average consumer wants to see someone young and hip. Not some fat fuck with grey hair blabbing away.
#19 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
smashcrashbash  +   964d ago
Fortunately if you are a business man you NEVER believe that your competitors are not a threat.No real business man thinks that.Only fanboys, PR and so called journalist claim that one system is not a threat to another. as long as you exist and are taking gamers and profit from me, you are a threat. The only time you are not a threat is when your competitors go out of business. Microsoft if they are smart better be prepared to fight the Wii U and PS4 tooth and nail.
SALT  +   964d ago
Seriously with cloud wait till you see it. Focus on ACCEPTING handing over control so they can GIVE you more freedoms for playing it straight.

REWARD (online sharing of licened games)


RISKS (gettn caught with pirate software turns XB1 into brick)

RESULT (no piracy on system = satisfied guaranteed publisher support. Ease of use for gamers in borrowing friends games)

ShwankyShpanky  +   964d ago
"ACCEPTING handing over control so they can GIVE you more freedoms"
Tetsujin  +   964d ago
The one thing I'll say involving this whole piracy issue your arguing about; Sony had it under control until 2011 with the USB leak, and there has been people who aren't successful at cracking the Vita 100% (some unconfirmed videos). Xbox however had it back during the original run, and the 360 still has yet to really find a solution; so instead they design a new console with so many restrictions instead of actually trying to figure what/why people pirate and fix the holes early on.

I have the confidence Sony knows how to at least figure why people pirate, and find ways to curb people who want to (excluding free games); where as MS just wants to "Assume" why people do it then move on. If you ask a lot of people why they pirate it's not games, it's so they can have open region games.
Imalwaysright  +   964d ago
Wow we have a new champion!!! Salt you just won the award for the most dumbass and idiotic comment someone has ever wrote in N4g!!

"ACCEPTING handing over control so they can GIVE you more freedoms" Congratulations, you've earned it.
jmc8888  +   964d ago
Someone should mention to him that the console bricks will be 1000x more common for the average Joe and have nothing to do with piracy.

Maybe M$ can hire George W. Bush to be spokesmen...then he can say

"They hate us for our freedoms"
#21.3.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
Tales RPG addict  +   964d ago
PS4 > XB1
why no DRM checks, no 24 hour requirements. You do the math dumbass, many Xbox gamers are migrating to SONY in the millions and do you think they want user restricted problems like Xbone. NO they don't they want their investments to work because once Xbone is NO LONGER SUPPORTED it's a piece of Fucking junk. If you honestly think Microshaft will remove DRM Policies then you are blind and need to see the Angry JOE interview with Major Nelson.
InTheLab  +   964d ago
Love his response to the military issue. Completely missed the
SpinalRemains  +   964d ago

North Korea also uses 'education' to push their agenda.

Yes I am using a silly example, but it is along the same lines of condescending, patronizing language.

We are educated and we do know exactly what what we are up against with the One, and its all bad.
jmc8888  +   964d ago
What are you talking about, our reeducation camps come in the form of snooki, entertainment tonight, american idol, your local non-news broadcasts, and the national 24 hour non-news stations.

Throw in some propaganda in movies and video games and you got yourselves a hell of a situation for people who think and a fools paradise for those who wish not to.
Ashunderfire86  +   964d ago
Microsoft should of followed the steam model concept for Xbox One. With Steam you can still play your games offline. Microsoft should lower down the price for Xbox One games that been around for 6 months to a year for example, pretty much how Steam does it. Doing this will give them an advantage, but Gamestop, and other game selling stores will suffer. I guarantee Sony will adopt the Steam model( or something similiar) concept for the PS4 before Microsoft, because Sony listen to its consumers. After going to E3 I got to say that I happy with both consoles games!!! But PS4(My raise as a soon to be game developer) a Indy friendly system, is my system of choice this hoilday. As for Xbox One, I wait for the issues of DRM and etc to die down to get it. I will get Xbox One more than likely next year bundled with Halo 5! I still think it is possibly for Microsoft to come up with an update to reduce the DRM feature eventually. Face it, shit could hit the fan if Xbox One is dead last under the Wii U, so Microsoft should take that into consideration.
#24 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   964d ago
Gets REALLY old seeing MS and Xbots saying the 24-hour check-in isn't DRM. Oh it's only to assist in keeping track of your sharing? (that's pure BS, but whatever) So it's there to DIGITALLY MANAGE who has the RIGHTS to share your games? The 24-hour check-in is the DEFINITION of DRM.
#25 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ThatsGaming  +   964d ago
So what?

I can't remember the last time my console was not connected for a 24 hour period... That is true for 95% of console gamers.

Call it whatever you want... It really don't matter because your not buying an X1...
madpuppy  +   964d ago
I find it quite interesting that they are trying to convince people that a system rife with consumer restrictions are good for them. It is almost like they think if they keep saying that people will magically change their minds and choose to believe the lie.

I can not tell is they are stupid? think we are stupid, or they are so arrogant that they feel that we will do what they tell us to do.
glennco  +   964d ago
If they dropped the idiotic DRM extremes and made kinect optional they would probably double their sales.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   964d ago
They really are seriously DELUDED. Microsoft are in real need of therapy.
ShwankyShpanky  +   964d ago
"I've been in touch with Major Nelson and he made it clear that he didn't understand that the information he gave me was going to be passed along to others."

PR mouthpiece speaking on highly contentious policy issues didn't think his statements would be reported? I think that's a pretty clear indicator that the Major is F'ing clueless.
airgangstarr  +   964d ago
what major asshole doesnt get is all the 360 users wanted was a 360 2 better graphics an some new ips none of us signed up for what they wanted to do no one wants a kinect mandatory or a 24 hr check in an a hdmi in so u can watch ur tv through it were Gamers u moron i barely watch tv we dont care about that... does it have some cool features yea if they work i mean there known for sellin u shit that doesnt work at first kinect for example ... this guy is jus as bad as don clown ps4 is for gamers xbox 1 i dont even think they know who there aiming at anymore
#29 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
glennco  +   964d ago
We just wanted them to bridge the gap with the PC. Why did they have to over-complicate things?
sAVAge_bEaST  +   964d ago
DEFINITION OF A TOOL- Lawrence "Larry" Hryb /ˈhɜrb/also known by his Xbox Live gamertag Major Nelson

Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live. His blog "Xbox Live's Major Nelson" provides an "inside" look at operations at Microsoft's Xbox division. He picked the gamertag Major Nelson after a character by the same name on the 1960s U.S. television comedy I Dream of Jeannie after it was recommended to him by his TiVo.[1] Larry dedicated his gamertag to Larry Hagman after his death in 2012.[2] Prior to taking the position at Microsoft in 2004, *he was a former programmer and on air host with radio broadcaster *Clear Channel Communications.*
#30 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
madpuppy  +   964d ago
Funny? being an employee of Microsoft and how they feel about competitors that he would mention TiVo at all seeing that it uses Linux as it's OS.

There have been stories of employees being chastised and threatened for owning an iPhone.

Clear channel communication is a giant MS-like corp as well. no wonder he loves working for MS.
#30.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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