Major Nelson Addresses DRM Concerns, Silencing Don Mattrick and How PS4 Isn't a Threat

Gamingbolt - "Regarding the current opinion of the Xbox One, don't count on Microsoft changing their DRM strategy any time soon. In fact, they'll be working to "educate" gamers about the benefits of their policies".

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Lovable1521d ago

That's right dumb gamers, we know what's best for you, so just handover your money and stfu!

xHeavYx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Looks like M$ went back to bullying.
He keeps saying that Xbox One will be on par or even better than the PS4, and that the PS4 is a "Xbox 360 version 2" but I wish he would explain why, and how an inferior hardware could beat the PS4.
His last point is that the free games you get on Xbox (Halo 3 and AC2? please) stay with you forever, and PS+ games go away if you cancel your subscription, but how long does it take to beat those games? Even more puzzling, who is going to stop paying for PS+ when you get great discounts and a ton of free games?
People aren't jumping to the PS4 for no reason, Sony must thank M$ PR for all the new fans

Ezz20131521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

what ?!
Major Nelson would never lie
ps4 is inferior console ...Confirmed

US8F1521d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

is it me or is that the more they open their mouths the more I hate xbox One?

There is so many mixed messages, we don't know who to listen to. Regardless, the damage is done after the bullying started. Oh microsoft, you never cease to amaze me.

P_Bomb1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I already got Halo 3 for free when I got my 360 two years ago. Same with Fable 3. Platinumed AC2 on PS3 forever ago, and Walmart was giving away AC2 free with AC3 anyways. Heck, even AC Revelations comes with a free AC1 on PS3.

It's a bit of a fine line, bragging about sloppy seconds. Old games are old, and them being free once before and elsewhere diminishes the bragging rights a bit. Walmart bundles the oldies away all the time (GTA Tales from Liberty City free with Max Payne 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 free with Far Cry3).

I platinumed Sleeping Dogs from Plus, I don't *need* it forever Major. It's Game Over. Doubly for games from 2007. If August freebies are gonna be similar golden oldies like BioShock or Saints Row2, you run the risk of bragging about catch-up. Both came free with PS3 purchases of BioShock Infinite and Saints Row3 already. Speaking of which, SR:The Third comes to Plus this month. That's where you should aim imo.

NewMonday1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"they'll be working to 'educate' gamers about the benefits of their policies"

it's like saying "hey! getting [email protected] is actually fun once you try it"


"He also pointed out that unlike the free games you get on PSN, the two free games per month on XBL are yours forever. Whereas if you cancel your PS Plus subscription, you would lose those games"


PSN+ stay yours even after canceling the subscription, you can even re-download them without PSN+, I know it's hard for MS to believe a company would just give this much away.

ShwankyShpanky1521d ago

@newmonday: Actually, you lose the "free" games if you cancel your sub, but anything you pay for (PS+ discounts) you can keep. If you re-sub, you can get the "free" games back.

Tetsujin1521d ago


Your comment just made "Comment of the month award."


Here's a solution for Don Mattrick, fire him. Oh wait, he's actually speaking what MS "wants" to say, so instead he's probably going to be someone working behind the scenes at this point.

superbhoy1521d ago

Ya and he talks about the ps4 as if he made it and knows everything about it!

DVAcme1521d ago

The "PS4 games go away forever if you don't pay PS+" thing is absolute bull, they just become unplayable until you pay for PS+ again, which is old news already. Compare that to the XBox One, which ALSO makes its games unplayable on account of THE WHOLE SYSTEM BECOMING UNPLAYABLE.

And yes, the PS4 is not allowed on DoD networks, but neither are the PS3 or 360, so that's a moot point. Except it's not a moot point for the XBox One because THE SYSTEM BECOMES UNPLAYABLE.

As for the whole Don Mattrick thing, that is an utterly despicable move. Microsoft has been vague and confusing even to its own people, that's why Don Mattrick's been giving out information that contradicts other employees. The guy's not dumb, he's been misinformed. And Hryb and Microsoft are using him as a scapegoat. It's reprehensible and a clear sign that management in Microsoft is utterly shameless.

pixelsword1521d ago

Microsoft's policy is doubleplusgood!

Extra points for anyone who gets the reference.

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JoySticksFTW1521d ago

What's funny is that many current Xbox 360 gamers are looking specifically for Xbox 360 version 2.

Calling ps4 that will probably make them jump ship even quicker

RiPPn1521d ago

I like that they call the PS4 "Xbox 360 2" so they are basically admitting it's the console people want. lol

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nix1521d ago

i think the article is true because in Reddit, majornelson himself is commenting in the thread. that is if it's him.

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Boody-Bandit1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Keep it up Major Nelson and Mattrick. You guys just reaffirm my decision to avoid the ONE like the plague being the best decision I have made regarding gaming.

MS is going about this whole scenario ALL WRONG. Instead of just talking about why they made the decisions they did and how it's beneficial to their consumers? They act like school yard bullies with their obnoxious arrogance and ignorance.

You're not going to win any of those sitting on the fence with a wait and see approach with this attitude. You (MS) guys are so snobbish, arrogant and come off like pompous D-bags. I "was" (my XBL account runs out in August so technically I still am) an XBL member since day 1. My son has been an XBL member for 8+ years. We are both going with the PS4 ONLY next generation and we are not looking back unless these restrictions -> used, rentals and no every 24 hr verification, are rescinded.

I don't want to purchase a console and wonder down the road if it will be a paper weight because you guys move on to something else.

"Major Nelson was asked this during an interview at E3: What about down the road when MS goes to it's next console or if you guys were to move on to something else in general. How are consumers suppose to be assured that the servers that handle these 24 hr verifications will always exist and the XBOX ONE wont become a paper weight (paraphrasing on my part)?

Major Nelson response to that question? Next generation hasn't even started yet and you are asking me questions like this?
^THAT WAS HIS RESPONSE! Are you kidding me? Yeah MS call us crazy but we actually would like to know if these consoles will have online verification indefinitely or only as long as MS profits from the X1 and then it all gets shut down. Silly consumers we are."

^That was bad enough but I also want the option of choosing how I obtain (purchase or rent) my software and what to do with it once I have (keep it, sell it or trade it in where and how I choose). Not have the decision made for me.

Good luck to you MS. You're going to need it.

xursz1521d ago

BrutallyHonest delivers.

glennco1520d ago

@ xHeavYx - Inferior hardware plus cloud processing may boost the performance over the PS4. I don't know if this is true and fanboys are currently out of control here but you asked a question and this is the answer.

The thing is, not one fanboy here, xbone or ps4, knows the answer to whether it will be able to hold its own or not when cloud processing has been optimised over time. We could be looking at something that will just improve and improve, and is nearly uncharted territory. This could be a route the PS5 even takes if it pans out.

It seems like MS is taking a huge gamble that may or may not pay off. The hive(herd) mind has said it won't but it seems emotions are running rampant since E3, and most people don't have a clue what they are talking about. Somebody must have done a great sales pitch at MS.

Not everyone is a shill here BTW, some people try to look at it from both stand points. PS4 is going the tried and tested route that we are all happy with and MS are going the futuristic route that quite possibly could be too ahead of it's time, very much like On-live was.

I am amazed more people do not find the technology proposed to be fascinating at the very least. I am a huge fan of technology so will be watching this unfold with interest (while I play my PS4 haha).

Death1520d ago

The 24 hour "check in" is simply a way to make sure you haven't traded your games. Your game rips from the disc to the HDD of the XboxOne. If there is no way to verify you have the disc, you can't access the library. Last gen you could rip all your games to the HDD, but the disc needed to be in the drive for verification. Not a huge deal if you are home, but remote play would be restricted to the game in the drive. Having access to all your games without a disc locally or remotely is a very nice feature to have.

When you trade a game in, the authorized retailer needs to unlock it from your console so they can make it work on the next persons. Once again, the 24 hour check will send a signal to the server blocking your game from working since you sold it. Sounds kind of fair. This check can be done over your cell and uses very little data.

As for the games we own when the console life cycle ends, who is to say they won't be downloadable to the next console? If Microsoft decided to call it quits and publishing stops, I can't think of a reason the remote feature couldn't be removed and downloaded games get verification old school with the disc in the drive. It would be counter productive of Microsoft to discuss this before the system launches.

Mexico6191520d ago

another point about PS+ is that since your going to need it to play online on the PS4 your pretty much going to keep the free games you get with it as long as you want to play online that is.

SilentNegotiator1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


So people that haven't read 1984 aren't "capable" of understanding your reference to a small detail of an idea (one word in the pseudo-language)?

I've read 1984 and I had to Google your reference. It's one word. Not everyone remembers one fake word.

Furthermore, if you force a reference and/or make 50% of your comment "ZOMG guys, mah cool reference!! :D ", you're going to get disagrees from people rolling their eyes anyway.

And if you think so lowly of N4G, then just leave. No one is keeping you here.

ramiuk11520d ago

the thing is they say lose ps+ games, i dont mind there free,so if in 5 years time i cant play them i dont mind or my net down i still can.
ms want you to pay £45 for a game and then it be unplayable in 24hrs if net down

morganfell1520d ago

So Major, the Xbone which didn't enter planning until late 2010 is more optimized than the PS4 which has been in development since 2007. And with the MS record of hardware you must be correct.

There was a time when Hryb had a coolness that made him seem separate from the corporate shills. Now he is just another annoying mouthpiece.

pixelsword1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

@ silent:

[So people that haven't read 1984 aren't "capable" of understanding your reference to a small detail of an idea (one word in the pseudo-language)?

I've read 1984 and I had to Google your reference. It's one word. Not everyone remembers one fake word.]

Now that's the point, isn't it? If you don't understand something, it's not like you can't look it up on the internet, while you're ON the internet. It's not much more complicated than clicking a link. The comment, and responses like yours are the whole point of why I post things and go out of my way to get responses: because people too often act like spoon-fed fools who can't think for themselves; and when people do think for themselves, the mentally-defunct majority seeks to beat them back into the mainstream.

You looked it up, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if I was actually complimenting you for actually looking it up or complimenting you backhandedly because of your reaction.

As far as the "one word" in a story which revolved solely around deception, changing the meaning of words to make it fit the twisting of facts and limiting a person's mind because the truth damages their agenda... well, I hope some people got that. That's exactly what Microsoft is doing, and leading people who aren't thinking into a web of deception. The stakes are too high not to be a little elitist in thinking and expressing myself because the people that are pushing a very intrusive and oppressive console are using the same methods to hoodwink the masses.

[Furthermore, if you force a reference and/or make 50% of your comment "ZOMG guys, mah cool reference!! :D ", you're going to get disagrees from people rolling their eyes anyway.]

I often do things that will get me banned just to force an issue; that means nothing to me. Disagrees could be considered as, to someone who has a thick skin, a tally of fools when it comes to someone not capable of putting a word into google and hitting enter. I don't think of the disagrees I got as such in this instance because I didn't think that kids would care to look up the meaning; I did, however, expect an adult or two to nail it down.

Any reaction is just icing on the cake.

[And if you think so lowly of N4G, then just leave. No one is keeping you here.]

Um... no; although I never said that I thought low of N4G, even if I did I have a right to an opinion as do you. Banning me for free, non-offensive expression... interesting. If I got banned, I wonder if this comment is a microcosm of what could happen if you made the comment on the internet from your Xbox One?

At any rate, N4G is more for kids, and since it's also summertime, there are probably more kids here. I did not expect kids to have read 1984. They aren't capable because they probably aren't in the grade level to have such a book as a requirement to read nor an interest in that particular book yet.

Is that acceptable to you? ;)

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dedicatedtogamers1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

From the article: "they’ll be working to “educate” gamers"

When this phrase is used, it is very, very bad news. Do you know who else used this phrase? Iwata said it when the Wii-U console and game sales took a nose-dive.

(these are actual, verbatim quotes from Iwata)

"We have not been able to solidly communicate the product value of Wii U to our consumers yet"

"We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product."

"We would like to take time to work thoroughly for its penetration, by making various efforts to have many people understand its product value" (a.k.a we need to educate the lowly peasant about our product)

These quotes from Iwata sound nearly identical to what Microsoft is now saying, and the Xbox One isn't even out yet! Microsoft is also having a lot of trouble "communicating the value" of the Xbox One, and look what that did to the Wii-U's hardware sales...

pompombrum1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The thing is, I don't think anyone but the most ardent Sony fanboy can question the value of the Xbox One, it's the cost of said value that is the problem. Seeing how Microsoft's only real response is "it's the future" or "well we have a console for offline gamers, it's called an xbox 360" it's safe to say that they need to try an awful lot harder.

DragonKnight1521d ago

I was going to post something similar, so I will as a reply to you.

"It’s also revealed that the 24 hour check-in is a means to update your library, for when you lend games to friends."

Lie. It's to check up on the licenses and boot you if necessary.

"And say goodbye to leaks, since Microsoft is also working on a system where games can only be activated on release, no matter when you buy them."

I'll believe it when I see it.

"It also looks at the PS4 as “Xbox 360 version 2″ due to the lack of social and multi-tasking features."

LMFAO! This is the funniest fallacy of the whole article. Major Nelson didn't pay attention to the PS4 reveal at all. Plus, forgive us for wanting to play games instead of Snapping into a Slim Jim... I mean Skype.

"The company doesn’t even see Sony as a threat. Even better, it believes that the PS4′s graphics RAM will run hotter, besides not being as optimized as the Xbox One. Thus leading to both being evenly matched or, believe it or not, the Xbox One performing ahead."

Damage control. Every developer who's worked with the PS4 has nothing but fantastic things to say about its tech, and there are plenty of references showcasing the superiority of the PS4 over the X1. The X1 is going to rely on "teh powah of da Kloud" to catch up, but too bad it won't do them any good considering the latency and networking problems.

"The good news is that the company sees Don Mattrick as some one who is making them look worse, and is working to muffle him."

Don Mattrick can only work with what the X1 gives him. It's not his fault, it's Microsoft's fault. He may have said "stick with a 360" but it's a prevailing attitude at Microsoft that he just put into words. Adam Orth anyone?

"As for military personnel playing consoles: the defense given is that PS3/PS4 won’t be allowed on DoD networks. So the whole issue of military members switching to the PlayStation while on deployment is a non-issue. Scroll down in the comments on that thread, and you’ll find military personnel who agree – but state that they can still play offline. Also, how would that inspired a switch to the Xbox One, since it needs to be online?"

*facepalm* Really MS, really? So rather than just allowing military personel the ability to play offline, you'll simply say that the PS4 won't be able to play online? Really? It looks like Don Mattrick isn't the only one making MS look bad.

"Nelson also talked about changing the messaging and marketing campaigns to support those whose friends would be jumping to PSN. He said they understood that and were going to be working to actively change the messaging and marketing campaigns. Hilariously, they don’t feel that pre-orders will determine the console war until both consoles are released."

So rather than fixing the problems, changing the policies, you'd rather just tell people in a more pleasing way that they are being screwed? You're right MS, the PS4 isn't your biggest threat. You are.

"He also pointed out that unlike the free games you get on PSN, the two free games per month on XBL are yours forever. Whereas if you cancel your PS Plus subscription, you would lose those games."

Considering that A)The games you get on Live are 7 or more years old and, currently, only going to be given out until November, and B)No one who wants multiplayer will unsub from PS+, your point is moot and completely ridiculous.

Honestly, just stop talking Microsoft. Seriously. For your fans sake, stop talking.

fr0sty1521d ago

aiBreeze thinks only the most ardent Sony fanboy could question the value of a machine that only lets you license the games you have to still pay full price for? Only lets you play games if you are able to connect to the net every day? Has inferior hardware to much lower priced systems?

Seems more like only the most ardent MS fanboy would be able to defend it's value.

pompombrum1521d ago

Come on fr0sty, the machine does a lot of good things. The ability to switch games on the fly, stream via twitch (I hear the ps4 can use twitch too but not 100% sure) and share games with friends is value. It's the controversial stuff which takes away from that value and makes me refuse to get one. There are a good few things about it where I'd love it if Sony could implement in the ps4.

MWong1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


You must be Major Nelson or M$ PR rep. That was a load of bull. As a long term XB consumer if you don't look at the value of the system something is seriously wrong with you. Those 3 reasons which honestly only 1 is a good value share digital games w/friends. I don't need to switch games on the fly. Not worth a $499 price tag.


Honestly liked what you said better than the article, keep up the good work!!!

pompombrum1521d ago

Me a M$ rep? Lmfao you sure are paranoid.. look through my comments history, I've been hating on the Xbone as much as the next person. I'm just saying it does have good points to it which makes it offer value. It's still a piece of restricted crap that I'm not going to buy but I can at least acknowledge it's good points.