The Elder Scrolls Online will not support cross-platform play

GameZone writes, "Although The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on consoles and PC, the highly anticipated MMORPG will not support cross-platform play."

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WorldGamer1738d ago

Interesting choice. I could see a game like CoD or BF4 not supporting this because of the differences between mouse+keyboard vs. gamepads, but this game seems to be all cooperative, would have been nice to see cross-platform play.

Maybe they have their reasons, oh well.

TruthbeTold1738d ago

Sucks. But it's not something we should expect anyway so yep, oh well.

guitarded771738d ago

This has been known for a while. As long as each community has enough players to support it, then it will be fine. At least it will keep the fanboy wars out of the game.

ScubbaSteve1738d ago

It's interesting because the first mmo on the xbox and PS2, Final Fantasy 11, did have this capability. So it's an instance where the industry has gone back in terms of progress.

Swiftcricket1738d ago

Yeah what ScubbaSteve said, this is kinda backwards. And add FFXIV to the cross-platform MMO list as well. PS3/4 will be playing with PC players. I expect Everquest Next to follow suit as well.

Software_Lover1738d ago

I'm really not interested in this game

Jarhead17761738d ago

The game looks like ass anyways.

wannabe gamer1738d ago

This is really a good thing in the long run

Jochy1738d ago

That is sad to hear. MMORPG is to play with friends and a big ass community, so if my friends have it on pc, xbone and ps4 I can't play with them bad move!!! At least of version will have a big community

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