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Submitted by MikeEaton 893d ago | opinion piece

Twinfinite Staff's Best Games of E3 2013

The Twinfinite staff gets together and discusses their favorite titles of E3 2013. (3DS, E3, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Sonyslave3  +   893d ago
SuperSmash bro nuff said n Titanfall look nice
3-4-5  +   892d ago
* Knack , Spark, Ryse, Fifa/PES, Super Smash Brothers, Mario 3D World, Battlefield 4, TitanFall, that random cel shaded looking open world game for XB1 looked good too and I expect Forza 5 to be good as well.
chadboban  +   893d ago
Wow, a nice variety of choices in there instead of just the usual suspects. Good job.
Realplaya  +   893d ago
I liked the choices this person had me scratching my head.

I don’t care for scary games, in fact, I refuse to play them. But The Evil Within scared me in the way that only a true horror game can.

What the hell

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