Twinfinite Staff's Best Games of E3 2013

The Twinfinite staff gets together and discusses their favorite titles of E3 2013.

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Sonyslave31798d ago

SuperSmash bro nuff said n Titanfall look nice

3-4-51797d ago

* Knack , Spark, Ryse, Fifa/PES, Super Smash Brothers, Mario 3D World, Battlefield 4, TitanFall, that random cel shaded looking open world game for XB1 looked good too and I expect Forza 5 to be good as well.

chadboban1797d ago

Wow, a nice variety of choices in there instead of just the usual suspects. Good job.

Realplaya1797d ago

I liked the choices this person had me scratching my head.

I don’t care for scary games, in fact, I refuse to play them. But The Evil Within scared me in the way that only a true horror game can.

What the hell