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FleshEatingZipper writes: With two new platforms come two realistic racers to elevate the artform and show what countless polygons and infinite textures can produce, but much like the platforms that sustain them, Forza Motorsport 5 and Drive Club do quite a bit to distinguish themselves beyond their obvious passion for cars. With my hands on both this past week for an entire lap, I decided to break down the comparison between the two from the small sample Sony and Microsoft decided to give me. With that, let’s investigate!

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windblowsagain1524d ago

Abit too early for Versus.

FORZA5 has been in the making for along time. Looks fantastic and smooth. I want to see a new damage system, instead of replaced textures. Shame it can't do day/night/weather.

DRIVECLUB although has been at concept level for along time, the team has built the engine from ground up. Showing an unfinished track with the game being only 35% complete.

Looking foward to seeing what the finished games look like.

Daz1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I have to agree that things should be never compared till they have been released.

But there both meant to come out on release right? Thats why i don't get the 35% there cutting it close :P

Also this artical a while ago saying x1 games are behind 6 months.

It don't make no seance.

We just have to wait and see

Gran Touring1524d ago

Hold on, Forza 5 doesn't do dynamic weather or time? But didn't forza horizon have this?

Elit3Nick1524d ago

Horizon had a day/night cycle, but not dynamic weather. Some people are still hope that night time or different times of day might be in Forza 5, since the guy said no "dynamic" time, but it might just be wishful thinking

AngelicIceDiamond1524d ago

Since its N4G Driver Club wins. It wins in everything you don't have to play it just wins.

right people.

1OddWorld1524d ago

You may have a point.

But I will disagree with you and take a bubble away.

Did you know your initials is A.I.D's

1OddWorld1524d ago

If we are comparing unfinished racing games then where is the King of all Kings


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wishingW3L1524d ago

Forza 5 looks better but the demo was running on better hardware than the XB1's will have.

Ezz20131524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

what this then ?!

EDIT: hmmmm, like always just disagrees with nothing to back it up
it seems like no xbox fan want to answer why the pic show xbox games running on Pc ?!

and what worse they are using Nvidia Geforce Video Card !?0_o

No_Limit1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

EZZ2013, that was the setup for a game called lococycle that ran on PC hardware. The rest of the games for XB1, mostly third party games were running on Xbox One dev kits and not high end PCs. MS first party games like Forza 5, KI3, and Ryse were already seen and confirmed to be running on actual XB1 hardware.

BTW, What is the problem with this Jonathan Blow guy, he keep spamming MS news with negativity and calling the Xbox One Xbone. What did MS ever did to him?

Here is the link to clarify the situation:
"The Xbox One games at E3 were running on Xbox One dev kits and not high end PCs. A particular developer showing off the game Lococycle did not finish porting their game to Xbox One so they ran their games on PCs at the event.
The lead for the developer below confirming they were the only ones at the event doing it and they were doing it on there own. There is another guy who was behind the scenes at E3 and said that the games were running on Xbox Ones and the crashes proved it. Another picture shows the game RYSE running on Xbox Ones on the floor and a video shows the UI run on a Xbox One showing off features on camera."

Ezz20131524d ago


well, at least you replay to clarify this

Freedomland1524d ago


XB1 dev kits are using Nvidia cards instead of AMD cards.
First they will develop the game with Nvidia then port to AMD, NICE!!


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fuzzyLogix1524d ago

Get your facts straight instead of regurgitating all the crap that gets spewed on N4G.

"And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."

The Sky's the limit - The Powerz of the Cloudz
There can be only One

Sephiroushin1524d ago

Seems you skipped maths...
4 > 1

Ok, ok that's fixed, you just learned something new ( at least new for you )!

illtownNJONE1524d ago

yea thats what I was actually fans never give credit when its due

Sonyslave31524d ago

first website that say drive club is better then forza 5

TFXR1524d ago

I think many would argue Forza over PGR too, but that doesn't mean Forza was the better game to play, just technically the better game.

WickedLester1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Coming from a die hard Playstation fan, Forza 5 looks completely bad ass!! Evolution had better get their crap together quick if they want to make Sony's launch date!

I still say Polyphony should have developed GT6 for the launch of the PS4.

IRetrouk1524d ago

What i dont get is that he says forza looks better yet he only got to play drive club, how does that work?, from gameplay vids they look very similar cant actually tell the diffrence, sad that im gonna miss forza as ive owned every single one but i own the games i buy micro not just the licence, change the second hand game polices or no buy.

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