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I Wouldn’t Go Pre-Ordering A PS4 Just Yet…

An opinion piece via eGamer.co.za in which the author attempts to educate readers on why pre-ordering is not a good idea, even if the PS4 sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. Note: The region of this article is South Africa, where a release date is as yet unconfirmed.

Quote: "Now of course, you can’t actually go and pre-order the PS4 locally because it does not have a release date yet, nor is it available for pre-order on any of the local websites. To my knowledge. However that won’t stop many who don’t care about the NTSC/PAL restrictions from going online and pre-ordering it on international sites based elsewhere. Amazon, for example. Sure, it’s your prerogative if you wish to invest your money in a console based on a single demonstration of its capabilities (Sony’s press conference at E3 2013) but I want to share a few things with the class that I’m hoping will at least elicit a bit of extra thought, so that should you opt to pre-order, it would be a properly educated decision, not a knee-jerk reaction to probably the greatest and worst two minutes of my life, even counting sex." (PS4)

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Excalibur  +   746d ago
Too late....
ZodTheRipper  +   746d ago
I've pre-ordered 3 :S
Destrania  +   746d ago
PS4 launch day edition pre-ordered baby! Can't wait!
despair  +   746d ago
same, got launch day, killzone and watchdog ones from amazon preordered.
IcyEyes  +   746d ago
Too many speculation in this article and speculation are most of the time ... garbage.
Divine  +   746d ago
. im very excited that my ps4 got pushed up to launch edition along with killzone , driveclub, and knack. ! 4>1

just to add im tired of seeing these articles that are all opinion. i want to see an article based on facts : the xb1 is an impressive console of course . . . i mean its next gen. but based on facts the ps4 and xbox have pretty much the same apps and stuff like he said in the article. but on top of that the ps4 is 50% more powerful than the xbox. ofcourse there are more facts to compare. but we all know that ps4 is the better console and that is just the unbiased truth xboxone/ps4 fanboy or not. 4>1 my fellow quality gamers.
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HumanAfterAll  +   746d ago
Why 3? I've seen a lot of people saying they ordered multiple.
ZodTheRipper  +   746d ago
^1 for me and the other 2 for my cousin and a friend who both happen to be in vacation now.
Paid for mine already and once they are back, they'll pay for theirs :)
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   746d ago
Me 2! Plus you can sell the extras for more. That's what I did when the PS3 released. Nobody was able to find any once they ran out and I sold my extra 2 for $1,000 each and they jumped right on it!
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Number-Nine  +   746d ago
gimmie one?
bviperz  +   746d ago
If you haven't pre-ordered one yet, get on it. They are running out like hot cakes. I've pre-ordered mines (for the guarantee) then will, of course, get a sale bundle come Turkey Time or Santa Time, depending on the actual release. Hopefully they'll have those available.
Boody-Bandit  +   745d ago
I preordered 3 as well. All paid in full and all will be put to use as soon as we get them. Can't wait.
The_Con-Sept  +   745d ago
Even my gamestop agrees. Too late m f ers.
CGI-Quality  +   746d ago
avengers1978  +   746d ago
Pre-ordered and paid in full, can't wait till the PS4 comes out
Akuma2K  +   746d ago
Same here, can't wait to play BF4.
Aceman18  +   746d ago
Preordered the week of E3 so I'm set.
fuzzyLogix  +   746d ago
I've ordered 4 Xbox Ones for my the gamez room in my house

The Sky's the limit.
There can be only ONE
nolander64  +   746d ago
Huh. I don't even want ONE Xbox One.
G20WLY  +   745d ago
Haha! While that IS funny, it's not cool to troll Microsoft or any other company :|
iMixMasTer  +   746d ago
To the people saying not to pre-order enjoying waiting till early next year to get the ps4. Ill happily have mine on launch.
kalkano  +   746d ago
I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. But, personally, I won't need one until next spring. The first game I'll actually want to buy, is MLB 14: The Show (March).
T2  +   745d ago
Pre order is good but ill still get one by xmas on shelf they will manufacture tons
marinelife9  +   746d ago
Cashed in my Best Buy Reward Zone points to cover about half of my pre-order.
Ashunderfire86  +   746d ago
I preordered on Amazon the minute Sony announced the price for PS4. All I had to do is page refresh. Done!
3-4-5  +   746d ago
Well it's South Africa
nosferatuzodd  +   746d ago
Wow Microsoft drones are running like ants when it's about to rain doing damage control.
Lol I can't believe I'm living to see this day
MizTv  +   746d ago
Well have fun waiting then....
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friedricr  +   746d ago
paid off both my pre-orders ......
AlexanderNevermind  +   746d ago
Pre-ordered and paid for thru best buy.
friedricr  +   746d ago
i like it!

Did mines through Gamestop and Amazon.
Gran Touring  +   746d ago
Well if anything goes ary, I can just CANCEL my preorder...
zeroskie  +   746d ago
hopefully nothing goes awry
ZBlacktt  +   746d ago
That was the RROD console.
WolfOfDarkness  +   746d ago
Order PS4 ASAP , it's region Free to play !
TheEvilWithin  +   746d ago
Pre ordered! Don't care what anyone says. Its my money!
teedogg80  +   746d ago
Damn right.
mitchell1188  +   746d ago
Amen to that and what I buy I OWN!!! Who wants to borrow my games??? :D
sAVAge_bEaST  +   746d ago
vote with our dollars?? they said.. we shall.....
amuadiv  +   746d ago
Tried pre ordering here in canada sold out everywhere lol
GamingManiac  +   746d ago
EB Games still had a few left yesterday, in Calgary ;)
amuadiv  +   745d ago
Was able to pre order at the source of all places lol
GamingManiac  +   744d ago
The Source? hahaha good for you, hate that store tho lol
Destrania  +   746d ago
Pre-order online :-)
ZBlacktt  +   746d ago
PS4 all the way. A real no brainier.
MasterCornholio  +   746d ago
Oops to late for me then

Fishy Fingers  +   746d ago
Article is BS, basically saying what if "six months from now MS..." Or what if "2 years from now MS...". What if's?

You have to take the plunge eventually and you buy based on what's on offer NOW, not 2 years down the road and people who want a day one next-gen system are doing just that, buying based on what's known NOW.
CGI-Quality  +   746d ago
Thank you. I felt the same way reading much of the article, which seemed like a hidden agenda hiding behind good grammar.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   746d ago
like all Microsoft, Reputation Management.
Ezz2013  +   746d ago
@fishy fingers

yeah, something was Fishy about this article
LeCreuset  +   746d ago
Exactly. It's a shill article. Going in, I thought the premise was why you should think twice about pre-ordering any console. Instead it was a whole bunch of "what ifs?" and negative implications against Sony that the writer didn't even have the stones to firmly stand by. Here's an example from the article:

"I’m not saying that the Japanese operate without honour, but I am saying that Sony has a lot of money to make up, both for the PS3 and PS4, and if they’re doing away with PSN Passes and offering all these great things for you, the gamer, without restricting to you at any point besides online multiplayer, how are they going to recuperate costs? And again on the flip side, if the PS Plus subscription price is really enough for Sony, then why is not enough for Microsoft as well? "

The purpose of this article wasn't to inform anyone. The nerve of him to even imply otherwise. It's all baseless speculation with the hopes of squashing Sony's momentum.
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RememberThe357  +   746d ago
Bubbles, I think you hit the nail on the head.

This was some strange release of suppressed fanboyism. Just an all around weird attempt at converting illogical thought into logical words. It didn't work out too well.
DARK WITNESS  +   746d ago
just taking that little snip of the article I have heard a few people come up with this argument.

they seem to think that somehow sony is going to be losing out on money if they don't do the whole drm thing and publishers wont support them.

it's total crap! whatever money would have lost by not supporting drm, i am more then sure they have made up for in the number of console sales they will get from people like me who are moving back over to the ps4. more ps4 sold means more software sales.

if even half the number of people that have been left on table by xbone's always online policy are picked up by sony they have more then made up the customer base to get 3rd party pubs supporting them.

it's at the point now that people will do and say anything to try and make the ps4 look like it has a down side to, but there is nothing to be said that will change anything. Ms's actions have already put ps4 in the strongest possible position it could have hoped to be in right now.
zeroskie  +   746d ago
Just wait till E3... Next year!
Lunarassassin  +   746d ago
I dont see why not to be honest. There's already a threat of there not being enough for the first week, if you dont order now you'll be waiting a while. Besides even if it does go wrong you can just cancel your order, unless you went somewhere shady like ebay.
famoussasjohn  +   746d ago
Only fools buy from eBay, usually for new consoles they can go upwards to $1000 like last gen if they're selling out.
LordMaim  +   746d ago
Clickbait again?
ltachiUchiha  +   746d ago
I have 2 pre ordered for me & my son.
WeAreLegion  +   746d ago
Bubbles for being an awesome dad!
ltachiUchiha  +   745d ago
Cheers mate, just want my son to also enjoy next gen with me & u cannot get a better deal then what sony offers us with no restrictions. Game on.
WeAreLegion  +   745d ago
Agreed. I can't wait to teach my kids about games. :) Game on!
generalthadeape  +   746d ago
It's too late for me, too-- already sold my two Xbox 360s on Craigslist last week & got a really nice 80GB PS3 that has a 320GB hard drive installed in it, instead.

I really is a nice machine-- I forgot how "substantial" the old PS3 "fatty" really was-- I just love the damn thing!

I', currently a PS+ member with way too many free games to keep me occupied until the PS4 comes out. My Xbox Live Gold membership will go dark sometime next month & my 60,000 (exact number) Xbox Live gamerscore will be forever retired.

The way I see it, Sony is the way to go next gen & Microsoft's Xbox One simply can not compete with the PS4's hardware, software, online services or gamer-friendly consumer polices.

To me, the decision to buy a PS4 over an Xbox One really is a no-brainer.

You were saying?
JeffGUNZ  +   746d ago
I respect whatever opinion you have and your choice, but I think you're doing a little overkill. If you have internet, the Xbox One will be a fantastic system. You can really sit there and tell me the games MS showed at E3 didn't impress you? No one expected that many solid games, and they were one after another. I'll just do what I did this generation and just buy both. Why miss out on some great experiences for some loyalty bullshit.
Lunarassassin  +   746d ago
People aren't saying the games didn't impress them. But what many (incududing myself) are saying is why should we be impressed by microsoft when most games that were shown are multi platform?
Edit: even Titanfall (which looks like microsofts best exclusive) is on PC from day one and may be on PS after a year
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generalthadeape  +   746d ago

It's not loyalty BS-- it's called sticking up for one's principals-- and having enough common sense to see where Microsoft's vision for the future of gaming really is/ (was) heading.

I'm not going to write a list for you, but surely you've heard of all the anti-gamer / anti-consumer / anti-privacy / "shove sh*t down your throat" policies that Microsoft is implementing with the Xbox One, haven't you?

If not, I say that you need to take a harder look at what your getting yourself into by buying an Xbox One.

I really don't care which system you buy-- that's a choice you'll have to make for yourself.

"Buyer Beware" is a phrase that commonly comes to mind when buying a used car-- now, due to Microsoft's policies with their new console-- that phrase will have a whole new meaning when it comes to agreeing to the terms and conditions when you log into your Xbox One for the first time.

And for the record, I really do think that Titan Fall looks like a really fun game to play.
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SeanScythe  +   746d ago
What if you live in area's that don't offer anything but Satellite ISP? My cousins have that and it's utter crap, drops all the time. They have no other choice beside Dial-up. What about down the road when MS decides to retire the XBone like the Xbox 1? I can still play all my old PS1-3 games without online. The XBone requires online to live.
ZBlacktt  +   746d ago
Post the release actual dates of those games shown.
AlexanderNevermind  +   746d ago
@ Scythe,

Valid point. I'm sure both platforms will be great, just remember with X1 you are basically renting the console peripherals whereas on the PS$ you will own the At the end none of their games are really theirs. I would just refer people to the Terms of Service that they will have to agree with with X1.
NiteX  +   746d ago
If you are a PC gamer you weren't impressed.
kalkano  +   746d ago
The games didn't impress me. If it wasn't for all of the BS policies that comes along with X1, I still wouldn't have a reason to buy it. If they removed those policies, however, I would be open-minded to the possibility, if they released some games of interest to me.
SKullDugger  +   745d ago
You could be right but MS's policy on used games and 24 hr check in is there way to control the gamers.
Hicken  +   745d ago
It's always such a one-dimensional approach with those who defend the XBOne, but those against it don't see it that way.

Yes, there were some great games on display. Many- if not most- of which will be available on PC, and quite a few that will likely make their way to PS4(like TitanFall). Which isn't really much incentive to get the console.

Nor is the required internet.

Nor is the mandatory Kinect.

Nor is the used game policy.

Ownership on the XBOne is a word, nothing more, as your ability to play any game you spend money on is completely at the whim of Microsoft. At any time, they could choose to brick your console, and there's not a damn thing you could do to stop them, because the way they'd do it- via the internet- is the only way your system can play games in the first place.

It's seriously not about brand loyalty, but virtually everything else.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   746d ago
Abandon Ship!!!! You are talking like my cousins, and real life friends,, that are all fed up with microsoft..

these are peeps that bought 3-4 360's cause of hardware malfunctions.. (they are also over that)
SALT  +   746d ago
XB1 share 10 friends games - that can compare to PS4. One will allow me to do online the other requires the physical exchange of discs - no brainer.

MS to spend $1bill on games - enjoy the ride. 3rd party wont spend big dollars taking use of PS4 extra RAM they will develop to XB1 5GB RAM for awhile yet.

XB1 to open up your gaming profile to other networks thru seemless recording by voice and sharing to youtube/FB and streaming to twitch.tv

Skype to open closed XBL platform to PC and mobiles

Keep your gamerscore/social networks with enjoyed interaction.

SUMMARY - Games tick eSports tick Wait for PS4 price drop tick
Cam977  +   746d ago
Tip: sell your XBOX account over at PlayerAuctions. I'm doing that with an old PSN account loaded with PS1 games I can't use on my Vita (due to one account only).
Drakesfortune  +   746d ago
err how about ill do what i want and what i want is to preorder the PS4 baby....
Mikelarry  +   746d ago
its YOUR opinion to not preorder its my opinion to research the system way out if it meets my needs, price. it did so i preordered
Roper316  +   746d ago
I would & did, so thanks for the opinion but I will stick with my own opinion.
strigoi814  +   746d ago
i want to preorder but i want to pick it up myself in store coz i dont trust the shipping guys around here..do bestbuy canada pack their stuff safely and secure and do they ship in advance?
Mikelarry  +   746d ago
lol my psvita got stolen by the postman the bastards no thanks to amazon. i paid 189 for my ps vita but amazon did not deem that enough to warrant a tracking number
lazyboyblue  +   746d ago
Yeah, u thought it was xmas when that sucker showed up without tracking ;-)
titans9999   746d ago | Off topic | show
TheEvilWithin  +   746d ago
I think I'm going to get a second one for my upstairs bedroom lol. To be able to play in bed plus me and my wife are going to start playing Final Fantasy 14 Reborn together. Plus this article seemed VERY Xbox fan boyish. Like it was SCREAMING for people to stop buying PS4 because they don't want to have to make the switch one day. One KEY thing he left out though was what about if Microsoft one day turns off its servers and the games you have on the system wont play any more WHAT THEN? Were just S O L? Sorry I'm a game collector and a Hardcore gamer. My games MEAN something to ME. There not just going to become a pile of garbage in like the next 15 to 20 years. What if I wanted to pass my game collection on to my son one day so he can play all the awesome games I got to play growing up. Sorry Microsoft there is NO FUTURE with or for you.
PositiveEmotions  +   746d ago
Dont feel like reading the article but ima pre order my ps4 next month
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Parasyte  +   746d ago
Yeah...already done it along with BF4, Killzone, and Destiny. I was planning on ordering the PS4 even before it was announced. MS just has nothing to offer me anymore.
stage88  +   746d ago
Far TOO late.

And I've already pre-ordered :D
slaythe  +   746d ago
Futureshop Canada put them back for pre order if you search where to order in CA.
SpinalRemains  +   746d ago
When you have to rely on 'if' over and over, there's a 99.9% chance you're wrong.

Lets look at what we're talking about. Buying a SONY console. Their 4th console in almost 20 years to be exact.

We DO know what we are getting w/ SONY. They have built their gaming division through great hardware and even better first party games. We do know, and this isn't about trust.

If anything, MS is more of a trust issue since there are absurd restrictions and recent memories of hardware failure.

SONY ps4 is the easiest decision since NES or SMS.
SonyPS4  +   746d ago
Nobody can take my PS4 from my cold, dead, bloody hands.
GamePeace  +   746d ago
Africa? Africa has more serious problems than argue about the neccessary of pre-ordering Ps4. I've pre-ordered mine today and I'm happy with it, you can lick my ass.
Rebo00  +   746d ago
"Now of course, you can’t actually go and pre-order the PS4 locally because it does not have a release date yet, nor is it available for pre-order on any of the local websites."

Game.co.uk is local to me?

"Sure, it’s your prerogative if you wish to invest your money in a console based on a single demonstration of its capabilities"

Ermmmmmm it was demonstrated at their Reveal Conference too...
WeAreLegion  +   746d ago
Pre-ordered one at GameStop for my brother, one on Amazon for me, and another on Amazon for a friend. I can't wait!
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