I Wouldn’t Go Pre-Ordering A PS4 Just Yet…

An opinion piece via in which the author attempts to educate readers on why pre-ordering is not a good idea, even if the PS4 sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. Note: The region of this article is South Africa, where a release date is as yet unconfirmed.

Quote: "Now of course, you can’t actually go and pre-order the PS4 locally because it does not have a release date yet, nor is it available for pre-order on any of the local websites. To my knowledge. However that won’t stop many who don’t care about the NTSC/PAL restrictions from going online and pre-ordering it on international sites based elsewhere. Amazon, for example. Sure, it’s your prerogative if you wish to invest your money in a console based on a single demonstration of its capabilities (Sony’s press conference at E3 2013) but I want to share a few things with the class that I’m hoping will at least elicit a bit of extra thought, so that should you opt to pre-order, it would be a properly educated decision, not a knee-jerk reaction to probably the greatest and worst two minutes of my life, even counting sex."

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Destrania1799d ago

PS4 launch day edition pre-ordered baby! Can't wait!

despair1799d ago

same, got launch day, killzone and watchdog ones from amazon preordered.

IcyEyes1799d ago

Too many speculation in this article and speculation are most of the time ... garbage.

Divine1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

. im very excited that my ps4 got pushed up to launch edition along with killzone , driveclub, and knack. ! 4>1

just to add im tired of seeing these articles that are all opinion. i want to see an article based on facts : the xb1 is an impressive console of course . . . i mean its next gen. but based on facts the ps4 and xbox have pretty much the same apps and stuff like he said in the article. but on top of that the ps4 is 50% more powerful than the xbox. ofcourse there are more facts to compare. but we all know that ps4 is the better console and that is just the unbiased truth xboxone/ps4 fanboy or not. 4>1 my fellow quality gamers.

1799d ago
ZodTheRipper1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

^1 for me and the other 2 for my cousin and a friend who both happen to be in vacation now.
Paid for mine already and once they are back, they'll pay for theirs :)

GuyThatPlaysGames1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Me 2! Plus you can sell the extras for more. That's what I did when the PS3 released. Nobody was able to find any once they ran out and I sold my extra 2 for $1,000 each and they jumped right on it!

bviperz1799d ago

If you haven't pre-ordered one yet, get on it. They are running out like hot cakes. I've pre-ordered mines (for the guarantee) then will, of course, get a sale bundle come Turkey Time or Santa Time, depending on the actual release. Hopefully they'll have those available.

Boody-Bandit1799d ago

I preordered 3 as well. All paid in full and all will be put to use as soon as we get them. Can't wait.

The_Con-Sept1798d ago

Even my gamestop agrees. Too late m f ers.

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avengers19781799d ago

Pre-ordered and paid in full, can't wait till the PS4 comes out

Akuma2K1799d ago

Same here, can't wait to play BF4.

Aceman181799d ago

Preordered the week of E3 so I'm set.

fuzzyLogix1799d ago

I've ordered 4 Xbox Ones for my the gamez room in my house

The Sky's the limit.
There can be only ONE

nolander641799d ago

Huh. I don't even want ONE Xbox One.

G20WLY1798d ago

Haha! While that IS funny, it's not cool to troll Microsoft or any other company :|

iMixMasTer1799d ago

To the people saying not to pre-order enjoying waiting till early next year to get the ps4. Ill happily have mine on launch.

kalkano1799d ago

I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. But, personally, I won't need one until next spring. The first game I'll actually want to buy, is MLB 14: The Show (March).

T21799d ago

Pre order is good but ill still get one by xmas on shelf they will manufacture tons

marinelife91799d ago

Cashed in my Best Buy Reward Zone points to cover about half of my pre-order.

Ashunderfire861799d ago

I preordered on Amazon the minute Sony announced the price for PS4. All I had to do is page refresh. Done!

3-4-51799d ago

Well it's South Africa

nosferatuzodd1799d ago

Wow Microsoft drones are running like ants when it's about to rain doing damage control.
Lol I can't believe I'm living to see this day

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MizTv1799d ago

Well have fun waiting then....

Yo Mama1799d ago ShowReplies(1)
friedricr1799d ago

paid off both my pre-orders ......

AlexanderNevermind1799d ago

Pre-ordered and paid for thru best buy.

friedricr1799d ago

i like it!

Did mines through Gamestop and Amazon.

Gran Touring1799d ago

Well if anything goes ary, I can just CANCEL my preorder...

zeroskie1799d ago

hopefully nothing goes awry

ZBlacktt1799d ago

That was the RROD console.