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Submitted by DPAD Dave 962d ago | news

Need For Speed dev: PS4 and Xbox One are 'going to be pretty much the same'

Need For Speed: Rivals' creative director Craig Sullivan believes that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will deliver "pretty much the same" visual experience, telling that it's difficult to determine whether one is more powerful than the other until "you're seeing the same game running on both systems". (Need For Speed: Rivals, PS4, Xbox One)

RuleNumber5  +   962d ago
"going to be pretty much the same"

Yeah except for their used games policies, being always online to play games and console verification. Yeah totally the same.
Smkt  +   962d ago
what they're actually saying is that the most of the shitty multiplats will be up to par with the lowest common denominator which is unfortunately the xbone. it's the exclusives where the PS4 will shine.
Mystogan  +   962d ago
and you're a developer.
I_am_Batman  +   962d ago
I'm pretty sure that multiplats will look better on PS4 from day one. That's pretty much a given considering the PS4 is more powerful and easier to develop for.
Ezz2013  +   962d ago
add to that
they will downgrade ps4 version to make it look the same as xbox version

thank you MS ...thank you

it will be up to sony 1st/2nd party dev's to show ps4 full power
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Dee_91  +   962d ago
You think so ?
Maybe these guys but I dont see why other devs wont develop on PS4/pc then port to xbone since it has the better gpu.
I mean all of the need for speeds look the same on both ps3 and xbox 360,so they are more than likely talking for them selves.
AdmiralSnake  +   962d ago
I'm pretty sure there won't be ANY downgrade, considering I believe the PS4 will be where the games will be built on first, the Xbox one after, MUCH like how it was for the Xbox 360/PS3 scenario.
Ju  +   962d ago
There is no first and second. There is an engine part and a game play part. And obviously the engine has platform specific code, the rest is equally the same. All those parts are developed in parallel.
Septic  +   962d ago
"Yeah except for their used games policies, being always online to play games and console verification. Yeah totally the same."

Or how about you actually read more than the title?

"To be honest, I think they're going to be pretty much the same," said Sullivan, when asked whether the differences between Xbox One and PS4's specs will lead to one offering more advanced visuals than the other.

However, he did say:

"We will push them as far as we possibly can, but until you're seeing the same game running on both systems, who's to say?"

So yeah. At least try to be objective instead of regurgitating the same old vitriol about used games policies etc.
RuleNumber5  +   962d ago
"We will push them as far as we possibly can."

Yup thanks for that generic, ambiguous, worthless comment. Just an empty promise with nothing but filler. Hell I could say that. They are not going to be the same. Have you followed anything the two companies have said? Especially after a few years pass, these things are going to be starkly different.

I don't buy that sentiment even for a second. It's a politically correct statement that means absolutely zero to me. Devs just predicting what they think will happen. Breaking news indeed.

Sony understands what consumers want and Microsoft, well:
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GraveLord  +   962d ago
It's actually bullshit. We have hard facts and we know that the PS4 is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One. Then again, these devs work for EA so they can't actaully say that considering the "partnership" with Microsoft.

Can't wait for the graphics comparisons on Digital Foundry.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   962d ago
I hate devs who play the politically correct role.
nirwanda  +   962d ago
They sign NDA's so they can't talk about specs and the way questions are worded by journalists they don't get any other option but to reply the way they do.
Undrey  +   962d ago
Didn't some other dev say the opposite?
Mystogan  +   962d ago
Watchdogs devs said they're on par. Need for speed devs say they're on par. Bungie said they're on par. Dice said they're on par. avalanche said they're on par.

That "other" dev is probably johnatan blow and yes he doesn't know what he's talking about. First he said the 300.000 servers were virtual. Confirmed to be dedicated by multiple devs and Microsoft themselves. Then he said that The witness needs 5GB of ram to run. He sucks at coding.
Then he supported the rumor that Xbox One games were all running on windows 7 PC's. Confirmed that it was just one game because it wasn't finished.
creatchee  +   962d ago
You forgot Kojima. Even he said they were on par.

The thing is, launch titles don't use most of a console's "power", or at least in terms of efficiency. Hell - Killzone allegedly only uses 3GB of RAM and it looks amazing. We won't see what true capabilities each have until much later in the lifecycle anyway.
Skips  +   962d ago
"Watchdogs devs said they're on par. Need for speed devs say they're on par. Bungie said they're on par. Dice said they're on par. Avalanche said they're on par."

Sources with ACTUAL quotes please???

And plus, I don't think devs would go out to try and bash Microsoft for creating the weaker system (As confirmed by Digital Foundry) considering THEIR games will be on it too. lol
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Undrey  +   962d ago
There, it maybe Jon Blow.
MWong  +   962d ago
I think this sort of ties into what Bungie said, about there being visual differences between platforms.
DxTrixterz  +   962d ago
Of course they will be same NOT. One is trying to screw you and the other treats you with respect.
cleft5  +   962d ago
Meaning that I get all the great elements of games on my PS4, without any of the stupid policies of the Xbox One. Thanks for making my PS4 purchase easier to commit too.
Destrania  +   962d ago
Yet another neutral and generic answer to maintain relations by not pissing anybody off. We all know the PS4 version will be superior IF development is led on that platform and/or if the developer wants to put in a little extra work. And, like stated above, no damning corporate policies, drm, mandatory installs, etc. will get in the way of the PS4 experience.
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GoldenMonkey34   962d ago | Spam
Mikeyy  +   962d ago
I was playing uncharted 3 last night and I have yet to see anything on 360 match this. I'm doubtful the Xbox one will match the ps4 when the specs clearly blow it out of the water.
Drakesfortune  +   962d ago
true story....
Foxgod  +   962d ago
Halo 4 does it, turn 10 did seriously a great job to make Halo look asskicking.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   962d ago
Turn 10 made halo? But yeah nothing on the 360 comes close to uncharted, God of war, killzone, last of us, or even beyond.
GoldenMonkey34   962d ago | Spam
creatchee  +   962d ago
I'd compare Gears 3 to Uncharted 3 graphically. They both look amazing and their art styles are well done. I'm not saying one is better than the other, and this has nothing to do with gameplay, but they are as impressive as each other in the visuals department.
Benchm4rk  +   961d ago
Halo 4 and Gears 3 not only matched it but exceeded it. You need your eyes checked
GiggMan  +   962d ago
If they are going to be the same I guess it makes sense to go with the one that's $100 cheaper :-)

On a side note I was torn between the Killzone bundle and Battlefield 4 bundle on Amazon. I ended up going with Watchdog bundle since I already have PS plus. (I know yay me...)
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Ju  +   962d ago
40% more for $100 less? I'd go with that. It will be different, but nobody want's to lean themselves out of the window before the games actually release. Looking forward to Digital Foundry ;)

At least I'm not worried, that the PS4 will get the short end of the stick. In the worst case it'll be the same.
Enigma_2099  +   962d ago
Excerpt from a Giant Bomb Q&A article by Alex Navarro...

"1) There's really no way of knowing at this point. Sony's DRM policy of "we aren't changing shit" does lead to a good deal more ambiguity than Microsoft's more rigid, but defined policies. Sony saying it won't put any used game restrictions on its own games certainly bodes well, but trying to predict how other publishers may react to the lack of system-side DRM is nigh-on impossible. I definitely heard some rumblings from around the show floor that a couple of publishers--who I shan't dare name--were mightily pissed about Sony's conference announcements."

Why do I bring this up? Because to me it looks like EA's saying "there's no difference between the two consoles, so just bu the XboxOne version. Again, this is just me speculating. I also think that Activision is another one that probably got mightily pissed at the announcement. Why?

... it's Activision.
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ltachiUchiha  +   962d ago
They can get mad all they want but if sony's ps4 sell better then the xbox one which will be an easy task then they have no choice but to deal with it, atleast sony shows balls saying hey were for the gamers & were not adding that crap if our fans dont want it so i could give a crap if their mad.
Godchild1020  +   962d ago
The two biggest franchises that Activision has sell millions across the world. One of those franchises already have a type of DRM on it; You can't sell back the Skylanders games or the toys.

And COD, you don't see used as quickly as you would other games. Call of Duty makes back any lost profit and then some from games that don't do well. And now that they have Destiny, I don't see why they would be worried about Used Game Sales.
Ju  +   962d ago
I am sure they are pissed. But that is a changing world and those big publishers try to secure their turf. Sure thing they might be pissed at Sony - not only because of the used game policy but also because they will face so much more competition from indie devs. Which is a good thing and puts the consumer first. I applaud Sony for not being that fat ass corporate entity.

And yet, all those pubs will go where the money is. If people will buy games in the Million they will shut up pretty fast. What it comes down is corporate greed. Get over it.
ltachiUchiha  +   962d ago
Microsofts policies make 3rd party games to be similar or they wont have it no matter how much better the ps4 is.
loulou  +   962d ago
in content yes.
jmac53  +   962d ago
No, we know one is more powerful because of these things called facts. What the dev is saying is that they program to the lowest common denominator.
GoldenMonkey34   962d ago | Spam
urwifeminder  +   962d ago
Just buy multiplats for pc then you cant loose that's what I plan on doing.
Roper316  +   962d ago
of course MP games will be pretty much the same as far as graphics & game play but it's the 1st party games that will separate the 2 consoles like this gen & the PS3 1st party games dancing circles around the 3rd party / MS 1st party games.

So really nothing new here they will dumb down versions of games on platforms so their all basically the same across the board.

I more interested in seeing MS's 1st party go head-2-head with the PS 1st party on the new consoles.
Sadist3  +   962d ago
Of course you guys know more than the developers. Which is funny since none of you develope games. That's like you saying how old you are, and me commenting that you're lying and you don't know your own age. Are you people really serious about these comments or are you trying to sound foolish?
Sadist3  +   962d ago
And what facts do you have? What the specs are known to be on paper? This is electronics people, everyone with a brain know a that specs on paper don't mean crap, it's how the machine performs when you see it in person. If you didn't know that do your research on spec comparison on machines, and how little the difference is if any in real life.
Benchm4rk  +   961d ago
Exactly. Look at specs between PS3 and 360 and look at the difference between games. Barely anything noticeable
TheMrMalro  +   962d ago
Trash developer. Fed up of the NFS series bullshit.
GamePeace  +   962d ago
Pretty much the same, but not exactly the same, that's why I've pre-ordered a Ps4 today. Guess what? I#m happy with my choice, maybe happier than some PC Players and People, who pre-ordered a Xbox One...
tudors  +   962d ago
I have two PS3's, a Xbox-360, and a Nintendo 3DS, but I have to say PS fans seem to be the ones always moaning, such a negative lot it seems, what exactly are you moaning about? apparently you got all the things you could have asked for from Sony's E3 press conference yet so far all you have done is moan about Xbox-one, why? if your not buying it stop moaning.
ltachiUchiha  +   962d ago
Well maybe because were speaking out & trying to inform ppl that buying an xbox one hurts the gaming industries future & all of us. Yes I dont get crap for spreading the word but its because i care for the gaming industry as a whole. Why not speak out if were right? Because alot of microsoft loyal fans are acting like what microsoft is doing is ok. Remember when they brought up the rumours of always online, xbox one inferior then ps4, everyone was like ill wait for microsoft to debunk the rumours, there is no way they would do this to their fanbase. Well guess what? It all came true & they added even more worser news for its fans & still they are lined up praising the company that basically said, "Fu** You Will Buy Our Product No Matter What Now Deal With It." Confirmed they are definitely doing just that.
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Dark_Overlord  +   962d ago
I wonder if MS have that equal parity across console versions crap again this generation?
mochachino  +   962d ago
So lowest common denominator again. Although I do wonder if the differences will be more apparent later in the gen when devs utilize more RAM.
ILLINOIS  +   962d ago
So once again companies will take microsoft money to not make their game better on the better console. I will not be playing their games. Once again PS4 exclusive games will show the world who has the better system. Leanne is a fool.

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