Xbox One - A Future Proof Console

Shanklish writes "Playstation 4 will win now and it will win good. I expect a crazy shift of balance in Sony's favor. They will reap the benefits of the status quo. But I think, after a while as the inevitable shift to digital comes, Microsoft will catch up.

While I don't agree at all with their policies and as probably their biggest victim, I cannot deny that it will eventually become relevant."

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RamsesNum11801d ago

Well, until then..


NewZealander1801d ago

whats with all this greatness awaits BS?

CGI-Quality1801d ago

Apparently, you've not been keeping up with the PlayStation lately. It's cool, nobody's perfect. ;)

OT: We'll see where things go from 2013 and beyond, but from where I'm sitting, the PS4 also seems "future-ready".

Donnieboi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Ps4 is future proof too, via the same cloud computation technique. MS got their own card pulled by Sony's Yoshida when they tried to pretend that only they could it. Gaikai is the LEADER in cloud gaming technology.

Xbox one has ZERO advantages. Somebody please name just one. Bet u can't. Even that lie about the 300,000 dedicated servers is very misleading (or at least it's ability to do what ms claims is):

Saints941801d ago

Bu.... but.... teh 5 bilin transisytrs.

fuzzyLogix1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Hahahaha, so because Yoshida says it it must be true, PR spin. Those 300,000 servers are using Azure which in itself is worth $1 Billion in revenue to Microsoft and makes Gaikai look laughable in comparison. If it's good enough for members of the Fortune 500 then it's good enough for me.

Azure uses data centers grouped inside shipping containers which each contain 1800-2500 servers. Do you know how many installations of Azure Microsoft made just in Ireland in 2010? 6000, that's a minimum of 10,800,000 servers right there.

Can they dedicate 300,000 of these to the Xbox One while increasing capacity? Is the Pope Catholic?

But because Yoshida siad they can do it......

The Sky's the limit - The Powerz of the Cloudz
There can be only One

Godmars2901801d ago

If it is indeed future-proofed, then its ironic that the general sense is that its been release too early. That its not past or present proofed. And really, MS's history of future proofing their products is just utterly horrid.

With the first Xbox they lacked the foresight to buy all of its parts so its production costs never went down, they couldn't make a slim, and they needed a mod kit to allow its DVD drive movie playback. Something which Sony saw well coming and allowed the format to become the general market standard.

With the Xbox 360 there was the failure of not adopting an HD disc format, both of which they denounced while first really going on and on about digital downloading. Then later, in lame attempt to appeal to the entertainment market they'd willfully ignored, offered the HD-DVD add-on which practically bombed day-one of release. Still later as demands of making games required more memory, they made several modifications via updates to both increase DVD memory size, and allow for HDD installs which screwed non and low-sized HDD 360 owners.

MS as a software company has only example upon example of putting out - often buggy - product which over time is patched and updated. That's their idea of "future-proofing". And with XBO's main strengths being the cloud and XBL, DRM being its very core, its yet another example.

nypifisel1801d ago

The Xbox One is a future proof...turd

Mikelarry1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

ok this articles are becoming ridiculous now. is sony not offering digital downloads or did i dream that up. this article seems to suggest that sony will just watch the competition capture the market with digital and will do nothing.

RamsesNum11801d ago

No, Sony will capitalize on the digital drive,its just not as focused on it as Microsoft is.

B1663r1801d ago

No Sony will not have down one downloads of full games. They don't have internet game sharing. They don't let you use your game on two consoles at once. They don't have picture in picture multi-tasking. You can't play a game and watch a Netflix tv show at the same time. You can't video chat while you game either. There is no live TV, and no voice controls.

Really the only thing that the PS4 has that the X1 doesn't is the PS4 requires you to change disks to play your games.

KingWookiee1801d ago

The PS4 will have Day One Digital just like the PS3, who the hell wants to watch Netflix and play a game? Who said there will be no video chat for the PS4? I can switch inputs if I wanted to watch TV, and the EyeToy could easily do voice control. Plus I can download any game to my PS4's HDD and swap through there. The only thing the Xbox One does that the PS4 doesn't is suck. 4>1

B1663r1801d ago


You can't be stuck in a game, then bring up an internet browser right there in game to get a hint.

The PS4 definitely will not do that either...

The PS4 it only does the stuff that it used to do.


iceman061801d ago

@B1663r I guess you haven't seen the unreleased video on youtube. Guy is playing Knack and has an issue. A girl has already beat the boss that he is struggling with. He quickly pops out of his game and watches a video that she posted of how she beat the boss, then quickly pops back in the game and beats the boss himself. Then, a friend tells him to get Killzone. So, he quickly purchases Killzone and decides to download the multiplayer portion while playing Knack. The girl sees the guy playing and asks if its fun. He says yes. She is actually not on the PS4, but her smartphone and downloads Killzone for when she gets home. Here's the vid if you doubt it.

B1663r1801d ago

Yes, I saw that video.

And your proposition is that leaving the game going to a different app is superior to simply watching the app and not leaving the game?


nypifisel1800d ago


PS4 do support day one digital from its whole library. Video chat is also in place, even while playing games and streaming - Also streaming the camera and audio from the Eye and headset. Multitasking is not hard to do, the PS4 will excel in that - I'm sure the Xbox will too. The only thing Xbox One has on the Ps4 is live tv... Which hardly anyone progressive watches today. It's so ironic that MS calls the X1 a console of the future yet they failed to see that live TV is being replaced by streaming services.. Which is a main point of PS4.

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RamsesNum11801d ago

So, basically he's saying that Sony will dominate on release. It probably will.

Seeing how the Xbox One is somewhat relevant to the "casual" user, be it movies, music, tv or games. They will catch up.
Just wait for the mainstream culture to catch on..

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