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Submitted by Valay 967d ago | news

Kingdom Hearts III all but ruled out for Wii U

Square Enix made a surprise announcement during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference last week. Kingdom Hearts III, a title fans of the series have been dying to see for many years, was finally revealed. It was later confirmed that an Xbox One version is in the works as well. (Kingdom Hearts 3, Wii U)

MonkeyNinja  +   967d ago
"When asked about the title possibly coming to Wii U, Nomura explained that the team is developing it using DirectX 11."

I thought PS4 used OpenGL. I keep seeing articles where devs say they're developing games with DX11. Is this just another Microsoft buzzword?

Besides, that's not a good excuse anyway. Look at 360(DX) and PS3(OpenGL). Or PS2 and original Xbox. Devs didn't have trouble porting those games. Why can't they just be honest and say that the WiiU is too weak or the user-base isn't high enough to warrant development. I hate it when devs are dishonest.
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wishingW3L  +   967d ago
very good question. What I think is that PS4's APIs have an equivalent or something to the library provided by DX11. But even then, it makes no sense... They could simply downscale it and that is it.

At the end they probably want to make it a next-gen game and the Wii U hardware will not be able to handle it from a raw power perspective.
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thecurseddevil  +   967d ago
ps4's api is based on Opengl.
belive me opengl and directx are very,very different.
the library just cant be similar to the direct x's libraries.
i doubt nomura is the programmer of this game.or a programmer at all.he might be a designer or something.
Triforce079  +   967d ago
Unity 4 pro confirmed dx11 for wiiu ages ago,so did an AMD rep when he said wiiu has a custom E6760 and games shown like MK8 and X,Beyonetta2 are all on dx11 quality easy get a grip KH3 is possible on wiiu in full glory.
NYC_Gamer  +   967d ago
Wii U must be using a real old gpu since it doesn't support Dx11
LOL_WUT  +   967d ago
Didn't they develop some KH games for the DS or whatever? For them to not show support for the Wii U really says a lot. ;)

And also I could have sworn there was a person claiming the Wii U would support Dx11 prior to the Wii U's launch... ;)
stragomccloud  +   967d ago
Technically neither Wii U nor PS4 support directx 11. Directx is a microsoft thing. In fact that is why the Xbox is called the Xbox. Because it was Microsoft's Directxbox. The main features of directx 11 are supported by both PS4 and Wii U; however, they would be using open gl or open cl instead.
CandyFace  +   967d ago
Or just use a different API library. OpenGL is just as good or better than DirectX 11 + it's open source. I could understand the reason why you would choose OpenGL vs Directx.
Dj7FairyTail  +   967d ago
No it's GPU is a lead ahead of PS3 and 360
Triforce079  +   967d ago
Shinen said the other day WiiU gpu is many generation ahead of ps3 they should know as they are using tessellation in their next wiiu game ???? Fact.
Number-Nine  +   967d ago
poor nintendo
PerryCaravello  +   967d ago
josephayal  +   967d ago
att: Joseph Smith
Dear Square Enix, Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 to Wii U ASAP
Wolfbiker  +   967d ago
really I guess i understand why, but its still bullshit.

just like Tales of Symphonia HD collection not coming to Wii U is BS.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   967d ago
they went over that most Tales fans are on PS3.
stragomccloud  +   967d ago
Obviously most Tales fans would be on the system with the most Tales games.
trickman888  +   967d ago
sadly, wii u cant handle KH3 or FF15. If only Nintendo made the Wii U a power house like the Xbox One and PS4, but they are still behind the times.
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thezeldadoth  +   967d ago
consoles in general are behind the times

at least games feel different for once on Wii U thanks to the forward thinking tablet controller
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bobacdigital  +   967d ago
You are telling me that the Wii U can handle X but it cant handle kingdom hearts?? Give me a break .. They have a version of the game on the 3DS with upgraded graphics... The Wii U GPU has all the specs necessary to run DX11 content as the previous post stated.

Plain and simple third parties are scared of doing anything on the Wii U until the sales start improving ..
clouds5  +   967d ago
They must be really confident about xbone and ps4 which haven't sold even one single unit...
Maybe there is money involved but to me it just makes no sense. Logically the wiiu should be supported because it has about 4m more consoles sold than the other 2.
_QQ_  +   967d ago
Xboxone and PS4 aren't "powerhouse" systems lol.....
Dj7FairyTail  +   967d ago
It can. Kingdom Heart 3 looks nothign graphically impressive

Look at Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and X(Monolith Soft)
These game prove Wii U is very powerful and they are coming 2014 meaning they are almost half way complete yet.
PopRocks359  +   967d ago
Yeah, Microsoft is restricting you from freely sharing games with your friends using DRM and looking at you with an always-on camera/microphone and online connection.

They're not going backwards at all, but somehow Nintendo's behind the times because of unconfirmed console specs. Okay, we'll just go with that. /s
BosSSyndrome  +   967d ago
I'm glad you have so many bubbles...
Chrono  +   967d ago
That would force them to reduce the quality of the game as the Wii U is much weaker.
Pittoo  +   967d ago
I think Wii U will get a spin off KH game sometime.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   967d ago
Unless they made KH3D a wiiU title I doubt it. All thats left is KH1.5, KH2.5 and KH3 theres no room for any more titles.
Pittoo  +   967d ago
Yeah but knowing SE they will probably find some 5 minute gap in there to base a new game on.
exfatal  +   967d ago
It was said in an interview(cant remember where sry feel free to correct me though) that kingdom hearts 3 is the end of a saga. they'll probably still continue kh but new cast of main characters
MegaLagann  +   967d ago
Knowing Square, they'll find a way to add in at least one more spin off title before III comes out. And if anyone had played Dream Drop Distance you'll know what i'm referring to. That being said I would expect it to be on the Vita.
_QQ_  +   967d ago
KH3 is only the end of the Xehanort saga. There will be more games.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   967d ago
I'm compltely aware KH will have more titles I mean there's no more room in the xehanort saga for more games.

Maybe wiiU will have its own KH after KH3 but that's years away.
GreenRanger  +   967d ago
Was not expecting this. /s
exfatal  +   967d ago
Im sad its not coming out for the Wii U probably think they'll get a spin off (which i think are pretty fun games on their own. Nintendo gets all the spin offs anyways), but FF15 and this are giving me some nice incentive to pick up a ps4. now all i need is a release date :)
stragomccloud  +   967d ago
It's just corporate excuses. It's sad that people who actually have power in these companies are themselves fanboys or haters. Wii U could more than handle both FFXV and KHIII. After all, KHIII is very stylized and isn't too technically impressive looking, and the brunt of XV's development was on PS3 which the Wii U is more than capable of trumping. They just need to admit they aren't releasing it on Wii U because they believe it won't sell.
MontyQ  +   967d ago
I got a wii U for the Nintendo exclusive but still you can tell its like the power of a 6 year old pc or worse. I could build a pc for $150 that would blow it away in specs lol. Thing is Nintendo make great first party games like always.,.....3rd party not since snes days
bobacdigital  +   967d ago
LOL .. I am a PC Gamer and I dont know ANY PC that would BLOW away the Wii U for just 150$..... You would have spend a bit more than that lol...

You do realize it is running PORTS of games from the 360 / ps3 generation that took them multiple years to make out the gate with limited problems?
MegaLagann  +   967d ago
I'm pretty surprised that a system like the Xbone, whose never had a Kingdom Hearts game on the Xbox or 360, is now getting the third game in a trilogy with tons on spin offs that tie into the main story, hell it would make sense to put the HD remakes on the 360 to introduce Xbox fans to the series but they aren't doing that. While Nintendo has had an equal amount of Kingdom Hearts games released on their systems and aren't getting III. I know they said III couldn't run on the Wii U, but I think the deciding factor is the fact that it's not selling well and Square is scared to put III on it and not get their money back. If the Wii U was flying off store shelves like the Wii did then KH III would be coming to the Wii U, they would find a way. But as it stands it the age old catch 22, publishers and developers don't want to put their game on a system because it isn't selling, consumers don't want to buy said system because no games are coming out for it and therefore isn't selling.
Marugo  +   967d ago
its alright..for sure a confusing spin off, sequel, prequel, or whatever will be released for nintendo by the following years
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thecurseddevil  +   967d ago
common KH3 doesnt look so graphically advanced that it cant be on wii u.
the only reason they are not releasing a wii u version is because of wii u's sales.they just wont admit it.

its a vicious cycle-if the wii u wont have a large install base,devs wont make a wiiu game.if their are no wii u games people wont purchase the wii u.
stragomccloud  +   967d ago
Vita has the same problem. In the end publishers gotta' take the jump, because ultimately, software shifts hardware.
NoxiousTV  +   967d ago
i was expecting this i guess its because the wii u jumped the gun in this generation you can't blame them :/
thomasmiller  +   967d ago
who cares? Monolith's X will blow kingdom heart's 3 out of the water, and X is only for wii u! I am not going to cry over it!!
BATRA  +   967d ago
x looks good to buy 2 x games 1 for me and 1 for a friend
akaihana86plus  +   967d ago
I have to say, i'm not even worried at all, since i'm planning to buy a PS4, it's always good to be a multiplatform gamer instead of being stuck with one system ;-)
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ThaBlackBaron  +   967d ago
This deosn't make sense as PS4 and Wii U uses OpenGL not DX11 LOL wo what an asinine excuse...well thats their lost
fatstarr  +   967d ago
Always some "reason" why it cant be on a Nintendo Platform

nothing new to see here its been going on since 1996.
BosSSyndrome  +   967d ago
Gee let's think, 4 KH games for playstation, 4 games for Nintendo...
Alright we got Kingdom Hearts 3, Playstation and who else? S**tbox One? Sure why not, I'm sure they'll have a MUCH bigger install base...
Having to connect to the internet to play our game and all...
AKR  +   967d ago
When you have games like 'X' on Wii U - I'm sure SQEnix could try an Open-GL based port. I guess the REALLY, REAL reason is that they don't want to go through all that trouble for a console that isn't shifting a lot of units, which is understandable. But I highly doubt it's only for technical purposes why they opt-ed out of a Wii U version.
millzy102  +   967d ago
watch when the wii u sells a ton over the holiday season, I bet a lot if these games will magically run on the system and it will sell for 2 reasons

1) same strategy as 3ds rivival, Mario 3d, Mario kart, zelda remake and prob a price drop plus loads more first party games aswell.

2) Nintendo won't have the same issues that sony and Microsoft will have which is inventory, when all the launch allocations are sold the only new console availible is the wii u and people with money want to buy new things.
bobacdigital  +   966d ago
The reality of the situation is the Wii U can handle a lot of stuff that hasnt been shown yet.. The console was just launched so we haven't seen the most it can do honestly..

What we have seen is improved graphics on Nintendo franchises and the ability to run prior gen ported games with limited modifications at higher resolution and texture quality..

From a technological perspective the Wii U is capable of running the main features of DX11.. the biggest thing touted by dx11 is tessellation.. The Wii U is capable of Supporting Tessellation, Compute Shading, and other DX11 features...

This isnt about what the Wii U can do.... it is more along the lines of what it has DONE.. which isnt enough so far.. The Wii U NEEDS to pump units out for other studios to consider making games for it.
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o-Sunny-o  +   966d ago
Nintendo Wii U deserves their own version of the game not XBone. I hate Square lately. They turned 2 exclusives into XBone games. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were on what? PS2!! Portable games were on DS, 3DS, and PSP. None on XBox. Just like Metal Gear...devs have no respect but money from Microsacks pocket!

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