Kingdom Hearts III all but ruled out for Wii U

Square Enix made a surprise announcement during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference last week. Kingdom Hearts III, a title fans of the series have been dying to see for many years, was finally revealed. It was later confirmed that an Xbox One version is in the works as well.

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MonkeyNinja1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

"When asked about the title possibly coming to Wii U, Nomura explained that the team is developing it using DirectX 11."

I thought PS4 used OpenGL. I keep seeing articles where devs say they're developing games with DX11. Is this just another Microsoft buzzword?

Besides, that's not a good excuse anyway. Look at 360(DX) and PS3(OpenGL). Or PS2 and original Xbox. Devs didn't have trouble porting those games. Why can't they just be honest and say that the WiiU is too weak or the user-base isn't high enough to warrant development. I hate it when devs are dishonest.

wishingW3L1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

very good question. What I think is that PS4's APIs have an equivalent or something to the library provided by DX11. But even then, it makes no sense... They could simply downscale it and that is it.

At the end they probably want to make it a next-gen game and the Wii U hardware will not be able to handle it from a raw power perspective.

thecurseddevil1772d ago

ps4's api is based on Opengl.
belive me opengl and directx are very,very different.
the library just cant be similar to the direct x's libraries.
i doubt nomura is the programmer of this game.or a programmer at all.he might be a designer or something.

Triforce0791771d ago

Unity 4 pro confirmed dx11 for wiiu ages ago,so did an AMD rep when he said wiiu has a custom E6760 and games shown like MK8 and X,Beyonetta2 are all on dx11 quality easy get a grip KH3 is possible on wiiu in full glory.

NYC_Gamer1772d ago

Wii U must be using a real old gpu since it doesn't support Dx11

LOL_WUT1772d ago

Didn't they develop some KH games for the DS or whatever? For them to not show support for the Wii U really says a lot. ;)

And also I could have sworn there was a person claiming the Wii U would support Dx11 prior to the Wii U's launch... ;)

stragomccloud1772d ago

Technically neither Wii U nor PS4 support directx 11. Directx is a microsoft thing. In fact that is why the Xbox is called the Xbox. Because it was Microsoft's Directxbox. The main features of directx 11 are supported by both PS4 and Wii U; however, they would be using open gl or open cl instead.

CandyFace1772d ago

Or just use a different API library. OpenGL is just as good or better than DirectX 11 + it's open source. I could understand the reason why you would choose OpenGL vs Directx.

Dj7FairyTail1772d ago

No it's GPU is a lead ahead of PS3 and 360

Triforce0791771d ago

Shinen said the other day WiiU gpu is many generation ahead of ps3 they should know as they are using tessellation in their next wiiu game ???? Fact.

josephayal1772d ago

Dear Square Enix, Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 to Wii U ASAP

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The story is too old to be commented.