50 Cent's New Video Game Influenced By His Son, Tony Yayo -- And Leo DiCaprio

Citing influences that include his son and a Leonardo DiCaprio movie, 50 Cent sat down with MTV News at his house on Wednesday to talk about his newly announced second video game, Blood on the Sand.

The rap icon did his interview in style, sitting at a broad wooden desk in front of a small framed picture of himself with Bill Gates and across from Mike Tyson's old bookshelf. He said he was excited about his new game, which he thinks makes him look like a "superhero."

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Asurastrike3713d ago

The title is misleading. I thought it meant Tony Yayo was his son lol

Honeal2g3713d ago

not doing stupid things like some other rappers..Seriously does anyone know what this Fool T.I.P did ? who has millions of dollars and buys enough automatic guns to run a small army...... 50 may not have the talent of some other people but has a Smart business mentality.

MADGameR3713d ago

I guarentee you this next 50 Cent game will suck. All you're going to see is ''shoot'' ''shoot'' ''shoot'', punch, kick, and the whole game basically playing his music. I tell you this, it is NOT for gamers, its only for hardcore 50 Cent fans.

Ortiz833713d ago

Yeah he does man. He knows how to make money...