Nintendo to share unannounced project soon

Nintendo Insider writes:

During an interview with El País, it has been revealed that Nintendo may have another unannounced game up their sleeve.

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Spookshow1829d ago

Cool, keep 'em comin' Ninty!

Starbucks_Fan1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

new Star Fox plz!

NihonjinChick1829d ago

Forget Star Fox. Metroid is what I want.

Hadoukameha1829d ago

Either is sweet; preferably a cross-over.

Or just Earthbound.

MontyQ1829d ago

Mario party U called it as they never use new ip so its 99.99% Mario party U

TripC501829d ago

already announced Wii U party. Why release two party games within the same year?

AWBrawler1829d ago

Never use new ips? Is that why wii fit trainer is in smash? Is that why X is coming next year? Is that why Wii had The Last Story?

Kevlar0091829d ago

It's moreso Miyamoto never does new IP's, every time he thinks of something brilliant he adds it to an existing IP

As the crazy genius he is, people expect him to make more new IP's, to branch out of his comfort zone

GenHero1829d ago

what does Wii fit trainer being in smash have to do with nintendo making new IPs...

leemass241829d ago

because wii fit was a new ip and im sure reggie said in the e3 interview wii fit was the best selling new ip nintendo have made.

kirbyu1829d ago

Wasn't The Last Story 3rd party?

Hadoukameha1829d ago

WFT in SSB just means they were retarded to add her.

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mydyingparadiselost1829d ago

Good, I'm hoping the N has even more in store for us throughout the year.

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The story is too old to be commented.