Why Video Game Cutscenes Should Be Eliminated

Don Reisinger writes:

I don't know about you, but after playing through countless hours of video games saving the world in more worlds than I can count, I've grown tired of the same old thing. I can live with sword fights and looting, but more than anything else, I'm sick and tired of cutscenes that break up the action.

Can anyone give me one good reason for why cutscenes are really that necessary? Sure, they help move the story along and I can appreciate that, but I don't need fancy renderings of my pixelated heroes talking to each other when all I really want to do is slay some more beasts.

As far as I can tell, this idea of cutscenes, which was made brutally unbearable by Hideo Kojima in the Metal Gear series is nothing more than an attempt by game developers to display their graphical prowess and make a video game feel more like a movie.

I don't want a movie. I want a video game.

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Maddens Raiders3647d ago

-- "As far as I can tell, this idea of cutscenes, which was made brutally unbearable by Hideo Kojima in the Metal Gear series is nothing more than an attempt by game developers to display their graphical prowess and make a video game feel more like a movie.

I don't want a movie. I want a video game..." --

Opinion based bullshyt. I repeat opinion based bullshyt. How do you go from "I think cutscenes help to move the game along.." to, "I don't want a movie. I want a video game????"

This guy is a complete whiny douche that needs to think about what he's saying.

So cutscenes that use FMV suck. Cutscenes that use per/frame animation suck. And now seamless in game cutscenes are totally unacceptable? If you want to act like a complete fanboy and bash the MG series because you're jealous is one thing, but to come out blasting the game, inciting things like "I think Hideo is just trying to show off his programming prowess," is just plain jack-assish. STFU a**hole and go play Gears of War again.

sonarus3647d ago

he is just ranting every once in a while some guy feels their opinion really matters and they go on a rant.
As for me i love cut scenes as long as they are entertaining. When they get boring or i am generally not interested i push start and skip it. that simple

Genesis53647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Yeah! I don't want to eliminate the cut scenes. I like the cut scenes.

cellypower3647d ago

I think if this game was coming to the 360 he would not complain as much.

Violater3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Guys Just point and laugh and move on
It is just preemptive damage control.
They know MGS4 will be a major hit and console seller so MS/Cnet and the many more will try their hardest to sway who they can.
Look at his solution don't play Metal Gear go play Bioshock.

The Killer3647d ago

because they will never get MGS4 or the past ones!!
also they get sh!ty Cutscenes in their halo and gears of war so they think its the same thing with sony games Cutscenes (especially MGS series)

Harry1903647d ago

just said was open zone material.
nonetheless,the article is quite 'bidon'
cutscenes are here to's not one small blogger
who is going to impose his views on everyone.after all,
he's got to write something to fill the cheques at the end of the month.

CrazyMystical3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

i personally like cutscenes & i think that they should stay

he "kind of" of have a point, using one type of media in another form of entertainment media is 0k as long as the primary media is the main focus & is not overshadow by the secondary media

in short terms:
games should revoke all emotions & immersion on its own without depending on a CGI cutscene to do so, cutscenes can aid it but not take all the glory.

fenderputty3647d ago

picture Drakes Fortune and Heavenly Sword without the cut scenes. Neither of those games would have been the same without them.

I, like many of you, enjoy cut scenes and feel as though they add to the game by developing a story line. I fell in love with cut scenes when I played Final Fantasy. I love MGS cut scenes as well too.

They can be a pain sometime but, if they ever become a bother, you can usually push the start button and progress on.

BrianC62343647d ago

I don't think cutscenes should be eliminated but we should be able to push a button and stop them. I hate when you're forced to sit through the whole thing. That just isn't right. What if you're replaying part of the game and already saw it?

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SeanScythe3647d ago

This guy needs to STFU, he knows not of what he speaks.

Jack Bauer3647d ago

no cutscenes would ruin games... they would just be mindless action with no purpose...a few games do good without em like halflife, but at least for me i never get quite involved in the story without em...although there is a limit... MGS overdoes them a bit.

Breakfast3647d ago

I kinda think some games should have them, and some game shouldnt have them. I guess it depends on what type of game it is...

Japanese games have like 3 hour long (jk) cutscenes. I personally dont like them, but it only bugs me when its too long.

travelguy2k3646d ago

just add a setting in the options menu to turn off cut scenes. *poof* choice. Or maybe make that an unlock or an accomplishment/achievement.

therealwillie3647d ago

nothing better than beating a game and getting a cool/funny/explosive cut scene for your work me thinks

games4fun3647d ago

cutscenes are a reward for finishing a game i loved beating tekken 3 and seeing a cutscene to give a backstory to the characters i think many games are awesome when they have cutscenes i think that people beat the boss they deserve a reward at the end

meepmoopmeep3647d ago

yeah, that's what i anticipate the most after playing.. is the reward of a cutscene and progression of the storyline. i need a break every so often to relax my hands and enjoy the story with some eye candy movie like sequences.

Ureval3647d ago

If you look at games like Half Life and Bioshock, not having cutscenes can be a very very good thing.

And I agree about MGS. Biggest reason I havent been able to get into that series, the lengthy borderline absurd cutscenes.

IzKyD13313647d ago

or you just dont understand them?
i think its the latter

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