Hideo Kojima Talks about Metal Gear Solid V, Multiplatform, Online and Social, and Winning the World

Hideo Kojima has very clear ideas on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He doesn’t want to make a title that will appease the Japanese market only. He wants his game to step on the international stage and show the world what Kojima productions is capable of. That's why he's going multiplatform. He also plans to add social elements to gameplay.

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Alexious1799d ago

The trailer was amazing. I just hope we don't have to wait another couple of years before playing it!

Abriael1799d ago

I'd say it won't be much less than that, but I might be wrong.

Abdou231799d ago

I think 2014 at most, it's been in development long time already.

forcefullpower1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Love MG series bit this feels generic open world game. I think this is going to leave a bitter taste in his mouth

Plus the voice not being done by hayter just seems weird.

MizTv1799d ago

Atleast we will be able to play it on ps4
I think we can say it will be the best version

Donnieboi1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I'm now worried about whether we will get a proper MGO now. I'm all for co-op too, and open world shenanigans with friends, but what he said has me concerned about if he will also continue the tradition team vs team (on condensed smaller maps) that MGO fans have been yearning for ever since he shut down mgo servers last year. He said:

"Yes, I’m including online elements, but we would like to have a broader range of cooperation beyond gameplay, even if I receive many tweets about Metal Gear Online (laughs). Since it’ll be open world, we can have competitions on the time it takes to move from one point to the other, for instance. Everyone can be connected via SNS and exchange reports. Also, When you can’t play you can still enjoy the situation on your tablets".

What did he mean when he says: "Yes, I’m including online elements, but we would like to have a broader range of cooperation beyond gameplay, even if I receive many tweets about Metal Gear Online (laughs)."?

What is he laughing at? What does he he mean "even if"?I try dissecting what I think he means, but when he says "even if" when talking about the larger requests from fans on twitter for a traditio al mgo to also be included, it kinda sounds to me like he's disregarding our request as not being important to him ;(.

This is a sad day for me if that is true. All we wanted was mgo back, but with lag-free servers, and no konami id login. Is that really too much to ask from long time fans who were loyal? First the Hayter thing, now this? F**k you, Kojima >_<

I feel like giving up on gaming online. Most multiplayer games are unbalanced or just plain suck or abandoned by their developers/lacking support. Nothing grips me like the mgo that was on MGS 4.

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Tyre1799d ago

He's a big Hollywood movies fan, i love the guy and no doubt MGS5 will be his amazing(looking forward to it) but i'm affraid he is just as misguided on Kinect & Motion Control as MS is. Interesting read for anyone interested =>

ashiksorel1799d ago

Nice to read Kojima's thoughts on his vision of the series and how far he wants to take it. I can only wonder how much further this series will go.

He maybe a madman...but he is a brilliant madman.

Grave1799d ago

This better come to PC. That would be awesome for all gamers.

ltachiUchiha1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Well what they showed off was running on pc on nvidia graphics chip so it might be the case. U never know mate. Definitely grabbing this on the ps4.

BlasterGR1799d ago

My body is ready Hideo...bring it on!

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