E3 2013 – Sony’s PS4 Dominates the Xbox One (For the Wrong Reasons)

A brief look at how Sony capitalized on the Xbox One hate to put some PR hurt on Microsoft at E3 2013 and some of the highlights of the presentations.

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President1734d ago

More powerful
No restrictions

PS4 dominates the xbox for the right reasons.

OllieBoy1734d ago

Yep. The reasons couldn't be more right.

JokesOnYou1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Yeah geekspodcast PR is one thing but X1 sure as hell delivered better where it counts GAMES presentation. ...their billion dollar investment in this area already looks to be paying off.

Ironicly their weak point which was drm has actually made possible a very convenient feature like game sharing which is a very attractive benefit for alot of gamers like me with family and friends on the east coast or just too far to drive to make sharing your games practical. Microsoft imo should start an ad campaign to ad to highlight this immediately.

nukeitall1734d ago


The gamesharing is very nice indeed, but I also love the TV and Kinect features.

Voice control is what I use on my Xbox 360 viewing Netflx. I usually scream Xbox, My Pins, Netflix from the bathroom while getting dressed from a shower after a long day of work!

Aceman181734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I'm not going to give a click to this site, but are telling us it should have been about the games?

I think its fairly obvious that we won't have that problem come this gen since Sony always supports it systems with exclusives. Its not just going to stop now that they are releasing a new console.

PlayStation gamers don't have to worry about the games because we know they will come.

geekspodcast1734d ago

It's ok not to give a click to the site, but as far as games go I think Microsoft did a better job at the actual E3 announcement of focusing on games than they did at the weird pre-announcement which focused more heavily on multimedia capabilities. Doing so at E3 would've been nightmarish methinks since gamers predominantly stay tuned into E3 and not the people who would be more interested in those features.

Sony had some great showcases as well and I'm particularly pumped for Infamous: Second Son!

Anyways, thanks for the comment :)

Bathyj1734d ago

I've said this exact thing before. great games are a given on PlayStation. we know they're coming. we know they'll keep coming. with Xbox we know they'll have a strong start, and then they'll stop about halfway through the generation. especially if it starts poorly. MS will drop it in 5 years.

besides of all the great games we saw at e3, and there were many on both systems, the ones that surprised me the most were second son and Killzone. titan fall and dead rising looked good but only spark on Xbone really excited me.

Gamer Muzz1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

It's in poor taste to comment on something if you aren't even willing to read the article first.
For the record, That's not at all what it was about.
If you had taken the time to actually look into it before you commented, you'd see that it offered an objective an unbiased viewpoint....with the added bonus that you'd know what it's actually about.

Aceman181734d ago

Calm down gamer you see geeks didn't take it personally so why are you?

Anyway geeks I see what your saying yes the showing of games was pretty good but most were multi plat, or timed exclusives. The one game at that presser that truly intrigued me was Quantum Break as I love Remedy and the game looks hella different from the constant shooters. Personally I think both companies did a bang up jobs showcasing games.

Just that MS policies, price, and trying to tell us what we need for the good of us without discussing it with the gaming public was just wrong.

Bubbles to you for a civil response to my comment.

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Ezz20131734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

it blow my mind that xbox fans (only in N4G)
still defend MS and Xbox1
after all xbox1 turn out to be
much weaker
more expensive
with tons of restrictions

in another N4G article
xbox fans still think both consoles are close in power because kojima
(who was at Xbox E3 showing his game on xbox)said so
it's like they expect him to say :

"hey, xbox1 is weak console now go buy our game on much powerful console ps4"

even when they have the Official specs in front of them ...they still ignore it
never seen such denial

it getting really sad here

Felonycarclub81734d ago

Yeah everytime kojima is on the Microsoft stage he looks like he doesn't want to be there but I guess money talks. I just hope he uses the ps4 to its potential like he did with the ps3.

AngelicIceDiamond1734d ago

Considering other devs have spoken their minds on Xbox One negative and some positive. What makes you think Kojima would cover MS ass for some reason?

Your comment is just another everyday fanboy comment, nothing special.

"Much Weaker" tell me what game did you see at E3 that looks better on PS4?

Not saying there won't be a difference but how much of a difference? Let me guess your probably thinking PS1 graphics (X1) PS4 graphics Super duper Super rigged PC graphics lol.

Ezz20131734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


"""What makes you think Kojima would cover MS ass for some reason? """

the fact that he can't say any thing bad about the console he just demoed his game on it in E3 and want you to buy his game on it too ?!

commensense and logic can be good for you to use sometimes
what he said is what we call "PR"

here the Official specs for both from MS & Sony
does that seem "Small difference" to you ?!

if so
then you better keep following the 3rd part Dev's PR and trust them

it's not like they want to promote their games on all systems
that would be insane /s

manny1up1734d ago

More Exclusives Games

Gamer Muzz1734d ago

@ President - Sure, the right reasons are there too, but he's stressing that the idea of Sony using these things to gain a "short term tactical advantage" over microsoft is not something that shows gamers that Sony actually CARES about them or is looking out for them. He's pointing out that Sony is just as interested in imposing strict DRM or a fully digitally distributed video game retail business model upon us in the future.
When he says "for the wrong reasons" he means that they're doing all these right things to make the PS4 better, so later on, once they gain a strong foothold, they too can hit us with the things we don't like if they choose to do so.

@Jokesonyou - I've been able to share games for decades. That's nothing new. With the added bonus that my old games still work. What happens 10, 20, 30 years from now when there is no support for the Xbox One and it no longer checks in to validate my software? How many games will I be sharing then? The answer is None. Because no games will work on the system at all any more.
Also, the idea that MS is going to allow us to share 100% of the game with friends and family seems a bit unrealistic to me. If I have a circle of friends equaling 10 people and can let them play my games to completion, that would be money out of the pocket of the retail video game industry on every level.
Also consider that for every 100,000 copies of a game that sells, another potential 900,000 more people would be able to play it for free. That doesn't seem like something any developer or publisher would stand behind. But I guess we'll see.

miyamoto1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@Gamer Muzz

Relax, man.

I am sorry to strike a nerve but I mean business, buddy.

With great power comes great responsibility.

What has the biggest software company in the world done to combat piracy on PC and Consoles for the last three decades?


You hear me Xbox None!

Microsoft puts the burden of anti-piracy on the consumer instead of dealing with it themselves.

Sony wins by doing the right thing.
M$ looses by declaring war against the consumer.

Like I told before Sony's investment on Blu-ray and its Blu-ray-Cell anti-games piracy combo will pay off in the long term and that time is now.

7 years has passed and still PS3 blu-ray discs are not massively mass produced for piracy unlike Xbox 360 games where you can buy dirt cheap in side walks of Asia.

Sony has no need for these anti-consumer rights DRM and mandatory installs & security checks because they invested on it the right way or the best way with PS3 and Bluray early on. They put the burden on themselves.

Microsoft puts the burden of anti-piracy on the consumer instead of dealing with it themselves.

And that is good enough reason for PS4 to combat piracy like PS3 does. This is good news for all game makers and they can have good ROI for their business and a promise of more great games in the future.

JokesOnYou1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Gamer Muzz as Ive said before I know there will be limits to the sharing feature but even so its still a great option at this point.

 "I've been able to share games for decades. That's nothing new"

-Not like X1 lets you share them, even if they limit the multiplayer or make it just 2 people, essentially me and a friend can go 50/50 on a full retail game and both play the single player game day ONE on East and West coast. If you can't see the convenience and the financial benefits of that then its just because you dont want to.

"What happens 10, 20, 30 years from now when there is no support for the Xbox One and it no longer checks in to validate my software?"

-Wow, really? uhm first of all its all digtial code from now on in the cloud, so as long as they maintain the servers you are just 1 authentification code away from access to your software being downloaded on mutiple hardware devices in the future including PC. But lets be realistic who the hell is playing Pitfall from atari now? Nostalgia is one thing but honestly they make new improved games for a reason.

Gamer Muzz1734d ago

Struck a nerve? Not really. You may "mean business buddy", but It seems like you're just spouting off fanboy rants rather than looking at the industry with an open mind and objective viewpoint. That's sad.

First off, you completely dodged every point made in my prior comment.

Secondly, I never commented on The PC industry or piracy. It's a non issue. I wont disagree with what you said. but It's not at all the point of anything here.
So MS sucks as a corporation. That's not groundbreaking news bud. So does Sony, Wal Mart, and starbucks. Get use to it.
And THAT'S exactly my point. You seem to suffer from the delusion that Sony Loves you or something.

Who cares about what games you can get on the streets of Asia when the biggest video game market in the world is the united sates?
Also, The 360 requires modification to play bootlegs. This modification can be identified by MS and the console banned from the internet. Who needs to lock out used games and impose 24 hour validation when they already have a system that works to combat piracy?

It's easy enough to see what you're trying to do. It's very transparent.
All of this is irrelevant banter used in an attempt to make one money hungry corporation look less evil than another.
It's an infantile and ignorant argument to present at all. I'm embarrassed for you more than anything. But to show you how your argument is flawed, I'll say this.
If you think the DRM, 24 hour checks, ETC are about piracy, it just goes to show how little you know. This is a blatant attack on the Buy, Sell, Trade, retail video game industry. And as I said before, It's something Sony is also VERY interested in doing as they have shown with the patients they have filed that are just as restrictive as MS's current policy.

and with that, I'll say goodbye (as I Am out of comments.
For future reference, If you want to be taken seriously, Try saying MS or Microsoft instead of "M$". I'm surprised you didn't use the term "Xbot" while you were at it.
Open your eyes and look at the industry for what it is, Act like a real gamer, and stop being such a sheep.

Video game history is represented in physical form in most cases. the Xbox One will destroy that.
Not only do I play and collect video game history from 10, 20, 30, years ago, but I enjoy them very much. I would like to be able to continue to do so. I would also like to find value in my games down the road where these will have none at all once the format is dropped.
If you think MS will support that content forever, you're doing yourself a great injustice. That will not be the case.
You may not appreciate the significance of that, But I sure do.
Also, how will you get new games once the format is dropped? Authorized game dealers who you can trade games with will stop dealing in them just as gamestop stops selling games for all consoles once they become obsolete. MS has already said that you can only trade a game with a friend one time. then the disc is locked.
How will you even know if a game is playable once authorized dealers no longer carry them?
It will be a fiasco and then the support will be dropped. Mark my words.

Look man, I've been a proponent of the xbox brand for 12 years now. I've had XBL Gold for 7 years and a modest gamer score of 41K. I don't want to say these things, But the truth is the truth. it hurts me as much as any MS fan. But I'm just not happy with their plans.
If you want to talk further, I'm out of comments, but I'd welcome a PM.

AngelicIceDiamond1734d ago

Keep playing that "more powerful gig" I doubt we'll see a huge difference.

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miyamoto1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Do bloggers have no common sense at all coming up with these titles?
Oh I forgot .... they are paid to spin the truth into something else.

That is today's gaming journalism for you.

M$ declared war with consumers with their policies and media spin it as "the console war" type of thing.

Most gamers maybe nerds but we are not uneducated commoner simpletons.

Heh, for the record Sony PlayStation supporters made the PS3 successful over 360 with public voices and opinions more that Sony actually did. Fact!

Do not under estimate us!
Do not under estimate people power!
Do not under estimate the voice of consumers!

If you think you have money and corporate power on your side think again!

We can wield the power of the internet as much or greater than you do.

I'll leave this here.

gamer20131734d ago ShowReplies(3)
DarthJay1734d ago

It's abundantly clear that you (Sony Defense Force) can wield the power of the internet. That is the exact reason there is such a massive over-reaction to the Xbox One.

And let me knock all your tricks off the table before you reach for them: no, I don't work for Microsoft, no, I am not reading a press release, yes, I preordered a Playstation 4. There is no media spin. There are tinfoil hat wearers and Microsoft haters. The Defense Force is doing what they do best, and they are doing a fantastic job.

Guess what? People are allowed to be excited for the Xbox One... and they should be. Does that mean the PS4 isn't going to be fantastic? Absolutely not. It means the Xbox One is going to be great. And it will be. All the doomsayers can say what they want. The Defense Force doesn't even realize they are doing Xbox owners a favor by being so vocal because any chance that comes in the coming months will be 100% on you. So I guess I should say thanks?

I guess it's nice to have the more powerful machine for the first time in like, what, eight years? I'd be excited too. Oh wait, I am, because I'm getting one.

The verbal assault on Microsoft is getting nauseating. I've never seen anything like it. It's all consuming. It's like the Defense Force literally sits around all day waiting to pounce on anything remotely positive about Microsoft.

Microsoft did not declare war on the consumer. That is hyperbole. In five months when both consoles finally launch, everyone will see this whole thing was much to do about nothing.

Can't wait for both, and I WILL NOT be told I am wrong for feeling that way.

Imalwaysright1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Oh Yeah its sony defence force they're all over teh internetz, not consumers in general that are against MS policies! I mean consumers don't have to be vocal about losing their rights. They'll just bendover and accept the future MS wants to enforce on the industry rather than them choosing the future they want because they don't care about their rights. I mean who needs them?

Guess what people are allowed to speak up against MS anti-consumer policies because MS IS declaring war on us consumers! What? You expected us to keep quiet about it?

Do you think we're idiots and we're not capable of understanding on our own what MS is doing? If you do please enlighten us with your words of wisdom and tell us how and why MS policies aren't anti-consumer and why we, consumers, should blindly accept them like sheeps.

miyamoto1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Denial much?
Did I strike a nerve?
We will strike your nerves all day! XD

"doing a fantastic job."
Well your reaction says so much. Thank you very much! Much appreciated.

"The verbal assault on Microsoft.."
More like verbal reaction, opinion, freedom of speech and defense.

We will stay vigilant defending this industry that Sony help build into a billion dollar one even before M$ stepped in and try to ruin it by trying to destroy PlayStation.

Because by M$ logic PS2 was a threat to Windows PC in every household in America.

We love gaming with a passion not sitting but standing on roof tops and shouting with a loud voice defending it from a market swiper money monster like M$.

DarthJay1734d ago

Haha. Are you a poet? Like clockwork. Struck a nerve? With moi? Bro. I'm proving a point, and thank you for responding, because the point has been made. The dramatic, propaganda stuff is hilarious. Say things enough times and even you will believe it, right? No denial. The console will launch and all fears will be put to rest. It's going to be OK. You can change your diaper and rest easy.

@Imalwayswrong - Microsoft has the same message that Sony has when it comes to used games: it's up to the devs. If anyone listened to them for half a second instead of blowing a gasket over nothing, it would make sense. How is the sharing program anti-consumer? I will be letting people play my games FAR MORE than I ever did with the physical disc. Devs are going to be wishing for games to be sold used when they realize people are going to take turns buying games and take turns playing them. I'm not going to waste my time giving examples, because it is just going to go in one ear and out the other. And that's fine. I'm buying both because they will both rule, and I can't wait for them to both get here so everyone can see how normal everything will be and get over it.

Imalwaysright1734d ago

I don't know why you had to start speaking about Sony but In regards to the used game market MS basicaly controls and tells me how and o whom i can sell MY games. Does Sony do that? No? Thought so. There is also something about some fees but I'll wait until MS explains them with more detail before passing judgement.

In regards to the sharing of games I don't want companies controlling how and, whom I can lend MY games. It would be an awesome feature if it weren't for the restrictions.

What happened? I though you were going to enlighten me with your words of wisdom! Instead I got someone that uses another company policies as if Sony doing the same thing (which is not) excused MS anti-consumer practices. Not only that but you speak to me as if I was an idiot and I wasn't capable of understanding the difference between Sony and MS policies. I won't be fooled so easily.

I'll still be waiting for your words of "wisdom" though! I want you to tell me how or why I will benefit from MS anti-consumer practices, why I should support MS DRM box and why I should be ok with a future that I don't want for the industry.

Also, just would like to say that I laughed when you said "my games". If "my games" were truly yours you would have the FREEDOM to do whathever the hell YOU want with them. You don't so its not "my games" Its "their games".

DarthJay1734d ago

It's always been their games. For every platform. Every single game, even now, says "this game licensed..." So yeah, about that.

Again, both Sony and Microsoft have said they are going to leave it up to the developers to decide the policy. Sure, Microsoft has more control, but no one actually knows how it is going to work. It's all speculation and everyone expects the worst (or in the case of Sony fanboys, wants the worst).

I'm not here to enlighten. You can't enlighten someone that doesn't want to listen. It really doesn't matter what I say. You're going to ignore it and keep on living the life of a lie. That's OK. You're free to do so. You're getting the reaction you want, so I mean, if that helps you sleep at night: congratulations.

I really feel bad for people that have made it their life to sit on the internet and bitch about Microsoft all day. I mean, you try really hard. I guess that's a win?

Imalwaysright1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I've been gaming for more than 20 years and I played countless of licensed games and I never had problems selling or lending MY licensed games. Sony and Nintendo don't seem to have a problem with it either. Oh and guess what, here in Europe I have EVERY RIGHT to sell MY licensed games without having companies telling me how I should or shouldn't do it. I got to say though, that i find fascinating how fast you changed your tune from "my games" to "licensed games". Who is part of a defense team now?

Oh and I do listen but I only listen to valid points but I understand how hard it is to find something positive to say about MS DRM box. Not even MS PR team can do it so you shouldn't feel bad about failing MS. Oh well, since you can't find some good reasons why I shouldn't talk about MS anti-consumer practices I'll make sure you sit all day defending the xbone and bitch about teh sony defense force. I just love hypocrites. Don't you?

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Ron_Danger1734d ago

Anyone else notice in the past week all of the blog/ cast websites that started popping up defending XBox One?

ltachiUchiha1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Microsoft are paying them to defend them from their own downfall of dumb mistakes. Love how microsoft said, "We Listened To Our Fans" haha, The dumbest PR's in the industry.

Edit: I was being sarcastic lol. I do believe that they had something to do with amazon though.

manslaught3r1734d ago

Yes, they are coming out of the woodwork now, like the cockroaches they are. Damage control is in full force, but the damage has been done and OH THE DAMAGE!

Valkyre1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Those "geeks" think that protecting consumer rights and gaming as a hobby are "the wrong reasons"....



PS: Playstation doesnt need to even mention its exclusive studios... there are so many as has been proven time and time again this gen, with new IPs, divercity in terms of gaming experiences (instead of just shooting stuff on xbox) etc etc.

geekspodcast1734d ago

Agreed on the protection of consumer rights. I'm not quite sure why the gaming industry feels it's immune to the same second-hand sales that occur within other industries and Microsoft's moves feel punishing as an Xbox supporter and Live subscriber for nearly a decade now.

The_Klank1734d ago

I'd just like to point out that for the games you are looking forward to you put Infamous a Sony exclusive and 3 multi platform games FFIV Destiny and Watchdogs.

If Sony's policies aren't the right reason and neither are the games then what is?

dennett3161734d ago

They want to be immune because they're no good at admitting mistakes. Games like Tomb Raider can sell over 3 million copies in a month, and apparently, that's considered a failure. Resident Evil 6 sold over 5 million (closer to 6), and Capcom were still complaining.
They're all chasing Call of Duty sales rather than budgeting for more sensible sales figures that won't put them in the red. In short, publishers are really damn stupid. They want to railroad customers into buying their games rather than actually doing the work required to earn their custom. So they whine and complain about piracy (a relatively minor problem Vs the sheer number of legitimate sales) and then complain about used games, all while failing to address the real issues - they're stagnating the industry in their efforts to be as successful as CoD. Releasing generic game after generic game, filled to the brim with a check list of features they think will be the perfect formula to get those CoD-level sales. Rarely innovating, rarely doing anything different to stand out from the crowd, and then wondering why their grey sludge of a game didn't do as well as they hoped when they threw a ton of money at it.

kenshiro1001734d ago

No, the PS4 dominated for the right reasons. Sony gets my money next gen.

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