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Submitted by Prcko 970d ago | news

Microsoft Didn’t Send Employees To Best Buy’s Wii U Event

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Microsoft sent employees to Best Buy stores to disrupt Nintendo’s Wii U promotional tour. The problem with this story is that it isn’t true. “But there’s a video of a Microsoft employee talking to people waiting in line at a Best Buy, I saw it online!”
A typical day for the guy in the video below is trying to explain to someone why they should buy a Surface Pro instead of a cheaper iPad or Android tablet. A tough sell indeed. (Wii U, Xbox One)

KrisButtar  +   970d ago
I'm not convinced. I also didn't here them mention a Surface Pro, ipad or Android tablet in the video. What I heard was Spy Box and Xbox in the video.

Edit: quote from video "as neat as it looks, I don't want the spy box in my house"
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KrisButtar  +   970d ago
To clear up my statement a bit. If this vid came out around Xmas when the WiiU was launched I would have called BS but with the choices Mircosoft have been doing lately, I wouldn't have put this pass them.

Which is why I'm not convinced.
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Belking  +   970d ago
Only people believe stuff like that are fanboys. It wasn't even worth reporting anyway.
guitarded77  +   970d ago
@ Belking

BS... I believe it because they did it when the PS3 launched.
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Death  +   970d ago

Wouldn't it be better to go to a BestBuy and see the Microsoft reps talking to tablet buyers than to simply choose not to believe the rumors? While you are there don't be surprised if you are jumped by the DirectTV reps walking around.

Spybox? Way to be afraid of technology. My tv already has these features built in. So does a Vita, 3DS, smartphone, and laptop. Kinect has been around for years. Amazing this wasn't an issue until a week ago.
KrisButtar  +   970d ago
1st there are no Mircosoft employees in either of the 2 BestBuys in my province(NS) as I shop the regularly, there are no other reps there either TBH just the BestBuy employees. Outta of the 15 years I have shopped there, I would have noticed if "reps" all of a sudden showed up from any company.

I used "SpyBox" because that was the term used in the video, and its use would refers to them talking about Xbox One(Kinect) and not a tablet like the article refers to.

Edit: I really could care less about the Kinect tech watching me or not
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Death  +   970d ago
It's not uncommon stateside to have reps from DirectTV, Microsoft, or any other company walking around "assisting" customers. Sometimes they are informative, other times *cough* DirectTV, they are a pain in the ass.
dumahim  +   970d ago
This is a new strategy by Best Buy to try and get more customers coming by having these partnerships with companies like Samsung and Microsoft setting up stations in Best Buy stores since these employees will be more knowledgeable than BB employees would be. I think this started earlier this year and probably hasn't rolled out to all locations yet. Not sure if they even will be in every store. So even if you don't see it in your locations, doesn't mean they don't exist.

With that said, it's a matter of semantics. Ok, so Microsoft didn't send people to the Wii-U event. A Microsoft employee wandered away from his duties into an event for a competitor trying to "inform" people of his own product. I don't think that's any better, and he never should have left his own area.
Fishy Fingers  +   970d ago
Your telling me that one of the sensationalist rumours posted on a smaller website and almost immediately submitted to N4G could of been falsified?

Next you'll be telling me it's more about hits than journalistic integrity.

What's the world coming to when you can't believe everything you read...
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Cherchez La Ghost  +   970d ago
It doesn't even matter at this point. MS is the Anti-Christ of the gaming industry now. Man, I would hate to work for them now. Absorbing all the negativity everywhere you go.
Death  +   970d ago
The irony is all this hate is based on rumors like this. Gamers can be like spoiled children that throw tantrums when they don't get their way. It's easier to grab a pitchfork and join the mob then it is to question why anyone picked up a bitchfork in the first place.

The same people complained when Microsoft made the Xbox broadband only. I remember them saying the Xbox would fail since dial up gamers were being left out. Same complaints on HDD's and paid online gaming services. Today they complain that you can rip your games to your console's HDD. We can now play any game in our library remotely, share with 10 friends and play without having a disc in the tray. All horrible things introduced by the vile company Microsoft.

Let's be honest, the negativity is based on ignorance and perceived "rights" that none of the kids complaining can take 10 seconds of their life to actually know. Our "rights" are clearly defined in the User Agreement in the user manual nobody reads. XboxOne discs are more liberal than digital downloads that adhere to the User Agreement.
Ace Killa 08  +   970d ago
The thing is people are stuck with traditional right. And as the saying goes "people are scared of changes". One company takes leaps other takes baby steps. The user in the end goes where they feel more comfortable, but a lot of people reject and also spite the changes they don't like.
NihonjinChick  +   970d ago
Most of the hate is based on things Microsoft themselves have confirmed or said themselves.

Like what Don M said in that interview with Geoff.
cleft5  +   970d ago
Sure they didn't, the same way Microsoft didn't have a scripted rape joke doing the Killer Instinct demo. Oh and for those of you not aware, it was reported by people there that this joke was in fact scripted and read off a teleprompter and later on Microsoft denied it and said it was just banter between employees.

Oh and a site called Xbox One Daily is hardly objective.
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Ace Killa 08  +   970d ago
How does that relate to this article ? Of course they are going to have scripts. They are trying to make it rated PG at the same time like a real world scenario. But of course if it was real time, there would be some T bagging and other things like it. But lying of a script is that big of a deal to you ?
Hadoukameha  +   970d ago
Get over that "rape" joke. Now. This is the real world, kid. Men curse and joke about terrible shit, just grow up, deal with it.
TOSgamer  +   970d ago
A scripted event held by a publicly traded company is what you consider the real world? You should grow up kid.
kB0  +   970d ago
The money they paid to disrupt the event could've been used to fix the Xbox One...Then again that might be a saving grace...if they had a little more budget we prob would've seen a Sega CD expansion on it...
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ballisticvoodoo  +   970d ago
This article is total BS. The MS guy mentions nothing about a surface pro or any other product other than the xbone. Nice try to deflect the sleazy business practices of MS. Pathetic website pushing MS crap.
kB0  +   970d ago
What do u expect from a website called "XBOXONEDAILY"...


I'd be ashamed to represent this website...who really wants daily news on new DRM practices and 500$ price tags?
Death  +   970d ago
Why do I get the feeling you only know of Microsofts "sleazy business practices" since someone equally enlightened told you so? What was that video, a minute long? Obviously that is more than enough to represent what he did that entire day. If the person had been there to sabotage the event, the video would have been more incriminacting and much longer.

Don't you think it's weird that someone that markets the Xbox360 like Larry Hyrb congratulates a developer for a PS3 exclusive and the fans create a false perception that both companies not only hate, but are out to get each other? Manufacturers create the platforms. Gamers create the wars.
kB0  +   970d ago
Yes whats your point? That's the point of supporting a team..I don't get what you are getting at?

Don't forget manufacturers want to best each other, at least for us it's the games and the content...for them it's getting our money.

So don't start comparing devils...U defending a company that makes millions off us doesn't deserve your defense.
Death  +   970d ago
Do you game because Sony makes consoles or does Sony make consoles because you game? When you support one and hate the other, you are the one that ultimately loses. All three consoles have great exclusives. If you can't afford to own multiple ocnsoles, find a friend that has one you don't and enjoy gaming. Why hate?
kB0  +   970d ago
Hate is apart of growing and evolution, without hate for console we have no rivalry, and no progression.

You game because you want to, but your coodependant on Sony/MS, and vice versa.

If there was no hate, no point in competing and trying to show off your console to its fullest:)
maniacmayhem  +   970d ago
Of course it's total BS, its easier to just hate MS and believe only the worse about the company.

Great Job!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   970d ago
Not sure this happened, while there are pics and video-

It does not mean that those people were actually from MS. See there is this thing called "YOUTUBE" where people like to post videos of themselves doing all manner of Stoopidz.

And why do they do this? For $$$ and Notice.
jakemail  +   970d ago
This is probably just Microsoft damage controlling again so that they don't look bad
RedHawkX  +   970d ago
i agree microsoft is slimey and are liers. they are worse then a corrupt goverment. xbox one burn in hell you piece of crap.
manageri   970d ago | Spam
ssbains  +   970d ago
Lets see Microsoft DRM on XBox One, RROD on XBOX 360, Bing Browser, Windows 8 no Start Button, can you produce a product that people actually want and have employees that listen to customer needs? I think not. It's all down hill for Microsnort now, long live Apple, Google, Samsung and Sony
Kos-Mos  +   970d ago
apple? google? Drunk? apple steals the last of your freedom. google is sellouts.
DroidHunter  +   970d ago
First off, I don't plan on getting an Xbox One. I will be getting a PS4. As a Best Buy employee, our store has a Microsoft rep who spends a his time at the tablets and talking to people about Microsoft products. Seeing this video is nothing out of the ordinary. Our Microsoft employee sometimes walks around and talks to people and likes to stop and look at the new stuff on his way in or out. That's what this looks like more than anything. If a Microsoft rep walked by a WiiU and wanted to look at it, I'd be hard pressed to believe that no one is going to say anything to him about the Xbox. I don't see any videos of reps trying to sell anyone on a system. This is a guy with a backpack and a company shirt on probably on his way in trying to see what the fuss is about and then being poked fun at about his company's system. This is a big deal about nothing as usual.
iMixMasTer   970d ago | Trolling | show
ozstar  +   970d ago
wheres the actual video?
Folezicle  +   970d ago
Th guy probably didn't want to lose his job (Microsoft losing sales wise.) Hence why he rocked up to Best Buy.

End of story.

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