Will Beyond: Two Souls Open the Way For More Hollywood Talent?

Quantic’s upcoming game could revolutionize how we produce games.

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danny8181827d ago

Preordered my copy of beyond. Cant wait. The the final game i will get befor i pick up my ps4! For now, i will be enjoying tlou ;)

unchartedxplorer1827d ago

Looks like it's heading that way with Dafoe and Ellen Page in it.
I'm pretty sure that there are celebrities out there that would be interested in interactive film genre

plaZeHD1827d ago

Haven't Grand Theft Auto games already did that?

IIC0mPLeXII1827d ago

Not nearly the same production quality. Watching just the trailers and vids from the game really outshines the knee slapping voice talent from Ray Liotta in Vice City. Don't get me wrong, he did a great job as Tommy Vercetti, but the acting in this game seems a little less satirical.

Can't wait to play it.

plaZeHD1827d ago

Ok thanks for clarifying it for me?

UNGR1827d ago

It's not like they need Hollywood talent. Great voices are around you every day, developers just want recognizable names for good press. Everyone does it.

skeletons1827d ago

sorry but i hope not. gimmicky and stupid. doesn't give games "credibility"... as if games need bigger budgets or even more superficial factors that detract from gameplay

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