PSN Update 03/27/08 - US, Europe and Japan

Tanod from NeoGAF presents PSN Content for all regions. The list includes Europe, Japan and US.

Quick Notice:
-Japanese content is up now.
-Europe content is up at about 6PM GMT.
-North America content is up at about 6PM EST.


-Japanese content is up now.
-North America content is up now.
-Europe content is up now.

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TriggerHappy3679d ago

Where is my GTAIV trailer. I want it now.

decapitator3679d ago

The US update did not go up yet. It should be going live around 6PM.

Cryos3678d ago

The new pack for Rock band is Awesome!!

Love boston. Just played it and it's the best release for rock band in a long time.

Now I can be Turk in the Airband!!!! (More than a feeling!!)

alan0013679d ago

its 9 here in the uk and i cant see the update!!!

St03679d ago

It will update about 10pm, same time as the GTA trailer

ELite_Ghost3679d ago

looking forward to that UEFA demo.

Harry1903679d ago

why is there no euro demo
for america.

ELite_Ghost3679d ago

because europeans love soccer way more than americans.
People hear like basketball, football, hockey better than soccer.
There's not many people in north america that watch soccer, but it's getting more popular i guess. USA still sucks! :D

Sheddi3678d ago

I hate the word is called Football god damnit!
yeah and we europeans really really love Football (soccer).

heyheyhey3679d ago

is the PSN version of GT5p more expensive than the disc version?

please tell me thats a typo

xplosneer3679d ago

They listened to my request apparently and many others...I love Boston, and they're masters as well.

Not trying to kill you people that don't have RockBand.
Nice trailers and free UT3 nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.