Forza 5 boss denies Xbox One policies will affect the game

VideoGamer: "Will Microsoft's stance on DRM and swapping games matter to Forza players? 'Not really', claims Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt."

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wishingW3L1799d ago

if they did someone would get fired.

dp2774071799d ago

That would be just the same as a Sony or Nintendo First party saying something bad about the system, it won't happen.

SpideySpeakz1799d ago

Its not good business sense to say bad things about Xbone, since it's coming exclusively to that system. Even though I'm sure they are thinking it, it's not wise to express it to the public.

stage881799d ago

It's worrying when a dev has to come out and justify things like this.

Dlacy13g1798d ago

He doesn't have to justify anything. The journo asked the question to him not him coming to the journo. Would you rather he not answer at all?

Ezz20131799d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

well, as along as a unbaised developer like Turn 10 said that
then it must be true /s

Jamaicangmr1798d ago

This guy is such a PR guy he didn't even answer the question. lol!

YNWA961798d ago

Would you bad mouth the company you work for? Though, profile name.... ever keep a job for more than a week?

Jamaicangmr1798d ago

So you agree that his response was bullshit? That's all you had to say no amount of personal attack will change that you know it's bullshit and that alone actually answers the question.

Grow up kid.

YNWA961798d ago

Christ, you missed it. Sorry though.. my apologies.

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The story is too old to be commented.