Killzone: Shadow Fall Originally Wasn't The Centrepiece Of PS4 Reveal

NowGamer: Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn't originally the centrepiece of the PS4 reveal, with Sony only deciding to make that move after seeing the FPS in action.

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gamedebater1641d ago

Too bad I feel this Killzone is what 2-3 should have been like.

Now I'm sure it will be "decent" but with Titanfall, The Division and Destiny coming out I think this type of gameplay may feel "old"

Prolly will get 8/10

AdmiralSnake1641d ago

There's nothing new about Destiny just took what's great about certain genre and gametypes and molded it into one.

gamedebater1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It's an MMO Halo. I have to give it credit there.

Killzone is Halo for ps4. Stratgic gunfights. Not much else.

I could be wrong if Multiplayer is Good. But they always screw it up with laggy controls or stupid gameplay modes that load forever.

PsnGammer211641d ago

It's more mmo borderlands

RememberThe3571641d ago

I'm all over Destiny and The Division, but Titanfall looks weak. I'm nopt into giant robots if their not Gundams or Robotech (Toonami raised me). Destiny has to be my favorite game coming out of E3.

Also, I can't help but wonder if your trying to troll, your second comment was just odd.

MizTv1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Then what was?
It looked like it to me

Rhezin1641d ago

naw didn't feel "old" at all. I really don't remember ever playing a game in a Cold War setting.

WeAreLegion1641d ago

I loved Killzone 2/3, but with this iteration, they seem to be innovating. That OWL is so cool!

Virtual_Reality1641d ago

Is the only game on console that has been compared to Crysis 3 on PC.

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