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Submitted by Blackdeath_663 964d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One vs PS4 – controller showdown

We had the pleasure of holding and prodding both the Xbox One and PS4's controllers this week at E3. Here's what we made of them after hammering through as many of the games on the show floor as we could get our mitts on. (PS4, Xbox One)

Enemy  +   964d ago
PS4 wins in every category. Wait until the rest of Sony's 1st parties announce their PS4 stuff. This week alone we've seen developers that Sony doesn't even own come out and flat out tell the DS4 is better.
crxss  +   964d ago
my 2 cents

- DS4 analog sticks feel nice but the surface area for your thumb is a bit smaller
- DS4 triggers are the best yet but still not as good as 360's or Xbox One's imo. I didn't really like the feel of and of Sony's triggers on the DS3 or PS Move. This is basically the same feel and feedback but with a different shape. Would have preferred Dreamcast, Xbox, 360, or One triggers. DS4 triggers doesn't have that great spring feeling like Microsoft has had.
- DS4 trackpad click is nice but the click felt very worn out. I was expecting like a nice laptop trackpad feedback when i pressed it and it felt more like a squishy button (i feel like people could press the button easily when using the trackpad for a swipe motion)
- Overall the DS4 felt very nice but some might have to adjust to the new shell

- Xbox One triggers are amazing!
- Xbox One sticks feel nice but actually have a smaller area to place your thumb
- Xbox One bumpers are worse now (they've moved them in a way so it's more difficult to hit with the tip of your finger and more like hitting them with the middle of your index finger, uncomfortable)
- Dpad is meh and super clicky (practically like the bumpers clicky noise, feels cheap)
- Overall the One's controller is very similar to the 360's in terms of feel other than the worse bumpers and the smaller sticks. Triggers are definitely the highlight of this beaut

Overall i think the DS4 is a better controller but it's sad that the DS4 doesn't have the One's triggers.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   964d ago
did you actually go to E3? and IMO based on images and all, the DS4 is better than the X1 controller and the DS4's triggers look better to grasp because of the different curvature than the X1's controller

"though its non-removeable battety might be a little annoying for hardcore gamers with back-to-back wireless play sessions in mind"

Really? I would rather not spend some extra money for some rechargeable batteries. What if have none? Then my gaming is over until I actually buy more batteries. DS4 is better in that category
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crxss  +   964d ago

obviously i went to E3.

once you get ahold those x1 triggers, you'll see. they're way more comfortable, it's kind of baffling why those triggers (shape and rumble) aren't on every other controller. their tech demo with the car was the best example. you could feel the acceleration and shifting of the gears on the right trigger and the brakes on the left trigger. the gattling gun one was alright but didn't have any alterations in the rumble.

in the end though the controller didn't affect my decision to pre-order a ps4 over an x1
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HammadTheBeast  +   964d ago
From the developers, apparently they like PS4's better. The Black light Retribution dev said that the thumb stick angles made them perfect for fast paced shooters, and the new triggers were a major improvement.
RiPPn  +   964d ago
Other reviews I've seen on the Xbox One controller also agree with you on the it being a step backward on the shoulder buttons and the clicky dpad, but they also claim the triggers took a step back also, saying they feel squishy. go to 2:28:30 go to 5:48

And opposite of that almost all reviews are claiming the PS4 is the definitive controller this next gen.
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crxss  +   964d ago
don't get me wrong guys, overall I like the DS4 more than the X1. I just also love the X1's triggers more than DS4's. I also liked 360's more than the DS3 triggers. Just another reviewer. When those kiosks pop up I'm sure you guys will come up with your own opinions.
Utalkin2me  +   964d ago
I could really care less about the triggers, considering i use l1 and r1 for shooting and sights.
YNWA96  +   964d ago
So? Was this test done with your hands?
thebudgetgamer  +   964d ago
Does anyone know if the Xbox controller will have pressure sensitive buttons?
crxss  +   964d ago
i don't think so. the DS4 also does not have pressure sensitive buttons anymore.
thebudgetgamer  +   964d ago
Well that sucks. Thanks for the info.
Polysix  +   964d ago
Xbone doesn't even have a pressure sensitive company behind it seeing how they are sticking to their guns with what has to be the worlds most unpopular console ( and policies) ever*

*Ok, after CDi and 3DO, oh and the Jaguar...
PerryCaravello  +   964d ago
I'm so interested in the controller standoff. Sony has a lot to prove with this new controller.
lgn15  +   964d ago
PS4 controller has a sick touch pad, but the placement of the thumb-sticks on the Xbox controller has always seemed 'right' to me. I just can't get used to the awkward placement on the PS4 controller.
karl  +   964d ago
eventually u do

i did get used to the 360 controller after a few weeks using it...

its just the fact that u have been using the same controller for soo long..
lgn15  +   964d ago
Yes I think that would be it. I always wonder if the placement is awkward or my mind just isn't used to it.
Polysix  +   964d ago
I swap between them all the time (360 wireless pad for some PC games) and DS3 for PS3. Makes no difference to me TBH I adapt in about 10 seconds.

I do prefer the DS3's placement, I feel my left thumb doesn't have to stretch up as far when pressing UP.
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kingPoS  +   964d ago
It's much like traveling abroad. It's a bit of a shock to find the steering mirrored and that everyone's driving on the 'wrong' side.

There is no wrong side it's just what your used to.
Belking  +   964d ago
not even a contest. The 360 had less improvement to do because it was almost perfect. The xbox-one controler is the superior one. Sony even changed their to triggers so that says even they know MS design was better.
USMC_POLICE  +   964d ago
You forget the Sony controller has stood the test of time. Starting around 1998 so you may think Xbox is the best controller however PlayStation controller has been roughly the same for generations and people love it. Personally I hate the Xbox controller. And I have and play xbox. Also the d pad for the new Xbox was taken from PlayStation controllers. So no it was not perfect
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Belking  +   964d ago
ust because you hate it doesn't mean it's bad. It's still the better design. Sony knows this and they are afraid to change because of backlash. They added triggers because they know they work better than what they had before.
karl  +   964d ago
whats the point of this?

both controllers feel confortable after some time with them..
crxss  +   964d ago
they're both pretty good and unique
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   964d ago
i love that this article took the time to mention that the DS4 is bulkier, heavier and more stable. a lot of other "hands on" vids with the controller havent told us a single thing about heft or the way the controller feels in comparason to the DS3. thanks so much to this website for giving us an insight on the feel, instead of just talking about a bunch of things we already know about like the light bar and share button.

i would say that in the end both controllers seem sweet in a lot of really great ways. dead even tie for me.
xbox controllers build has always been near perfect. have always loved dualshocks build just as much, but i can definitely see why some people with bigger hands may have some issues. seeems as if the ds4 addresses many of these concerns.
when it comes to buttons, i for one prefer playstation face buttons over xbox. the way the xbox controllers buttons are shaped actually makes them a lot more uncomfortable to press for me. the ds3's face buttons are a lot bigger and more flat. its a little easier and faster for me personally to press ds3 face buttons than xbox. i know it seems as if its a bogus complaint, but one should actually pick up the controller and try a comparison. see which buttons are easier to mash. feels more natural to press.
triggers both seem pretty great. love the vibration effect in the ones triggers. also pretty excited to see how the smaller thumbsticks play out.
where the ds4 really stands out to me is its dpad. definitely trying my best to be cautiously optimistic about the xbox ones dpad, but im also confident that dualshocks have the best dpads to ever be manufactured.

edit: just read the part of the article id skipped earlier about battery packs. as optimistic as my previous statement was, i cannot believe that microsoft has again, not put a rechargeable battery into their controller. this is ridiculous. how many corners are you going to cut to save money? its 2013-- the days of regular disposable battery use have been over for years now. how on earth can you justify cheep rayovac batteries in a $500 console? insanity. and to think the article doesnt even bother to frown upon this. it even goes as far as to state that a non removable battery pack as a negative! believe me friends, if im having a 10 hour long gaming sesh, i wouldnt stress too hard about having to plug in my charger. i would much rather do that then have to go out and shell out an extra $20 or more for a rechargeable battery. removable battery would have been nice, but a rechargable battery free of charge is a lot nicer.
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ExtoVert  +   964d ago
The xbox controller is good but ive held a dualshock for 10+ yrs so im use to its feel. the one and only problem ive had with the xbox controller is the battery pack, im glad they got rid of it but its still not a rechargeable enternal pack. Other then that i think it a good controller. Ima stick to my dualshock.
slampunk  +   964d ago
My main issue with the PS3 was the controller being small and the triggers.....Sony have done an amazing job with the new DS4.....
zbonham85  +   964d ago
How come most of the pictures are of xbox controller? How much time did you actually have with ps4 controller? Only 2 pictures? Just sayin..
MisfitsInc  +   963d ago
i've never had a problem with the Dual Shock design, or the xbox controller
kingPoS  +   963d ago
More proprietary ports ugh!!! Now you can't even chat on a mike unless it's licensed. On the flip side, being able to use pretty any 3.5mm mike is a serious boon.
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CaptainYesterday  +   963d ago
They both are beautiful controllers but I prefer the PS4 controller it look's comfy and looks incredible!
BKsecret  +   963d ago
I like the 3.5mm headphone jack on the PS4 controller. At least I can just use my own regular headphones!
SpinalRemains  +   963d ago
You prefer what you're accustomed to.

The idea that the left analog belongs higher up is silly.
Do these same naysayers petition to put the right analog where the buttons are because that's the better location?

You prefer what you're used to.
If I played 360 more than ps3 then I would prefer the MS stick too.

I played Vita for 3 months without touching a dualshock, and when I went back to ps3, it felt strange. Its called acclimating to something else.
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