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Molyneux: The industry must expand or die

In part 2 of our talk, the 22Cans boss discusses the lack of growth in consoles, how Nintendo's hardware "gets in the way" and more (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

DoomeDx  +   748d ago
So Molyneux, what are you waiting for?
gamedebater  +   748d ago
I know...

Why do people listen to this guy? What games are good from him?

He's an old man that thinks he thinks creatively but really he's just an old man that doesn't game and thinks he can re-invent the wheel.
guitarded77  +   748d ago
I'm certainly not a fan of Molyneux's outspoken personal opinions, but he has done some great work. And you're just being an ageist. Just because people get older, doesn't mean they are useless. If you live long enough, you may learn this lesson.
gamedebater  +   748d ago
what is his great work?
hay  +   747d ago
@up: Bullfrog creations were deemed to be his great work, but then again, after first Fable @ Lionhead, this team left to found Media Molecule, therefore we can easily assume this dude was surfing on others' talent.

Conclusion: Molyneux did not contribute to things he's credited for.
jc48573  +   748d ago
Nothing but BS.
dedicatedtogamers  +   748d ago
Nintendo's prez, Iwata, was saying this way back in 2006. It is no longer revolutionary to say the industry must expand or die, because we're seeing signs of stagnation and loss of profits throughout the entire game market.
Sam Fisher  +   748d ago
I love this guy lmao lmao, either expand or die... Molynuex, you havent done either one how are you still alive lmao, after the kickstarter gave him a second chance, he put his big boy pants on, and talking bs all day, i recall this was the same man that was crying wanting to kill himself b/c of his failures
miyamoto  +   748d ago
And M$ is trying to speed up its death by choking potential customers with its anti-consumer restrictions.

Yeah, I read ya Pete.

I heard your bro Phil is doing great as
Sony Electronics President and Chief Operating Officer
Sony Corp. Group Executive

Walker  +   748d ago
Don't believe his lies !
xhi4  +   748d ago
This guy...
Chapster  +   748d ago
When was the last time this guy made a decent game?
I_am_Batman  +   748d ago
Fable (2004) In my opinion.
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Blankolf  +   748d ago
Fable II was decent, but yeah Fable was the last masterpiece, from there it was constant descending of quality, until the last, which the simple thought of the game stresses me, but I believe in the last Fable he wasn't envolved..
hay  +   747d ago
And I'd like to add, while Fable was fun as hell, it was still overhyped and undelivered what it promised. True story.
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_QQ_  +   748d ago
Let me know when apple starts busting out 10/10 AAA games.
panbit86  +   748d ago
I dread the day when Apple gets into console gaming!
friedricr  +   748d ago
How is this man still relevant ...
TheBossMan  +   748d ago
In his own mind he always will be.
Godmars290  +   748d ago
He gives good interview. At least that's what all his interviewers say.
windblowsagain  +   748d ago
Peter go away. your games suck. sorry they do.
Godmars290  +   748d ago
Actually, it needs to figure out when to advertise, and when to rely on word of mouth. Of being pleased with a game's base fandom, rather than alienating said fandom by "mainstreaming" a title hunting for more customers.
Hicken  +   748d ago
No, I think it's the opposite.

I think it needs to pull back from this huge investment in the casual market. Yes, it's lots of quick, easy money, but it's not reliable. I've been saying it for years, and I will continue to do so, but putting too many of your eggs in the casual basket is just asking for failure.

And that's exactly what gaming is doing. It's led to a boom, and it will invariably lead to a bust.
ShaunCameron  +   748d ago
But if the debate over price points, used games, etcetera indicates anything, it indicates that the hardcore market isn't willing to pay higher prices to keep the industry afloat should the casual market decide to move on.
Hicken  +   748d ago
Those debates are about the value of a game. Production costs have gone up, and companies complain about sources of revenue, or a lack thereof. The problem is that while they make such complaints, they come up with new ways to get money out of us, while holding back content from their games, and spending tens of millions on marketing. The development method has gotten bloated, so that much of the money they pour into making a game is wasted. A hundred million dollar game is made, but half that was spent on TV spots. Then they HAVE to sell 8 million copies to make any money.

Relying on the casuals is the wrong way to go. By their very nature, they're not a group to rely upon, as they're not gonna be around that long. So if the market shrinks, that's where it needs to be, based on what the consumer is willing to put into it.

It's not like it'll collapse. Sure, it may crash, but if it does so, that's because it tried expanding based on the casual influence, something they should have known wouldn't be a constant, in the first place. It's not up to us core gamers to pick up the slack; rather, it's up to the gaming industry, itself, to be responsible enough to not overstep its bounds. If it does, then it needs to be smart enough to scale back accordingly.

Unfortunately, rather than control itself and realize it's getting out of hand, members of the industry would rather turn on the people they rely on to sustain it.
strigoi814  +   748d ago
Yup peter your games should die soon right??
nevin1  +   748d ago
You people in here do realise the casual market is bigger than core?

Video games won't die entirely but I can see a future where casuals games are more the focus than core.
mydyingparadiselost  +   748d ago
Umm, wasn't his last game all about tapping a cube? Way to grow the industry there Pete.
yugurtu  +   748d ago
It is funny how he attacks and praises nintendo at the same time. People talk about the future of gaming moving to smartphones, and to be honest, I dont find one smartphone game to be appealing. In the end, they cant port the best selling franchises. Halo, Gran Turismo or SSB on a smartphone? Keep dreaming.

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