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Submitted by Abriael 969d ago | news

Titanfall is Only on Xbox One and PC due to Power of the Cloud, Good Relationship With Microsoft

If you wondered why Titanfall is (at least for now) exclusive to Xbox One and PC, Infinity Ward’s Vince Zampella has the answer. (PC, TitanFall, Vince Zampella, Xbox One)

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FrigidDARKNESS  +   969d ago
Gosh, i cant wait to seed more gameplay videos.this game is on the top of my list as musot Xbox one titles.
The MS/Respawn relationship will be very similar to the EpicGame Studio.
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thief  +   968d ago
"The MS/Respawn relationship will be very similar to the EpicGame Studio"

Or it may turn out to be similar to Mass Effect. Also published by EA.
JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Well devs are either bought out entirely or they make deals....seems Respawn loves working on X1 platform, looks like they have a hit on their hands judging by all the interest from both xbox and ps fans, naturally though since E3 is about games, and shooters are big on both platforms, exclusive shooters can do alot for a console as Gears has demonstrated, looks as if Titanfall really grabbed the spotlight. I think KZ shadow whatever is a launch exclusive for ps4, although I'm not buying a ps4 anytime soon, I just hope it gets the attention it deserves too.
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NewMonday  +   968d ago
I just read in NeoGaf that this will be Windows 8 only on PC and only from the MS store

hype just went down to zero.
b3ast  +   968d ago
Killzone SF looks way better IMO I don't get the hype for titanfall
nukeitall  +   968d ago
This doesn't sound like a vanilla business relationship, but more of a technology fit.

MS is heavy on cloud infrastructure with a time tested platform out there. It wouldn't surprise me if MS is doing with the cloud what they did with Xbox 360, building a best in class tools.

Personally, I cannot wait for Titanfalls and Quantum Break.
DragonKnight  +   968d ago | Well said
The second they said "power of the cloud" anyone with half a brain could see that it's B.S.

Cloud computing on the X1 is the same as 4D, 1080, 120FPS that was promised for the PS3. It's all smoke and mirrors. Latency, lack of necessary bandwidth, and the bottlenecks are all very real problems.

This is quite obviously money exchanging hands. But where EA is concerned, there's no such thing as a true exclusive. EA are money whores, they'll go where they can make money. Count on Titanfall being ported. I personally couldn't care less if Mech of Duty came to the PS4 or not, but for those who do, expect it. It'll happen.
awi5951  +   968d ago

Just shut up dragon microsoft already said it has 300 thousand servers for the new xbox live sony doesnt have anything like that set up right now.
Smelly1sam  +   968d ago
da_2pacalypse  +   968d ago
Lol I like how they use the MS cloud as an example... yet Sony owns Gaikai, one of the most technologically advanced cloud systems in the market. What a bunch of BS.
SilentNegotiator  +   968d ago
So Microsoft shelled out dozens of millions of dollars for it?

Was that so hard to say? Why does Microsoft always insist that the reason for exclusivity on its systems be kept quiet by the publishers? Gamers want exclusives, and you're giving them (temp) exclusives. There's no reason to BS anyone.

(BTW, EA said to Eurogamer that they couldn't discuss details about this game coming to Ps4; obvious translation being that they contractually can't say "maybe" or reveal that it could in a year)
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Waller  +   968d ago

All you did was show that Gaikai is shared between almost 30 companies. Sony just owns it now.
GameNameFame  +   968d ago
Guaranteed Time Exclusive
EPIC is a second party studio.

Respawn exclusive is third party and like 99 percent third party exclusives, it ports.
tristanwerbe  +   968d ago
That has nothing to do with Mass Effect, Bioware was owned by MS for years since the original made Jade Empire KOTR and other games EA bought them off MS right after Mass Effect came out then EA made it multiplat not similar at all since Respawn is already with EA
mistecheese  +   968d ago
"good" relationship with Microsoft = $$$

relationship with SONY = "We <3 Devs"
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awi5951  +   968d ago

Whats your point they dont have as many servers as microsoft if you think so your fooling yourselves if they did they wouldnt be owned by sony. They are a small crap company they didnt and never will have the resources to pull this off for all games especially with like millions of players online simultaneously .
Dir_en_grey  +   968d ago
Warframe looks way more interesting to me then both this and Killzone.

Warframe being a PS4 launch is the actual game that made me want to own PS4 on day one because even if the other launch IPs turn out to be bad, at least I know Warframe is going to be a fun game I can enjoy with out even having to spend anymore money.

Guaranteed fail safe that might actually be even more fun then all other new IPs
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BattleAxe  +   968d ago
I was going to buy this on PC until finding this out. Oh well, looks like I won't be playing it unless it releases on either Origin, Steam or PS4.
Kevin ButIer  +   968d ago
It's EA... you fool
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   968d ago
Expect this to be xbox next game box advertisement. "Better because cloud" lolol and some of the sheeple will eat it up
DVAcme  +   968d ago
@newmonday Windows 8 exclusive?! Jeez, they really want us to upgrade to that piece of crap, don't they? I'm thankful my laptop was the last one of its model to come out with Windows 7. Pretty much everyone I talk to that had Windows 8 downgraded to Windows 7 or went with a Linux OS instead of putting up with that horrendous piece of software.
hakis86  +   968d ago
Dualshockers, wtf? Where did you get that headline from? Can't see it in your article.

And if the headline was there, I would say to Respawn "ORLY?" - the power of the cloud enabled you to make this game? LOL.
It looks like an awesome game, but nothing that relates to graphics or physics or other heavy stuff suggests that it could not be done without the cloud.
morganfell  +   968d ago

Bioware was not owned by MS. And the truth is that Jade Empire was published on the PC by 2K Games. Bioware owned their IPs at the time, not MS.

Mass Effect was a PC/360 title because of the ease of development for devs that did not have the time to learn the PS3. There may or may not have been some funded development assistance from MS as well. It obviously did not affect IP ownership.


Learn the difference between a hardware server and a virtual server. Several developers have called MS on this one already because it is a load of horse dump and everyone knows it. When 52 people time shares a cond for a week each, stelling everyone they own a beach house is untruthful.

Cloud computing? Not even going to address that:

Good luck with that pipe dream/marketing story. And be aware that any game relying on any type of web assistance is dead the minute ther servers shut down. Do you understand that cost of 300,000 real individual hardware servers? Ever seen the public a game server was being shut down a year after a game launched. Certainly.

Gamewise everyone is piling on the Sony bandwagon and when that 1 year Titanfall exclusivity deal is done they will come crawling to the Sony fanbase and speak about the PS4 with glowing terms telling us it is powerful enough to do even more than they need but in standalone. It won't matter because like XRAVE above so many of us just were not impressed.

Titanfall is being made out to be more than it is because it is seen as the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal E3 for the Xbone. You do not really hear the horn being blown for anything else. And this should be telling because it isn't a launch title for the Xbone either. What does that say about the Xbone stable of games this fall?

It's going to get worse for MS. With Gamescom and TGS the number of announced titles for the PS4 will grow exponentially. TGS will be particularly ugly.

The shooter with my attention that will actually arrive for launch and not next year is Killzone Shadowfall. The MP reveal at Gamescom is going to be one not to miss. The 21 minute demo shows the advancements in mere months:

After the demo they do a walkthrough.

The alternate demo here, just wow. As usual their lighting engine is insane.

I am trying to imagine that streaming across the Vita on remote play.
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OlgerO  +   968d ago
Yes it can only be played on the advanced hardware of the xbone ..... and the xbox 360 .... right
creatchee  +   968d ago
The 360 version is being developed by another studio and won't have the same scale and features as the One and PC versions. I'd post a link but I'm on my phone :/
InTheLab  +   968d ago
Why not just come out and say they paid for exclusivity?

I'd be ok with that. It's the flat out lying that pisses me off.
dcbronco  +   968d ago
Of course they paid for exclusivity. Both Sony and MS pay for exclusivity 90% of the time. Respawn(despite being well know vets, they said so themselves) is a new company and needed the support for a new IP. MS has the money to support them. Sony would have done the same thing if they had gotten there first or had the money. I'm sure Sony paid for that Final Fantasy exclusive.

You also have to wonder if IP ownership came up if Sony did try. I know that would have been a non starter for Respawn.
nukeitall  +   968d ago

First of all, these are the guys that created Call of Duty. Investors will throw money at them just like how EA and Activision tried to court Bungie.

Secondly, if MS invest into to Respawn, they are of course going to expect something back. Isn't it obvious!

Same kind of scenario with Sony. It's business as usual. Nobody gives money for free without expecting something back.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   968d ago
Sony is capableof cloud computing but its no where near as advanced as MS cloud.

"Can the PS4 do cloud?" A simple yes answer from Sony and suddenly its just like the X1's cloud feature riigght.

Sony can do cloud computing and suddenly it's that much better then X1? One bit of info and fanboys take it and run with it and use it as misinformation and stretching the truth. Get outta here the cloud is used for storage, instant play, and streams. That's its main functions. It could be outsourced for different things I'm sure, but is it on the level the way MS is making it sound? I don't think so.

Wow you fanboys seriously think one Console is the best in world at everything. All you need is one bit of info doesn't matter its relevancy and stretch far and wide until it sounds better than the other console.
GameSpawn  +   968d ago

Sony doesn't necessarily have to pay for Final Fantasy exclusives. They have stock ownership in Square-Enix (currently #3 @ just over 8%; Yasuhiro Fukushima is #1 @ 20%), it's not enough to tell Square what to do, but enough to have their ear.

Waller  +   967d ago
Well, it IS a Source-powered game, so's pretty scalable.
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DeadlyFire  +   968d ago
It is a decent title, but I have seen nothing in the game that can't be done on PS4 or WiiU if Nintendo ever invested or partnered up with a Cloud company. AI being utilized in the cloud is a nice idea in theory, but still its not perfect.

EA is publishing. So this game won't be exclusive for long. We all see how fast Activision got rid of their exclusive to Xbox One deal with Destiny once it moved along in development. EA will fear losing PS4 consumers to Destiny and ship Titanfall to PS4. That's what I believe. E3 2014 lets see.
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dennett316  +   968d ago
AI being utilized in the cloud is an awful's also a stealthy way of requiring an always online connection, rather like Sim City and it's fabled "server side calculations" that turned out to be a load of garbage.
Besides, we know the PS4 - well, any device with an internet connection really - is capable of cloud function if said connection is strong enough.

This "unlimited power of the cloud" nonsense is marketing gobbledegook to disguise the fact the One has weaker hardware than it's competitor...yet costs more thanks to Kinect, which the majority of gamers couldn't care less about.
DeadlyFire  +   968d ago
I agree, but really I have not seen anything in the games shown so far that has benefited from Cloud tech. I don't expect to see anything like that until everyone is running 50 Mbps internet. Its one of those ideas that exists way earlier than it is supposed to exist. Just like electronic cars, 3DTV, and so on. Which have had variations over the years since its conception that have failed until recently when they tech actually catches up to the idea.

Internet is everywhere and spreading every year. There will be a time when no space has zero internet in the future. Most countries are pushing to have at least 50% or more % in every major country running at 50-100 Mbps by 2025ish. Nearly 2 gaming generations away from this one. Then and beyond is the only time I see its cloud features running 100% like they are claiming now to be possible, but they could setup software to learn along the way how a player plays on the Cloud, but any real auto-adjustment to the AI wouldn't take place for another decade at the earliest.
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BallsEye  +   968d ago

What? Most of europe is running at 50-100mbps + (YES PLUS, we already have easy access to 300 mbps, 10mbps is lowest possible deal and it costs almost nothing). I live in a small town (2000 peeps) and you know how much I pay for my 100 mbps connection? 16 USD a MONTH (and I get plenty of HD channels). USA is behind with the internet infrastructure for some weird reason but most of Europe is definitely ready. Bah, there is even FREE mobile internet available from ANY place in my country (HSPA+ 900MHz / LTE 2500TDD. We're ready and I'm sure if xbox one will succeed, USA will get better internet deals in no time!
Testfire  +   968d ago
@dennett316, was going to post the same thing until I saw your comment, agree 100%. "Server side cloud computations" is just marketing bullshit to disguise drm. Xbone and PS4 hardware are more than capable of handling any computations of AI or whatever else, unless we're going to be playing against IBM's Deep Blue.
NewMonday  +   968d ago

hear is a clip ..

good luck with that!
fr0sty  +   968d ago
"Power of the cloud." translates into "reason to force always-on requirements".

There is NOTHING about "the cloud" that is exclusive to Xbone. Sony doesn't promote it because they know it's just smoke and mirrors. MS clings to it for dear life because they know they've been outclassed with their hardware, and need some reason to implement mandatory online connections.

Titanfall is exclusive because of a big fat payment from MS. That's it. That's why they've already discussed bringing the game to other platforms. Also, PC doesn't use "teh cloud" either, so their argument of it being due to the "power of the cloud" falls flat on it's face right there. They contradict themselves in the same sentence.
chcolatesnw  +   968d ago
"Also, PC doesn't use "teh cloud" either, so their argument of it being due to the "power of the cloud" falls flat on it's face right there. They contradict themselves in the same sentence"
That's cos pc had enough power under the hood and needs not have things rendered for it by a more powerful cloud server. Xbone needs cloud support cos its weak
SALT  +   968d ago
The 24hr DRM check is anti-piracy as XB1 requires games installed to HDD. You will be able to access 10 of your friends library of games from cloud and download to your HDD and play whenever they are not.

You cant do that on PS4 - well you can by physically going around to mates borrow their games.

Whats better?
fr0sty  +   968d ago
On Xbox One, only you and one of those 10 people can be playing at once.

PSN already lets you install any of your games on a friend's PS3 as it is, and you can play at the same time as that friend.

In other words, both are the same other than Xbox letting 9 other friends wait in line for the 10th guy to finish playing the game so one of them can play too. At any point though, 9 people have to wait on the 10th to finish before they can play.

It's the same policy PS3 already enjoys with a waiting list tacked on.
HammadTheBeast  +   968d ago
Actually Frosty, only of those 10 people can play at once. You OR someone else. Not 2 at same time.

Although I may be wrong, I got this from Major Nelson, but they've been contradicting each other way too much.
fr0sty  +   968d ago
^In that case it's even more restrictive than PSN's policy. I can play against a friend I lend a game to on PSN.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   968d ago
Yeah guys, disagree with this man because he wants an Xbox One /s

I'm buying One and I don't mind the restrictions cause they don't really apply to me.
Sono421  +   968d ago
That's like saying "Let the Nazi's kill the jews, I don't care because i'm not a jew"

Obviously this is taken yo an extreme but it still applies. Microsoft is doing bad things but because some of those bad things don't effect you your just going to let them slide and give your money to them anyways... some people..
TXIDarkAvenger  +   968d ago


In all seriousness, its not anything like the situation you mentioned. If you don't like the system and MS policies, don't buy the system. I don't share games with others, I always have internet access, and this whole kinect watching u shit can be easily avoided by covering the camera or unplugging the console. Seriously, most smartphones/laptops have cameras. Some people are just absurd.
Sono421  +   968d ago
Well like I said... just because it doesn't effect you doesn't make it any less wrong. You no longer even own your games, you own a license to play them, it's a step backwards in the industry. Especially when all of these new 'features' don't benefit you in any way nor do they make the system better. What gives Microsoft the right to tell you what you can and can't do with what your buying? I don't understand how any consumer can stand behind Microsoft when everything about the Xbox One is so anti consumer oriented and this wasn't just added, the Xbox One was built around this.
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   968d ago
As a Steam/PC user, there almost very little difference. Maybe that's why I don't see it as such a big deal.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   968d ago

The difference is Steam has competitors... Microsoft will have a monopoly on the preowned game market for xbox one. With no competition there is no reason to price things competitively. Think about it
FGHFGHFGH  +   968d ago
"As a Steam/PC user, there almost very little difference"

If you are a pc user than you might be familiar with GFWL, which is not very popular because steam makes it look like crap. I don't get why people try to compare the xbox1 to steam when it should be compared to microsoft's own pc drm. Like oceangrownkush said steam has competitors, microsoft was one of them, but are disliked by a majority of pc gamers. (at least the ones I know)
hiredhelp  +   968d ago
Im buyin this for PC but im bit unhappy with the headline makes me concerned.
Good relationship with Microsoft...? Dont choose that Path i hope they dont
iMixMasTer  +   968d ago
If I hear "power of the cloud" anymore I am going to lose my shit.
Urusernamesucks  +   968d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   968d ago
The Power Of the Cell™
cyguration  +   968d ago
*cough*reputation management?*cough*

Titanfall looks all right, but since it's on PC there's no reason to get the console version.

If you have a PC already you could spend $500 that you would have spent on an XB1 and upgrade your PC to out-match Microsoft's console.
mp1289  +   968d ago
Only the Xbox One can handle so much power...and apparently the 360 as But no thanks, ill still get the PS4.
Gameratheart  +   968d ago
^ I know right?... It's on the x1, because its such an awesome system and it has access to the infinite power of the cloud.... Oh yeah, it's on pc and 360 too... BUT! The x1!!! Lol... Microsoft are like a bad joke now... And I WAS a rabid Xbox fanboy for the last ten years.... For you current and still Xbox fanboys that will say I never played on the Xbox? My gamer tag is tonymontana530.... I have almost 50,000 achievement points... So yeah, I was a big Xbox gamer.... But the price, drm, constant check in with bigbrother(Microsoft), and ms seemingly arrogant attitude, I'm an Xbox fanboy no more.... Fanboys should only be skin deep... When a company pulls the stuff ms is doing, it's time to move to greener pastures... I preordered a ps4 last weekend... Can't wait to get my hands on it... Sony wants every gamer possible on ps4, ms wants only people with good and fast Internet who are willing to forego their rights... Me? I'll be a playstation gamer for the first time since my launch ps2 broke after 8 months... Things change, but it should never be about gaming on a company, but gaming for the games.
ricochetmg  +   968d ago
I call BS...
alb1899  +   968d ago
This news will make some people green as HULK, lol!
DirtyLary  +   968d ago
Luckily it's on PC.
showtimefolks  +   968d ago
Yeh lets see ps4 is one of the top ore ordered systems and EA was so close to sny for last 3 gens what changed all of the sudden? Don't give me the crap about cloud or good relationship with MS. Whether its ms or Sony it's all about money and who is willing to pay.

Patcher said MS had to cover for what the game would have sold on PS4 for it to be on Xbox one and to be console exclusive. MS said they had a billion dollar budget for games so how much did just one game cost? GTA dlc was 50 million so this has to be a least 3 times as much

Also this will be on ps4 within 6-12 months since its a 3rd party game

It's kind of weird that bungie is with Sony lol money reasons and EA with MS
Enemy  +   968d ago
And yet it will release months later on PS4 with better graphics. Go figure.

TitanFall is temporarily on Xbox One because Microsoft has no 1st party developers and they paid for it.

With the PS4's vastly superior specs, only an idiot would believe Respawn. It's pathetic that they'd even agree to repeat what Microsoft asked them to say.
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4me2  +   968d ago
Titanfall reminds me a little bit of first person Starhawk.
TheDivine  +   968d ago
Me too. Titanfall looks freakin bananas man. Fast, frantic, huge bad ass mechs, wall running exc. One of the best looking next gen games along with quantum break and the new ubisoft mmo. All 3 look really amazing. Killer instinct also looks great, one of my fav fighters ever finally returns.

The xbone def has the edge on announced games but I can't support the online checks. I don't like blocking used games but I buy new anyways so my only real worry is ten years later when I can't play a game because the online is down. If ms didnt do these things they would be in the best spot next gen but alas, ps4 it is. My friends who never liked Xbox all wanted a xbone but none of us will support this shit. Ms is literally losing half their potential customers. Hope they get the message.
FlyGuyHung  +   968d ago
My personal pick for Game of The Show, this coming from someone who is very sick of FPS games. It just looks beyond fun if you ask me and will most likely get me back online playing multilayer which i grew tired of after the last COD game before BlackOps2.
zeddy  +   968d ago
why is frigiddarkness getting loads of disagrees? he's only expressing his opinion and its not like he's trolling or anything.
C0MPUT3R  +   968d ago
Then why is it also on 360? Power of the moneyhat.
JohnS1313  +   968d ago
No game should be at the top of your list of Xbone games. That thing is a piece of crap. Don't waste your money on it. Are you brainwashed by Microsoft or something? There's help for that you know.
dazzrazz  +   969d ago
I love when they enforce ideas that apparently are good for future and its the only way it can work. Anybody remember OnLive ? Future of cloud gaming and computing that fell down so fast
Abriael  +   969d ago
On the other hand Gaikai lives and prospers, though.
PFFT  +   968d ago
Gaikai was saved by Sony if i am not mistaken. Cause that too was a sinking boat.
nukeitall  +   968d ago
Gakai is still a sinking boat. Where is the business model? Heck where is the product or service?

Point being, there hasn't been traction for cloud based game streaming at all.
jcnba28  +   968d ago
But Gaikai is just perfect right?
IcicleTrepan  +   968d ago
Actually they're building cloud-enabled games so that if the cloud is not available it isn't 'you can't play your game' which is just people jumping to conclusions. If the cloud isn't available, then the developer can opt to do something like implement a less computationally intensive version locally, or perhaps worst case, just skip that part of the computations. It's not the end of the world as you would love people to believe.
Belking  +   968d ago
Onlive was only in trouble because the network was so large they couldn't afford to keep it running because of the daily costs. Gaikai was in trouble because no one was really using the service for games enough.
SITH  +   968d ago
50 million+ gamers per month and 200+ games is no one using the service? Lol! Do you guys look anything up? Are you saying Sony acquired a failure?
WarThunder  +   969d ago
Its good that is also on PC, really like this game, getting the PC version.
#3 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(45) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Abriael  +   969d ago
Yeah. PC here too. Mouse and Keyboard are always superior for what I'm concerned.
Blachek  +   968d ago
Am i a loser for wishing I could get a mouse & keyboard for my xbox?

I miss shooters with that input style, soo much more accurate.
Jovanian  +   968d ago

No dude mouse and keyboard for the xbox would be awesome it would make FPS on the console a viable option for me. As it is now they only allow controller and I cannot tolerate the controller for shooters
AzaziL  +   968d ago
Aiming with a mouse just feels more natural, it flows with the arm wherever you move it while consoles controls feel like aiming with a crane game arm.

However moving with a controller joystick always felt better than tapping the WASD keys.
AllroundGamer  +   968d ago
same, i found it the best game at E3, maybe cause i liked Mechwarrior games :)
DA_SHREDDER  +   968d ago
lets see if people will buy this, mech games aren't known to be COD killers, hopefully people buy this so there will be more awesome AAA mech games in the future.
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
pandehz  +   968d ago
Studio-YaMi  +   968d ago
PC here too,got a gaming laptop with a GTX 780M graphics chip which is really good,saving money now for a desktop PC with GTX 780 SLI.

Sure,lots of money spent,but I rather spend it on a high end gaming PC than the stupid "RestrictionsBox".
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Tripe_Down  +   968d ago
they mean the power of the money from microsoft xD
sashimi  +   968d ago
Well you know what they say, money is power lol
Ezz2013  +   968d ago
no , it's now money is "teh cloud"
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Irishguy95  +   968d ago
Knowledge is power
FITgamer  +   968d ago
If knowledge is power anyone who backs M$ must be a Lemming.
Gamer1982  +   968d ago
Actually the article is a load of crap the developers said at E3 the only reason its not on PS3 is budget restraints but they do want it on as many consoles as possible in the future. Meaning a Playstation launch is very realistic and its probably a timed exclusive. If you concentrate on 1 console at a time you can get your game out faster and thus make income faster. Plus if you get MS to pony up some cash for you doing it also in advance then thats also a win. It's nothing to do with cloud gaming read the article carefully its doesn't say it is thanks to the power fo the cloud like the title says. He just says he looked at the game a little differently meaning he may have put cloud features into the game. PS4 also has cloud remember? And I am not just talking Gakai
peowpeow  +   968d ago
"Power of teh cloud"

and so it begins haha
Cueil  +   968d ago
amusingly their actually using the "power of the cloud" effectively for their game... don't just make fun of something you don't understand
peowpeow  +   968d ago
No my comment applies regardless of whether it is used or not.

Term will be thrown around like hot potatoes
MidnytRain  +   968d ago

But I don't throw my hotcakes, lol.
Gamer1982  +   968d ago
We will here this power of the cloud BS for a few years as developers try to justify there games and fanboys there consoles. As they know the PS4 is 50% more powerful but it doesn't actually matter in this case as he didn't say the cloud makes a difference just they can incorporate it into the game.
ginsunuva  +   968d ago
Lol, "teh cell" is now "teh cloud"

Except the cell was real.
joefrost00  +   968d ago
Yep cause every fanboy in hear is a developer
Look none got your hands on an xbox so until then I think its kind of stupid to criticize something you know nothing about
The only developer I have seen really come out against cloud is Blow
But we all know he still bitter at MS
Until I get the system I will.keep my criticism reserved
thehitman  +   968d ago
Lol.. I also seen that they said they are a new team and they didnt want to worry about developing for multiple platforms. Which kinda equates to we dont give a crap about ps fans so we going to sell out to MS. Hope the game sells like crap on that drm filled xb1.
gnothe1  +   968d ago that how we should feel about naughty dog? since they only develope for sony?
Ilovetheps4  +   968d ago
The difference being that Naughty Dog is a first party studio.
theWB27  +   968d ago
Qauntic Dream isn't owned by Sony yet they only develop for them. Kojima was to up until now. .. save for a few ports.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   968d ago
U mean Insomniac.
IcicleTrepan  +   968d ago
Yes they're capable of building such a nice game like TitanFall but are too stupid to be able to do multiplat. What planet do you live on?
thehitman  +   968d ago
@ gnothe1 Naughtydog is a first party studio Sony OWNS them. Even if they chose to go multiplat they cant. Respawn is under EA they are 3rd party developers that develop for all platforms.

@Icicle who called them stupid? Seems like your inferring that they are stupid on your own conclusion. I just called them greedy considering ps4/xb1 have the same architecture wouldnt take them too much to port across all platforms and if they were to ever bring it to ps4 down the line I wouldnt even give it a consideration.

@wb quantic is still funded by Sony to help w/ development which is why they were able to make a game like Heavy Rain where no other publisher probably would risk their money on. They arent owned by any big publisher so they can do what they want and take the risks. Respawn again is under EA they are funded by EA which means money isnt a problem. MS doesnt fund their production they just give them money to not develop on the other platform. When you start taking money to not develop is when you lose respect as a development team in my book and not worth my money.
#6.3 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
joefrost00  +   968d ago
This whole sony does no wrong and MS are rich evil bastards that the only thing they do pay for shit
And they wonder why the gaming industry find die.hard sony fans much fun

I will give y'all one thing if it wasnt for y'all the week in between news wouldn't be half as entertaining lol
thehitman  +   968d ago
@ joe I dont think Sony does no wrong I just think they do a lot more things right. Also I dont blame MS I blame Respawn. MS is doing what they know how to do and thats throw their money around cant fault them for that.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   968d ago
I think third party exclusives are dumb on any system. It doesn't show off the system like a Halo or Uncharted, it just hurts the brand by limiting its market.

So big payoffs are involved, but it doesn't make it suck less. Being multiplat is good for the life of a game like Metal Gear and Madden. MS has some good looking 1st party games. Use that money to keep a studio alive, not feed a fat corporate cow.
horndog  +   968d ago
No it wont. It will probably sell better than killzone shadow of whatever its callled. You can always play it on windows though.
g-nome  +   968d ago
And a few million dollars doesn't hurt either.
Cueil  +   968d ago
or the best advertising team in videogames... I expect we'll see launch ads for this that reach at least Gears level if not Halo
Panthers  +   968d ago
Power of the Cloud is going to be the biggest joke of the next gen. Its pure PR talk, something I am tired of hearing from Microsoft.
Abriael  +   968d ago
And Sony, I'm sure, since they're both talking about it.
sashimi  +   968d ago
Sony only said something because they were asked, M$ advertises it as a main feature and spouts it every time they talk about the xbox lol
ZodTheRipper  +   968d ago
Sony doesn't use it to advertise the PS4. Gaikai is probably capable of doing the same stuff Xbox does, maybe even better since Gaikai is a company who has focused on using the cloud.
Cueil  +   968d ago
Why don't you actually listen to what they are saying... it's not talk... and it's not as if we don't see forms of it today... the "power" isn't new it's the way Microsfot is using it's infastructure that is why they can do this... at least listen/read
PunisherRevenge  +   968d ago
Exactly..... That's the problem with Sony fans they are too busy running off at the mouth instead of paying attention, reading, and doing some actual reseach. For some add strange reason they expect to get spoon fed everything. If you was in college (which I know most of you are not and it shows) the instructor is not gonna stop every five seconds to answer every question you have. At this level you are expected to do your own research and find the answer to your question. The same thing applies here. You guys against something you don't understand. The cloud is real and Microsoft has explained it so many times, but some of you Sony fans are too dumb to comprehend or too lazy too try. All you guys do is play follow the leader instead of finding the truth for yourselves.
TheLeapist  +   968d ago
Did you really just say 'if you was in college'? Haha. Irony at its best. It's not that sony fans don't understand it. It's that the ps4 will be able to do the same exact thing if they so desire. Microsoft is just spamming the idea to try and mask the disaster of always having to be online and the fact that its more expensive than its competitor despite being weaker. It's annoying that they can't shut up about something that isn't new or special to the x1 at all.
Gameratheart  +   968d ago
Ms is pulling a sega.... This cloud bs is just the new blast processing.
IcicleTrepan  +   968d ago
Ignorance is bliss eh?
Ilovetheps4  +   968d ago
To everyone who thinks that the cloud actually is going to be able to make the X1 4x more powerful, it is actually highly limited. Eurogamer has a really great unbiased article on the cloud. If you have 15 minutes or so, give it a read.
andibandit  +   968d ago
Theres no doubt it will make the X1 alot stronger, sadly it wont be at anything we can directly use in the games.
Ilovetheps4  +   968d ago
Bandit, I agree that it will make it more powerful in a way. It just won't be useful in the ways people are imagining. It's not going to be able to do the work that physical components would. I think that having physical hardware rather than "cloud hardware" is much better due to many less limitations on what the physical hardware can do.
Cueil  +   968d ago
How about I give you real tech site to read:

Read the comments as well some of the techs from the site respond to a few qauestions that you would probalby have
ger2396  +   968d ago
After the rough start of the xbone, they might consider their exclusive deal with Microsoft.
PFFT  +   968d ago
NOPE!!! Why?? Cause unlike the sony fangirls they have faith in the XBO and well faith in MS deep deep deep pockets.
No_Limit  +   968d ago
Titanfall, looking to play this game on the Xbox One. I love Mech games and this looks like Mech Assult on steroid with a little COD thrown in there. Hoping my buddy will buy this so I can play it on his family share game. If it is good, I'll get a copy myself.
#10 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
ZodTheRipper  +   968d ago
Seems like "No_Limit" ends at Xbox's restrictions, huh.
No_Limit  +   968d ago
It is not a restriction for me, maybe to you and others. Just like digital music, digitally purchased movies, and apps for my phone, everything is saved on my account on the cloud. So I can log in to any xbox one without limit and play my entire gaming library from anywhere without bringing a case full disc with me. Also, digital sharing is a feature that is not limited to driving 3000 miles across country or sending my cousin Jim the game via Fed Ex so my he can play my copy of Titanfall. He just need to be on my Family game sharing list and he can check out the game as he likes. That is what I call the no-limit of the digital age.
#10.1.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report
ZodTheRipper  +   968d ago
You could do the same last gen (on PSN with 5 friends) and you could just give your games physically away. Now one of those possibilities is gone.
horndog  +   968d ago
Smart thinking man. Buddy wants to do the same but im buying titanfal hes going for forza. We'll be playing of each others library.
grimmweisse  +   968d ago
Power of the cloud, there's some seriously MS PR with Respawn going on there. I still won't believe it until MS shows some evidence. Saying you have 300 000 servers means nothing, I want to see real world results, not test lab results.

All talk and no show!
Abriael  +   968d ago
Ah, server virtualization is a real concept, MS isn't inventing it. What's not real is that only Xbox One can do it, basically every machine with access to a powerul enough cloud cluster can do it, including the PS4 according to Yoshida.

The only difference is that sony leaves the decision to publishers, because of course you need to be always online to use it.
#11.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
grimmweisse  +   968d ago
Yes, I know that and not doubting it from a conceptual view point, but what I want it to see results, and by result, real world results. I am just tired of hearing it without them actually showing it off, even just a little. That way I know what I am buying into as a customer.

Yes, Yoshida-san stated it is possible on the PS4 and why not if they wanted to introducing if it has benefits, but still needs to be proven as a viable method within game implementation, because we all know how well that worked with Sim City.
stuna1  +   968d ago
All this is, is an upgraded version of Folding Home on the PS3, where they used clusters of PS3's to fold proteins in hopes of finding a cure for cancer! The workload is just being handled by multiple PC's & PS's clusters. It didn't make your PS3 more powerful! It's just with the multiple PS's each were able to handle different folding sequences.

Edit, with these computations, yes the PS3's were required to be online with a active connection.

Edit2, the cloud will not magically allow a computer, PS4 or Xbox1 to do something that it wasn't intended to do in the first place! Example, you can't offload 1 TB of info into a 1 GB chip, without some form of latency, that's just common sense.
#11.1.2 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
stage88  +   968d ago
Well see this on PS4 a year after with the Gaikai cloud.

If everyone has the cloud then it really isn't an advantage.
talocaca  +   968d ago
Remember how the PS2 couldn't handle RE4?

Just be honest and say "We are a small studio and Microsoft put some cash in every orifice of our bodies"

Nothing wrong with that...but lying makes Jesus cry.
torchic  +   968d ago
comment of the day! ahahahaha
Jdoki  +   968d ago
Have there been any good examples of cross play in an FPS between consoles and PC? I like the idea of Titanfall - and would buy it on PC. But I am concerned that they would need to slow down the mouse / keyboard PC controls to match a console controller.

I remembered this article from 2010.
Fishy Fingers  +   968d ago
Whether its cross platform or not I don't know. But what I do know is they won't "slow down" or effect mouse precision or speed, that, like always, will depend on user settings/hardware (dpi etc).
Jdoki  +   968d ago
I just can't see how it would work really. Unless they somehow gimp the mouse / keyboard controls they will always be faster and more precise than a controller.

I love playing FPS games on both console and PC - but the differences are substantial.
urwifeminder  +   968d ago
The game looks amazing the scale of the battles very fluid movement will get this for pc though.
dartmyth  +   968d ago
it wont be on PS4 because X1 and pc have cloud (blow smoke up every ones a**) but the game will be on xbox360 ??????
Only clouds respawn are dealing with are the money lined ones MS gave them
RevXM  +   968d ago
Good point.

POWAH OF CLOUD... yeah right. Anyways wouldnt it work to just have it streamed through GAKAI if youre going to have to rely on external hardware in the cloud anyways?

And while Id like to see Titanfall on Ps4, which might happen I could not tell at the Titan fall Xbox one reveal if anything of what I saw would take more power than what is supposedly available inside the ONE.
#16.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
axerated  +   968d ago
Love how it says its due to the "power of the cloud, good relationship with Microsoft" when it probably has nothing to do with the "power of the cloud" and everything to do with the "good relationship with Microsoft"
PerryCaravello  +   968d ago
I thought it was a first party exclusive, it's not.

So it may be on PS4 in the future, either way don't care.
lucidity  +   968d ago
Yeah, no. It's only on Xbox One and PC because Microsoft paid top dollar for it to be that way.
GamePeace  +   968d ago
Nobody wants Titan on Ps4, we have the Order, games like The Last Guardian and even more. PC will only have multiplattform games that other consoles have aswell, what you fear is the truth. And this time multiplats are made separately, not PC ports anymore. I can see the new God of War in a few years, the new Demon's Souls ecc, a port of Dark Souls 2 on Ps4 ecc.
awesomeperson  +   968d ago
I have to disagree with that, I'm only buying the PS4 and I wouldn't mind if it was on there. Sure, we have other games, but when does a choice ever hurt?

That being said, I wouldn't pick it up at launch, but it looks like a fun game so I would definetly eventually if it was out on PS4. Although, I expect it will come to PS4 in time, afterall EA is their publisher and it's only a matter of time before they decide they'ld rather a higher fanbase than whatever Microsoft is paying them (or Microsoft will keep paying a price to keep it exclusive, and we'll never see it on PS4).
PFFT  +   968d ago
DARK WITNESS  +   968d ago
ok.... someone tell me what the cloud is doing for this game that makes it standout when compared to other ps4 exclusives or multiplats ?

I honestly don't think this will stay exclusive. I was a 360 right from it's launch. I still have my original copy of Dead Rising that says "only on xbox" ... except it's not. not to mention bioshock, lost planet, oblivion... MS hsa a habbit of saying stuff is exclusive and the developers have a habit of saying it's exclusive or they don't have any plans to bring it to x console at this time... 6 months later or a year later and bam...

whatever they have to say about it being exclusive now I am guessing they are just saying to try and make MS look good.
humbleopinion  +   968d ago
Dead Rising in fact WAS only on Xbox. You are confusing with Dead Rising 2.
DARK WITNESS  +   968d ago
no, it came out on the wii... it was not exclusive

edit; ok i correct myself you are right. the wii version was Dead rising chop till you drop. which i guess technically was not the same game.

it still does not change the fact that all those other games were suppose or claimed to be 360 exclusive when they launched and later on still came out on the ps3 (the exact same versions)
#21.1.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
humbleopinion  +   967d ago
Other games perhaps, but we're talking about Dead Rising, aren't we?

Not to mention, all those other games were not published by Microsoft - while Dead rising is (don't know why. First game was published by Cacpom. Perhaps it's a similar deal to Bayonetta).
The Only game I recall published by Microsoft and actually released on the PS3 was Ninja Gaiden 2, where they actually renamed it to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and slightly changed the actual gameplay. But that was after NGS1 was already on the PS3 and i's more like the exception, isn't it?
despair  +   968d ago
Yea this is just spin for more Microsoft PR, MS paid a lot of money probably (to a new up and coming developer) for their first game to stay exclusive (maybe for a few years or maybe forever but I doubt that second one) and that's the main reason for the exclusivity.

I have no issue with MS buying exclusives, its what Sony does and its what Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101(among others I'm sure), its part of the industry. But trying to bullshit about the whole "power of the cloud" tagline that Microsoft is pushing as the reason while two other systems its on (x360, PC) do not use this cloud power thing is ridiculous. Money, its about money and for a new dev with its first game that capital is important.

I look forward to playing titanfall (awesome name BTW) on PC but don't bullshit us on the reason its exclusive to MS platforms.
sashimi  +   968d ago
Sometimes...its just better to stfu and develop your game and let the publishers talk up their platform. lol Respawn, theres money bursting from your pockets.
PFFT  +   968d ago
Would you rather see them penniless??? Just so they can accommodate your and every Sony fanboys selfish needs??? They are a new developing studio OF COURSE they are gonna choose the greater evil with deep pockets over the lesser too buried in debt evil.
Prcko  +   968d ago
most people with ps3/ps4 consoles also have a pc,so i don't see a problem with that microsoft exclusivity
CLOUD1983  +   968d ago
I haven't play an FPS for around 12 years now, I used to play CS & QUAKE III Arena & that's it but seriously there was 2 games in E3 this year that it was very interesting for me to ignore one was TITANFALL & it drive my interest because it have very interesting gameplay like double-jump, running on walls, jet-packs & controllable giant robots & the other was DESTINY & the reason it drive my interest other than the gorgeous visuals was because it was made like an MMORPG there is classes for us to choose & there is skills to make our own builds & there is even bosses out on the field to farm & get some sweet drops :D

So yeah although I ignore FPS usually those 2 I want to try & about TITALFALL exclusivity to xbone it's no big deal to me as I prefer to play those kind of games on PC, mouse/keyboard > game controller imo for accurate targeting.
KontryBoy706  +   968d ago
is this THE DarkCloud1983??? come back to YouTube!
Shadow-King  +   968d ago
What a load of BS.

Translation = M$ paid us to keep it from the rival side.

[sarcasm]Cloud computing is very new and wasn't around until they release windows 8[/sarcasm]
wishingW3L  +   968d ago
them powers of the clouds. lol
Symonator  +   968d ago
TBH titanfall looks great, but with call of duty and battlefield on the market, i am afraid it will just end up as another fps to play, i doubt it will be a popular title.
MysticStrummer  +   968d ago
People actually believe this I bet.
solidworm  +   968d ago
LOL Respawn must be gutted they opted for MS after the DRMBOX bombed so badly.
PFFT  +   968d ago
Sure they will cause you and every Sony fangirl says so.
Dlacy13g  +   968d ago
yup gutted that they are getting free servers for the Xbox One version from MS. That totally sucks... They must be miserable that they are one of the best talked up games from E3 and will be the "hot title"on the X1 and PC ...and sell millions.

I also would wager it will sell better than Killzone 4.
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