Retro Review: Streets of Rage - Electronic Theatre

Streets of Rage is a classic. Very few would dispute this and even fewer would be able to present appropriate grounds for doing so. Any 16-bit gamer worth their salt has struggled through Streets of Rage multiple times alone and with a friend, learning the enemy patterns and making best use of their incredibly limited special abilities. SEGA’s Mega-Drive console played host to many innovations, but in Streets of Rage it found itself propelling an entire genre forward in one fell swoop.

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Sugreev20011825d ago

Come on! SoR is one of the very best in it's genre.

fardan851825d ago

It reminded me of the good old days.
I had a blast of fun with it.

Retroman1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

yeah, was a great fighter game. bring back SOR, Contra ,Metal Slug while your at it Retro STUDIO.

BillytheBarbarian1825d ago

How does sound get 4\10 when it has one of the best sound tracks in all of gaming? Yuzo koshiro rocked the mega drive/genesis