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With the Guitar Hero franchise having generated over a billion dollars in sales, there's no question that it's "Rockin' on Top of the World." Now one of the biggest games in the world has gotten together with one of the world's biggest bands: Aerosmith. But is the addition of Steven Tyler and company "A Good Thing," or will the fifth game in the series be the "Same Old Song and Dance"? GameSpot got a first look at Guitar Hero: Aerosmith today to find out.

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hydrog3713d ago

Looks the same... why not just release DLC???

Money hungry pigs... that's why. I refuse to play GH 3.5

prayforjoejoe3713d ago

I really didnt think that someone could make Stephen Tyler any creepier, or more like a wet paper bag. Great Job Activision! To me, this is just the beginning of running GH into the ground. YEAH ROCK BAND!

c-redz3712d ago

so lame so lame.... wow another 6o dollar game oh wait i cant wait to get gh4 too wtf gh is dead to me!!!! no body wants gh3.5 or gh 3.6