Square Enix Disappoint With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Playstation 3 Beta

Blaine of MMOGC Writes:

PC players may have had a good experience, they may have thought the developers fulfilled their promise but I don’t care as I was waiting for the PS3 version. So imagine the excitement shared by thousands as Square Enix released a ton of closed beta keys over the weekend. I got home Sunday evening after a day with the family and was met with that such surprise in my email inbox.

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Abriael1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

They didn't send you a key with two hours remaining. They sent you a key with almost the full phase 3 and phase 4 remaining. The fact that you missed the first weekend opf a much longer beta means nothing in comparison.

This excuse for an "Article", which is in fact just an irrational rant, is based on a false and misleading standpoint in order to stir controversy.

CaptainCamper1772d ago

At the very base, it's poor planning and poor execution. Blindly defend them if you wish but having experienced hundreds of beta events, I've never had an invite during a weeks worth of downtime.

The average game could probably get away with it. However, a AAA title that has already had to shut down once, people expect even more.

Abriael1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

It's called beta. You're called a whiner looking to stir controversy over two days (not a week) of gameplay missed.

Betas are to help playtest the game, not to get a free demo.

Avery1771d ago

I found nothing AAA about this game not now (not much changed) and definately not the first time around... A shame.

GabrielKross1771d ago

It's not poor planning. They planned the first week to be lower numbers, and raise the numbers for the second week. They needed to test the servers to see what would happen before they sent out a bunch of keys. The last thing they needed was hundreds of additional people making repeat forum posts for the same issues. We already have enough people doing that on the Beta tester forum as is. If you felt you were so important that you should have been in the first part of phase 3, I got bad news for you. Square Enix didn't agree.

Nevers1771d ago

I really didn't find the article as flameworthy, whiny, or ranty as others here. I got into the ps3 beta this weekend and I had an absolute blast. So glad I preordered now. But I had no idea it was a weekend only affair (for now). I couldn't even find the information regarding play-times when I started looking. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed when in the late morning on Sunday I couldn't log on.. so I can relate to the disappointment a little.

But honestly it wasn't a big deal. I have a ton of other games I need to play. It was funny when I found out cuz my girlfriend told me she was really glad she didn't guilt me out of playing. Now, after playing FFxiv, I know I need to push through my backlog cuz FFxiv was so fun and it's going to suck me away from reality for a while.

3-4-51771d ago

So cry a bit...then wait for the Full game like everybody else.

Acting butthurt because you didn't get your way and you can't experience something early.

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pixelsword1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Oh, cry me a river, it's a friggin' beta.

Triforce0791771d ago

X makes this look old plus X won't have bug after bug.

vishmarx1772d ago

wtf is this article...your personal whinings are none of square's fault..
for someone who really want to know SE has done an amazing job with ps3 port
0 lags ...0 fps dops and looks gorgeous

Obamanationn1772d ago

you didn't miss out on anything , the games alright nothing innovative clone of alot of the mmos already out there but in this game the character creation is great , music is awesome , the game-play is boring the global cooldown on spells downtime is higher than in most mmo styled games , each zone can run out of in less than 60 seconds one end to the other , and they want to charge prices the same as WoW ? wow never even had the starting price of $15-m until there game was further developed if this game was $60 at the gate and $5 a month id subscribe as a fan of SE but this isn't impressive at all , if your bored of WoW this will do the trick until you realize how much it falls short of expectations

R_aVe_N1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This is nothing like WoW if you like WoW you will hate this game. This game takes what they did with FFXI and builds on that and the cool downs are next to nothing so I am not sure what you are talking about. It takes a longer to run across zones than 60 seconds. I am not even sure you have been playing the same game.... I do agree however the character creation and music are really well done in this game.

Obamanationn1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

why would i hate this game if i like WoW ? WoW was a clone of every other MMO out at the time and took off and became the monster it is now everyone's copying WoW for there innovations , i downloaded the game out of excitement and hope for something unique , because i like Street Fighter im going to hate Tekken ? your not making sense ; the game falls short of innovation , charging $180 for a Year subscription and $30 for base game , that caters to fan-service .. shows how much of a niche market this game caters to , 12 months it will be f2p and you know it

Firan1771d ago

"each zone can run out of in less than 60 seconds one end to the other"

Lol what? Did you even play the beta?

titanjin1771d ago

You must be another one of those trolls out there. Get a life.

swishersweets200311772d ago

i was wondering wtf was going on. I got the beta key this morning. I go to sign up. fallowed the steps just to be told oh you need a big long registering key they were "supposed" to send to me.. now i read the article and the F'n thing isnt even running. F U squeenix

swishersweets200311771d ago

@disagree you people are brainwashed squeenix fans..

titanjin1771d ago

Must be a troll or stupid.

DrakenSilverwing1772d ago

Be happy you got a key in the first place! and any downtime is scheduled anyways! i got the key on friday night. i didn't check my e-mail till saturday, oh well i missed a day of the beta, still i know to check the forums and the updates. i know that is all planned, and that its a beta and ppl will get back into it soon enough. lol, bet there will be another article complaining once yer phase 3 character get deleted and all as well.

Anyways it looks and plays great on the ps3, i'm happy its even on the system at all! my only problem is "information overload!"

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