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Re-Living The Moment Microsoft Was Crushed By Sony

The 3 words floating around the internet after Sony’s E3 press conference were “Sony has won.” Most Xbox fans would totally disagree, although PlayStation fans would know this was a very proud moment for them and for Sony. (E3, PS4, Sony)

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NewMonday  +   773d ago
when MS announced $499, I thought "f@#k.. Sony will also go $499 or $450 at best" but they went for the jugular, props to them.
darthv72  +   773d ago
its like
sega saturn vs sony playstation all over again.
ATi_Elite  +   773d ago
Silly People
Microsoft Crushed by Sony.....I laughed so hard.

1. Check the Stock value of each company AFTER E3

MS = $35
Sony =$21

both ticked up After E3 as both systems showed great promise.

Sony is going after Gamers and Gamers ONLY while MS is going for control over your ENTIRE Living Room Entertainment choices which is MS REAL purpose for the Xbox.

MS is NOT Really competing with SOny anymore cause MS is REALLY competing with APPLE.

Apple TV vs. XboxOne is the real battle while Sony and it's PS4 is really all alone, a side note in what MS and Apple are pushing for. TV/cable integrated with Internet and a gateway to either Windows or OSX.

Now as far as JUST GAMES, YES the PS4 looks way more attractive and cheaper until you add the cost of PS MOVE then the price is the same.

ALL this harp on the Price but NO ONE is being reasonable and realizing the Benefits of Kinect while you gotta buy PS MOve separately. Kinect really has some NICE NON Gaming features like voice activated Web browsing.

Then if it wasn't for the fact that 90% of the Games are Multiplats which MS is cool with now MS really isn't loosing anything ESPECIALLY with it's timed Exclusives Deals.

If MS really wanted to they could buy Exclusive rights to Madden, Call of Duty, and GTA and really hurt Sony. Microsoft has that kinda cash. The Timed Exclusive Deals ALONE allow for these 3 games to ALWAYS sell more on the Xbox making Publishers and MS happy.

7 years ago the PS3 when revealed CRUSHED the Xbox360 but MS has sold just as many X360 and games as the PS3 if not more so I really DO NOT understand the rush to declare a Winner when both companies made good ESPECIALLY MS who took away like 50% of SOny's Dominance that they had with the PS2.

It's too early to call a winner especially when MS is really in a battle with Apple this time around, but Silly people don't understand this. MS has ALWAYS since Xbox been marching towards a BIGGER long term goal while SOny was stuck with just a cool gaming system.

The real and ONLY loser is NINTENDO.
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Skips  +   773d ago
"YES the PS4 looks way more attractive and cheaper until you add the cost of PS MOVE then the price is the same."

Are you talking about the PS Eye? Becuase it isn't included and is separate and only costs $59.99. -_- With PS4 it's still $459, that's still cheaper than $499 so MATH FAIL bro.

"If MS really wanted to they could buy Exclusive rights to Madden, Call of Duty, and GTA and really hurt Sony."

LMFAO! Only TIMED DLC for GTA ALONE cost $50 MILLION. You obviously have NO FRECKING clue how much it would cost to make GTA or even COD exclusive or hell, even a chance at timed exclusivity. XD

That would literally be in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS! And that's not even counting the money it would cost for the potential sales lost on PS4 that Microsoft would have to pay. No way in hell would MS spend that much for ONE franchise. XD Delusional as ever kiddo.

"7 years ago the PS3 when revealed CRUSHED the Xbox360"

PS3... vs. 360
1 year late
$200 more expensive
Much less and crap marketing
Harder to program for (Crap 3rd party ports)
Backlash from devs and gamers
Not many 1st party games
HUUUGE loss on every console sold

.....And they still managed to come out on top, with more consoles sold...

PS4... vs. One
Same launch window
$100 cheaper
Much better marketing than before
Super easy to program for (Equal/Better 3rd party games)
Nothing but praise from devs and gamers
No shortage of 1st party games
Loss on console sold is not NEARLY as much

^ This on top of

Not needing Internet every 24hrs
Not needing any unwanted camera to funtion
No required DRM
Much more powerful (50% more raw power)
More compact/name isn't stupid

Just stop talking.... please. You're only embarrassing yourself. -_-

Did you really say Sony's PS3 reveal crushed the Xbox 360's???? LFMAO!!!! ....WOW, JUST WOW. XD
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MysticStrummer  +   773d ago
Crushed as a company? Of course not.

Crushed in terms of E3? Absolutely.

Compare crowd reactions at the price announcements, and listen to the crowd as Sony talks about DRM.

MS had a better show than they have in the last few years, no doubt, but they ended up beaten by their own decisions.
miyamoto  +   773d ago
Microsoft puts the burden of anti-piracy on the consumer instead of dealing with it themselves.
Sony wins by doing the right thing.
M$ looses by declaring war against the consumer.

Like I told you before people Sony's investment on Blu-ray and its Blu-ray-Cell processor anti-games piracy will pay off in the long term and that time has come.

7 years has passed and still PS3 blu-ray discs are not massively mass produced for piracy unlike Xbox 360 games. Sony has no need for these anti-consumer rights DRM and mandatory installs & security checks.

Microsoft puts the burden of anti-piracy on the consumer instead of dealing with it themselves.

And that is good enough reason for PS4 to combat piracy like PS3 does. This is good news for all game makers and they can have good ROI for their business and a promise of more great games in the future.
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YNWA96  +   773d ago
But, publishers do not pirate. Consumers of the piracy sort will always find a way to not pay. That has been a fact in video games since the dawn of re writable media. Its unfortunate but it is what it is. In most other media formats there are other ways to get return on investments. But in video games, its not like Halo, God of war can go on tour and get a return. Same for movies, they are released in Cinema, then later on DVD/bluRay, then the special edition. Our industry is unique, but has its problems. Used game sales, while nice to pick up a game on the cheap, does absolutely nothing for the developer, publisher. This day was inevitable. Sony does have it on its mind, but someday they will do this too, for them they did not want to take the leap just yet.
miyamoto  +   773d ago
Sony will take care and nurture these industries they help build for decades.
Music Industry
Movie Industry
TV industry
Home Video Industry
Video Games industry

Sony is a pillar of these industries.

Sony has already done DRM technology on Blu-ray even before the PS3 was launched.

"Hollywood studios insisted that players be equipped with digital rights management before they would release movies for the new format, and they wanted a new DRM system that would be more secure than the failed Content Scramble System (CSS) used on DVDs."


Sony being in the movie, music and games industry has that business responsibility to keep these industries in good health that is why they are responsible for developers, artists, producers, publishers to operate in healthy, profitable, thriving and growing industries.

Even a 12 year old can understand this logical stance of the PS4.

People just need to be reminded of this:

Sony will take care and nurture these industries that rely on their technological advancement. They will not declare war against the very consumer that supports it.
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YNWA96  +   773d ago
In other words, they tried to dominate the market, force products onto you that you did not need (UMD). Only business's they have left worth mentioning are Video games, since 1994, and Movies. Also, they forced the Cell processor on the video games industry too, hence why games rarely looked better, as most developers hated it. Sure they are innovative and do come out with some awesome stuff, which I do buy, also do have PS4 ordered, but c'mom, you people are acting incredibly narrow minded... enjoy what you have, be happy you can have a choice and just be happy in life.... that hard?
kB0  +   773d ago
I think I'll bookmark this:)
WolfOfDarkness  +   773d ago
" Sony has made a new book in history of Gameing at E3 "

Well done Sony
XabiDaChosenOne  +   773d ago
My playstation brethren, the time for history to repeat itself is here, the glory days of 70% market share will be upon us within these up coming months. The golden days of gaming is coming back.
TheTwelve  +   773d ago
I was cheering as if my Knicks won the Finals when this happened.
chadwarden  +   773d ago
many generations will pass before the knicks make it to the finals
TheTwelve  +   773d ago
Not if we get CP3
Yea, after announcing there stance on drm i knew sony had won but after hearing the price point I was actually a little scared for MS lol.
Relientk77  +   773d ago
I've seen this already like 10x

those cheers, do you hear the E3 crowd

Sony doing the right thing

spektical  +   773d ago
this shows you that consumers when banded together still have a voice and if loud enough will be listened to.

Hopefully we can still do the same with a turd of a government here in the states.
JihadJoe  +   773d ago
lol hip hop gamer at 1:10 with the WWE belt.
RandomDude655  +   773d ago
He was yelling loudly too.
A-laughing-horse  +   773d ago
Is this website about games any more or just fan boys consoling each other?
PositiveEmotions  +   773d ago
Damn i love the peoples reaction when they heard that announcement it makes me smile big time.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   773d ago
Sony crushed MS?

I must have missed something.

Sony didn't have a console, working Gaikai, demo of the features that the PS4 had....meanwhile

MS had a console, a working network, and showed features of the console

So in regards to the console reveal, MS destroyed Sony.

As for E3, MS brought the games and not only showed a better line up of games during their presentation, but also showed BETTER games....

Whereas Sony talked a lot and showed lack luster games.

The ONLY reason ppl are saying Sony crushed MS is simply because the XB1 is $100 more (simply because it comes with a Kinect 2.0 camera) and DRM, where in my case, I have no problem with it cause I am always connected to my internet with ALL of my devices...even my TV is connected.

2pacalypsenow  +   773d ago
All the e3 xbox 1 demos were running on Hp computers with Nvidia GTX780 (the graphics card costs almost as much as xb1 and ps4 combined.

Sony showed the console and all the Ps4 games were running of Ps4 dev kits (same specs as Ps4 , But more ram)

Xbox 1 showed tons of games , most of them also coming to Ps4 Does that mean that ps4 wont have any games?? lol ignorant And sony has the 2nd best 1st party studios and after the launch xbox 1 will go back to being the kinect and Tv rental box , while Ps4 will continue the trend of releasing some of the best games only on Playstation

Also they even payed publishers to not show their games on Ps4..

Funny Sony had showed some of the best games at e3 for last couple of years but im sure you didn't point that out was has xbox showed the past few years ? that's right kinect games

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Lvl_up_gamer  +   773d ago
What were all the games running on at the sony console reveal seeing as there was no console yet?

Nit-piching much? So it's OK for Sony to use a PC to showcase games...but not OK for MS? Really?

The games at E3 were running off of specs that the XB1 will be using.

Regardless if the card was a Nivida or AMD, the specs of the PC's are comparable to what will be in the XB1.
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2pacalypsenow  +   773d ago
Sony was Using Pc's with the same specs as a PS4 and Ms using $1000+ computers so their games look better on E3 then they will on the xbox 1 so you're saying thats ok?

And I doubt the xbox will be using Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 graphics cards Actually i know they wont because Both PS4 and Xbox 1 use APU's which are no where near the power of a Nvida 700 card
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AceofStaves  +   773d ago
You think that's the only reason why people think Sony 'won' E3 over MS? Just because it's cheaper?

No. Sony 'won' E3 because it presented PS4 as a gaming console with multimedia/social networking capabilities, no DRM, no mandatory Internet, and no region restrictions. Sony showcased the PS4 as a console that focuses on gamers, wherever they may live, yet still provided digital content options and the adaptability to embrace future content delivery systems.

By contrast, MS showed XB1 as a set-top box that integrates gaming into a digital entertainment ecosystem. It's not a gaming console as much as a hub for various types of digital content (heavily focused on the U.S. market). Add that to the restrictive DRM policies, the mandatory camera, the mandatory online checks, the region-locking, and the short list of countries where the XB1 will launch, and it's pretty clear which console wins from a purely gaming perspective.

If you're an American with stable broadband/DSL Internet, a love of XBox exclusives, and an interest in the Kinect, sports and TV offerings, it will be a great system for you. But let's not pretend it has mass global appeal. MS itself has acknowledged this by limiting the launch territories for the machine.

By your XB1 and enjoy it. I'll be sticking with PS4, since I can't use Kinect and live in a country with strict content licensing restrictions, where we won't get access to a fraction of what US XB1 owners will enjoy in terms of TV, sports, etc. I'm also a game collector, so I prefer building a library of physical media games that I can lend, trade, sell, or dispose of however I wish.

Two machines. Two very different approaches. There's no reason why both can't co-exist.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   773d ago
"You think that's the only reason why people think Sony 'won' E3 over MS? Just because it's cheaper?"

Try reading my comment to it's fullest...then you will see that that was NOT the only reason.
logan_izer10  +   773d ago
I love his snickering at 1:18-1:24. Hilarious! Rumor is he makes that same sound every time somebody says "Xbox One"
2pacalypsenow  +   773d ago
1:05 some dude holding up a WWF championship belt lmao
Ddouble  +   772d ago
it was like Daigo vs Justin Wong at Evo

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