RPG Vault: Guitar Rising Interview

Looking beyond the realm of combat and warfare, sports games allow us to envision ourselves as star athletes or perhaps coaches. And who among us isn't familiar with music-based releases that let us imagine we're rock stars? In this category, Guitar Rising, which RPG Vault saw for the first time during an industry event last month, stood apart right away because it makes use of an actual instrument. In development by a San Francisco Bay-area team, GameTank, it cues you to play notes and sequences that form rhythms and melodies, and is said to have difficulty settings that accommodate anyone, from complete newbies to those who possess substantial experience and skill. Currently targeted to ship this fall, the title already won the Developer's Choice Award at last year's Independent Game Conference. RPG Vault recently picked CEO Jake Parks' mind to learn more.

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The Lazy One3675d ago

I will be watching this game.

Difficult entry level might hold the game back (if price doesnt?), but still definately gona keep an eye on it.

edit: also, is it really an RPG if you actually do all the stuff in the game?

Kirstenlottesovs3674d ago

to bad this game is a pc-only, i would've bought it if it were released as either a 360 or PS3 game.