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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 965d ago | news

Phil Spencer Clarifies That Xbox One Is 10 Times More Powerful Than Xbox 360, Cloud Gives More

"So the Xbox One is actually eight times more powerful the Xbox 360? This is where things just go downhill as Spencer then clarifies that it's actually 10 times more powerful and "for purely local compute functions closer to 10x + Cloud"." (Xbox One)

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DaThreats   965d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Kingthrash360  +   965d ago
ok so confused

it went from 10x to 7x to 3x to 8x now back to 10x..........?

truth is no one knows, not ms, not you, not coo.

I know im getting a ps4... thats probably the least confusing thing happening out of all this.
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Rashid Sayed  +   965d ago
I am sure there is a lot of PR confusion out there. Phil first said 3 times, then 8 times and now it becomes 10 times plus the power of cloud.

Misrepresentation at best.
Blackdeath_663  +   965d ago
and he is also makes nonsensical statements like "the cloud gives more" the idea that the cloud can somehow make your machine more powerful is absolute bullshit. and even if it were to be true it would mean you would need a constant internet connection else you can't play that game because the machine can't run it without "the power of the cloud"
Septic  +   965d ago
Its not that hard to understand if you actually utilise some common sense:

* 3x more powerful: that was obviously a mistake judging by the specs of the console and what we've seen and heard from developers

* 8x more powerful: referring to 'raw specs' of the console

* 10x more powerful: when utilising cloud and assessing the console as a whole and comparing it to the 360 in terms of features etc. As he says, this relates to more "purely local compute functions".

All these multiplier statements are just estimates really anyway, to help give you an idea of how powerful the console is. If you really are concerned with exactly what the console is capable of, just look at spec sheet or the games for that matter.

Its not rocket science (no pun intended).
NewMonday  +   965d ago
this is how the "cloud power-up" works..

..if only
nukeitall  +   965d ago
If you are in the field, you know these multipliers are for the most part incorrect anyhow, because it is an overall number.

The real number depend on the actual task at hand.

For instance, the PS3's cell processor is far faster than the Xbox 360, but when utilized in game it was bottlenecked by the bus. So instead it merely became about the same with some tricky optimization. However,, the Cell excel at large computations on small datasets i.e. physics for instance. So how much faster is the Cell? Well it depends on the task!

So when you talk about power, it is highly misleading without specific and narrow tasks that are really benchmarked. So depending on who you ask you might get different results, because they are involved with different tasks with the machine.

To compound the problem, the cloud is a huge unknown. What is possible to unload to the cloud, how much resources are dedicated and how much is dedicated in the future?

There are too many variables on a fuzzy number, so let's not dwell on it and enjoy the games arriving soon.
Mikelarry  +   965d ago
they keep spinning and spinning i feel like i am on a merry go round. more proof that they are really clueless and need time to get to know the system before trying to sell it to us the consumers
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I_am_Batman  +   965d ago
Didn't you know that confusion is Microsoft's new marketing strategy yet?
Aceman18  +   965d ago
I'm so tired of hearing the word cloud I think I might rip my ears off Lol. Is this the only word they know?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   965d ago
I'm seriously getting sick of Microsoft.
Stop talking out of your ass and give us some anwsers!
Straight up ANWSERS!!
The cloud only does so much! If the cloud really makes my system x10 more powerfull, then you'd think they use it for pc's! No? Because they aren't retared like that!!
Stop telling lies!
torchic  +   965d ago
it's like the lottery, they just pull a lever at Microsoft HQ then whatever number appears, that's how much more powerful Xbox One is WTF
DeadlyFire  +   965d ago
Its GPU is 3.4 times what X360's GPU does.
Its CPU is roughly 4-5 times what X360's CPU does.
Together its roughly 8x.

If your playing minecraft or just talking to Kinect it runs it 10x better.

The Cloud will serve as an AI farm in the future for all games according to Microsoft. Its a neat idea really, but not something that is really out of reach for Sony or anyone else really that uses a cloud setup. Technically the Cloud could run games at CGI level graphics like movies. So that is true it makes a system have unlimited power if you have unlimited bandwidth. As a typicaly PC even doesn't have access to 10+ Tflops. A cloud server could hold well over 100 Tflops.
MusicComposer  +   965d ago
I'm really starting to hate the word "cloud" now. People toss it around so frequently and only vaguely understand it, or just think it's a magical way to have infinite power... which it's not. The average internet connection in America is just under 20Mbps, that's a rate of 2.5MB/s. In comparison, the eSRAM on the Xbox One has a maximum data transfer speed of 13,056MB/s. You cannot transfer the required data to increase the visual fidelity over an internet connection. Even if you had a 100Mbps connection that's still only 12.5MB/s.

Could it be used for AI and things that aren't latency or high-bandwidth sensitive? Sure. The only thing you could do is go the OnLive approach and render the entire games on more powerful hardware, then send the video stream to the console. You're just not getting 100 Tflops of power through a 20Mbps connection... or even 100Mbps.

The Xbox One is less powerful sure, but there's nothing wrong with that. I just hate when a company uses smoke and mirrors to hide negative facts. It's possibly even worse that people don't do their own research and learn more about it. Go find out what's required and how absurd everything is with their statements.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   964d ago
Yeah, you know what this sounds like?
And look at how well THAT turned out. MusicComposer said it.
The data transfer, the internet connection and speed, the download limit and speed are gonna make it impossible to play an xbox in some countries. In fact, countries are already BANNING the xbox one due to it's superfluous policies.
Some countries state that
- what you buy, is what you own --> xbox one not allowed
- spying (or the idea of) is not allowed
- thanks to the required internet, they wont be able to handle that
theWB27  +   965d ago
Seriously, how can keep saying their tired of hearing Micro and yet they keep clicking on the articles? Do yourselves a favor...look at the games and determine how much more powerful you think it is. Forza 5 alone lets you know it's significantly more powerful than the 360...just like I could look at Second Son compared to the last Infamous and know this machine is way more powerful than the PS3..especially for first gen titles.

Assassin Creed and Battlefield crashed on the does that mean it's not ready?
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green  +   965d ago
Well said.
Imalwaysright  +   965d ago
The games we saw weren't even running on a xbone.
No_Limit  +   965d ago
wrong. A lot of third party games were running off custom PC's with the console specs due to Dev kits are not finalized yet, some Dev at E3 confirmed it but most of the best looking games from MS were running on Xbox One. Spotting out a troll already.
"Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and Ryse. Each plays at a promised 1080p native resolution, with the former two targeting 60fps as well, both of which show huge promise as launch titles, covering off the racing and fighting genres quite nicely."
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Why o why  +   965d ago
Haha, the irony of somebody accusing imalwaysright of being a troll against microsoft.......priceless...yo u guys need to stop the team kills...Being overly defensive just makes you accuse everybody with conflicting opinions from your own as trolls. Even the annoyed 360 fans. Lol

'Assassin Creed and Battlefield crashed on the does that mean it's not ready?'...... it would seem so wouldn't you think. They couldn't release that in the state it was in
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No_Limit  +   965d ago
Exactly, it is all in the visuals and seeing games like Forza 5, Quantum Break, Destiny, and inFamous, there is no doubt these systems packed serious power. 8X, 10X, it is just an estimated figure but seeing is believing.
Why o why  +   965d ago
I'm not tired....I just find it amusing, especially when some use this cloud theory as fodder for discussions with ZERO supporting evidence other than hope and conjecture. I've heard many most things, I'll just wait for it stands this whole miscommunication may well turn out to be microsofts '1080p 120 fps' statement, even if the actual comment is misconstrued by the masses. I said, amusing to watch and read but ultimately, time will tell
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Zool 08  +   965d ago
@ theWB27 the games would look ten times better when you put them on a PC with Windows 7 and the top of the range NVIDIA graphics card.
No_Limit  +   965d ago
@Zool 08 You mean Forza 5? That game was already confirmed to be running on xbox one console at E3.
theWB27  +   965d ago
@why oh why
Does that mean something's wrong with three ps4...I thought since we were discussing consoles that was a given. .. ill classify anyway next things.

And the team kills bit...PS guys are alot more defensive to the ps4...oh the irony of someone having a problem defending the One. Priceless. ..
Why o why  +   965d ago
....So your point was, the game wasn't ready...I agreed.....ok

Right about now at this point in really think anybody believes that ps fans are more on the defensive......after the crap ms has you dancing to... I'm as calm as Larry. My preferred console maker has only annoyed my ass with a lack of backwards compatibility and the multiplayer paywall EVEN though I've been a plus member since it began. Other than that its been ALL boys cant say the same. Even the Ms friendly media and stalwart 360 fans are attacking ms. I understand though....a siege mentality is a must in times like these....stay strong soldier. Microsoft needs you!
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theWB27  +   965d ago
O argue the other point.... to see the other side. I prefer the Xbox but i went this whole gen with a ps3 too. I flock to the games not the system... Xbox happens to have the ones I enjoy more mainly Forza and Halo.
sephiroth420  +   965d ago
yea hi think it might not be ready yet, but they have a few more months to sort out those errors, or maybe they'll release the ps4 and work on a patch to fix issues like that, i reakon the xbox isnt ready either due to all the articles saying microsoft used windows pcs at e3 for their games, i hope we dont enter this generation with incomplete or faulty consoles like last gen -__-
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   965d ago
It seems that Microsoft's cloud has a sh*tload of thunder and lightning rolling around in it.
sway_z  +   965d ago
If the Cloud is so good, why don't MS make the 360 three times more powerful than itself?

Only requires an Internet connection to make use of the Cloud, but instead they give us a gimped version of World of Tenks!!

No tanks...I'm callin' BS on this ONE ;/
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CRAIG667  +   965d ago
Because the xbox one is designed to use the cloud, 360 is missing vital compression/decompression chips...

Go be a fanboy on a Sony related article perhaps...
sway_z  +   965d ago
Oh I'm so sorry Craig667, didn't realize you helped design the Xbox One, how foolish of me.

Guess I'll just take your word for it.....geez, life is confusing sometimes....just don't know who to trust!!

Say hi to Phil & Donna for me :/
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Zool 08  +   965d ago
@ Craig MS would have you believe in the tooth fairy if they told that they exist.
bub16  +   965d ago
3 times faster. 8 x now 10!

3rd article I've seen today. What one is true?

Who cares ?
Foxgod  +   965d ago
Give it some time to let MS proof themselves people, when it comes to clouds, the bigger and more asynchronous it is, the more powerful it is.

If MS really will have 300.000 servers just for XBlive setup around the world, then it should allows some pretty neat features to be streamed into our games, and i am not just talking about graphical features.

Think for example about the flocking trick done in Gears of war, where it seems theres hundreds of enemy's running around in the background, such features could be done on the servers in even bigger scope, without making your XB1 sweat on it, leaving more resources available to the system itself.
Why o why  +   965d ago
Ok, fair enough. Allow them to Show n prove.

What about those who DON'T have the net speeds to take full advantage of such assets. Isn't that segregating their userbase. Why couldn't they give an example or say when this cloud would be ready to demonstrate. Too many differing tricky statements coming from the cake holes of various ms guys right about now.
Foxgod  +   965d ago
Well, they said they are still building them up, meanwhile games have to be created to use those features.
Only Forza 5 makes use of cloud features now.

For example, the nearest cloud servers will record your driving style, then use them to power someone else his local game with by adding those driving styles to the AI.

Besides, some features might not need a lot of bandwith, for example, with 20 mbits you can easily stream a whole movie, so theres a good chance 10mbits is more then enough to allow a whole lot of extra features, because all the calculations are done on the server, your XB1 will just receive the netcode after the calculations have been done.
sway_z  +   965d ago
Yes, agree all new consoles need to prove themselves, but I'm not sold on the whole cloud thing...

What we do know is that Xbox One and all the competing platforms will have awesome games though.

...and that's the most important aspect of a games console, so good the TV touting has taken a back seat.
Foxgod  +   965d ago
Yeah, Ms made mistake by going headstrong on media features on their reveal.

They should have kept the media marketing for later, because its obviously that the media and gadget freaks where not going to be watching the big reveal, as it still has to proof itself in the media segment that MS hopes to add to its gaming segment.
g-nome  +   965d ago
No matter how fast it is , in the current state it aint leaving the store shelves.
Imalwaysright  +   965d ago
Tsk tsk and they expect us to take them seriously.
slapsta72  +   965d ago
invisible enery people.



MEGAxPAIN  +   965d ago
Why the fuck are they comparing it to last gen. Who cares?
cyhm3112  +   965d ago
3 times is true. Probably someone know these things told him. He got the truth and the lies mixed up because he is quite stupid. So instead of lying that it is 8 or 10 times, he told the truth 3 times. what an idiot, lol.
hazelamy  +   965d ago
it could be a billion times more powerful and it wouldn't matter if your net goes down, or if their net goes down, or if this arrogant attitude makes them a target for hacker, which it will.
because then it's just a ridiculously expensive bluray player, when you can buy sony, toshiba or LG bluray players for less than 60 quid.

can't they get their stories straight anyway?

one guy says it's three, one says it's 8 then another says it's ten.
it'll be a hundred by tomorrow.

my mistake, it seems it was the same guy.

"yeah it's three times as powerful, no wait i meant 8, no actually i meant ten"

is he doing a comedy routine?
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boing1  +   965d ago
I'm pretty sure it's 9 times. And a half.
PirateThom  +   965d ago
What a horrible, horrible company. Outright incompetence or intentionally trying to create confusion? Disgusting, either way.
cheno78  +   965d ago
Image if Microsoft sold wouldnt actually own the car and if your wife or brother wanted to drive it, they would have to buy it lol imagen if they were farmers and sold milk, if you bought it and your little brother tried to drink it wouldnt let you open the lid......thank god they only sell software and hopefully this is there last attempt at a video game think, there are idiots out there that actually want this lol
PirateThom  +   965d ago
More like if they sold cars it might be a Beetle or a Veyron or a scooter or a single roller blade because they sure as hell don't know what their console is.
fossilfern  +   965d ago
Look unless they render everything on the cloud i.e. Cloud streaming like Onlive, it is not practical to render things on the cloud compared to doing on the hardware itself. The console hardware could do the calculations locally in NANO seconds while the server could also do it in Nano seconds but transferring that information over the net would take MILLIseconds. Now milliseconds doesn't seem long in but in computing its a very long time.

So MS and their cloud rendering dream is just that, a dream. Advancements in rendering technology can always help with performance.
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kaozgamer  +   965d ago
make up your mind!
3x, 5x, 8x, 10x
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   965d ago
never thought i'd see microsoft in such a "state of decay"!
GreenRanger  +   965d ago
3x, 5x, 8x, 10x....

A few more hours of this and it'll be as powerful as the PS4.
CernaML  +   965d ago
a_adji  +   965d ago
funny because vice pres said in Jimmy Fallon that its 3x more powerful.
OOG  +   965d ago
smh I knew id wake up to see people making articles over this.... lol grow up people he had the wrong number on tv... nothing to see here
Shad0wRunner  +   965d ago
"Had the wrong number on tv"

All the more reason for Microsoft to get their shit together. You cant be on national television and be trippin over your own tongue, when youre trying to promote your new product. Especially when theres enough confusion surrounding it, already.

You got Major Nelson...who for some reason, doesnt wanna talk about DRM restrictions.

You got Phil Spencer...who has no idea how powerful the XBone is. The numbers have changed several times now.

You got Don Mattrick...who is counter productively telling people to buy a 360 if they have no internet or game offline...instead of accomodating their client base with the XBone.

Now theyre actually gonna sit here and tell us that it's 10x more powerful than the 360?! IDC if they tell us it's 100x more will NEVER be as powerful as the PS4. They can just turn the page on that.

This is a worse train wreck, than when Britney Spears shaved her head and flipped out. LMAO. It's hilarious. xD
Shad0wRunner  +   965d ago

They're just throwin numbers out there. They have no idea.
This has got to be the worst PR-marketing campaign for a game console, EVER! Microsoft cant even get their own facts straight. It's embarrassing, man. Confusion? They create the confusion. Not the media or the press. Microsoft is doing a great job of sinking their own ship.

Who the hell is gonna buy this thing, when noone even knows what it is, what it does or how it functions? Except for the hardcore fanboys.

"Man, I have no idea wtf this thing does...but Im gonna buy one, cuz I love me some Microsoft."

They need to just stop. Stop making rediculous comments and claims. Stop tryin to compare dicks with Sony. Stop tryin to spin hype. It's just watch. LOL
GamePeace  +   965d ago
Only a God of War game on Ps4 would tear apart the ass of all Xbox and PC games, they've delayed a God of War game for the Order, but it will come.
4hitter  +   965d ago
"Cloud power" is simply the 2013 version of "Blast Processing" from the Sega Genesis days aka a load of BS
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Angeljuice  +   965d ago
Microsoft enters the car market:
Please buy or new Microsoft car, the BS 250. It only comes with one engine option but its an amazingly powerful engine, due to the fact that its a:
'6L V12' or a '4L V8' or a '2.5L twin turbo' or a '1.4i dohc' or its electric, I can't remember, but it will be 600hp or 525hp or 120hp, no it's 740hp and will be made 40x more powerful by it's unique use of 'the garage'!

You are also allowed to take other people out in it, once (provided they have been a registered friend for 30 days or more).
Melankolis  +   965d ago
If only Cloud make gaming better, why not go full-online? LIke streaming or something like that, then the console itself would be much cheaper....only for streaming not processing

If cloud make gaming better then it would be different when playing it offline. When console experience vary, it's not a console anymore.
despair  +   965d ago
I love how they never really explained or showed examples of the cloud computing. I mean we have online features like "drivatar" (ugh worst name ever) which works online while you are not there but its not really part of the enhancing of the game with extra computing just a feature separate from the actual game processing which is done on the system.

This to me is like Kinect 1.0, a system not fully thought out or in place to really deliver any time soon. Online activities while you are not logged in are nothing new, MMOs have been doing it for years, so have online turn based games as well(hell even text based games like Utopia did it so many years ago).

Where are the real examples of cloud computing to they promised?
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