Sony: PS4 is “the most technologically advanced box,” “used games work”

Sony’s hardware marketing vice president Jon Koller defends used games and says that the PS4 is technologically superior than the Xbox One and Wii U.

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Walker1802d ago

Of course, 8GB GDDR5 RAM FTW !

Blankolf1802d ago

Don't forget about the minimal PS4 OS which is compensated with custom chips, leaving 7 GBs of pure RAM for gaming, while Xbone has 5 GBs of RAM, 3 GBs being consumed by their 3 OS's

showtimefolks1802d ago

No doubt that's huge and the difference will play a big hand down the road

7Gb for games to 5GB for games

While its a huge upgrade for both over what they currently have I just have a feeling with Sony going with faster ram its gonna play a big part

2 studios I am waiting for

Sony Santa Monica to see what they can do with PS4, god of war 3 is a stunning looking game

And ND for obvious reasons

Hydrolex1802d ago

aaa man 2014 is gonna be a great year for GAMERS !!! Especially PS4 fans

SolidStoner1802d ago

Can you imagine what Gran turismo could do on PS4? :)))

NewMonday1802d ago

it's the actual software that will prove all this, 3rd party devs will just use one common resource pool, so it will be up to 1st party games.

CryofSilence1802d ago

The Order: 1886 is a Sony Santa Monica game (being developed by Ready at Dawn).

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sashimi1802d ago

Don't forget the Superior GPU too 50% more power

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GraveLord1802d ago

Not only that but it also has a significantly more powerful GPU.

Gardenia1802d ago

Cant wait to see whar Rockstar is going to do with the next RDR or GTA on the PS4

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Godmars2901802d ago

Said it in an XBO post, saying it here: games GTFO.

And less real world based shooters. Fewer COD clones.

Kurt Russell1802d ago

I think he is basically asking for a bit more creativity in gaming. There has been too many gritty real life shooters over space, rainbows and yeti battles... and I agree.

Blankolf1802d ago

English next time... please...

valet_Smerdyakov1802d ago

Agreed, that's why I'm buying Wii U as my first next gen console this holiday. By end of the year it's going to have awesome creative games for people whose imagination is not dead. I don't care much for dumb shooters and photorealistic graphics without a story and some artistic value. I bought my PS3 at the EU launch but I think I'm going to wait a bit more this time - so far the only games I liked are Knack and the Witness. Hopefully the Last Guardian and a new game by Media Molecule comes soon...

Sideras1802d ago

To be fair Nintendo haven't been all too imaginative the last 7 years or so. And the problem with the Wii U is that it will barely have any third party support considering how far behind it's competitors it is in terms of hardware.
You'll see third party titles during the transition period but not so much after.
If you release a console as early as Nintendo you'd better come out swinging, and they fell out of a pair of pants like a limp prick.

KingKevo1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Well, then you should definitely be excited for all the amazing indie games that are coming out. They are really really creative and not generic and are not CoD clones or whatever. Sony's E3 press conference did already show us some of these cool games that we're about to see on PS4.

GenericNameHere1802d ago

I love when before COD became popular (I doubt a lot of the COD fans today even know COD existed before Modern Warfare), most of my friends used to play games like Fire Emblem, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Melee, etc. Now, they only play COD. There used to be a lot of games that copied Mario too (which almost all flat out failed), until they decided to change to innovate and go 3D. I'm still waiting for the time when COD finally decides to change and innovate and stop a lot of devs from trying to mimic COD and expecting COD sales.

@Kurt Russell
You take that back!! Uncharted 2 had yeti battles... Sort of.

KingKevo1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I do know what you mean and it's weird. I like gaming a lot and play all kind of games, from the big AAA to indie games I play anything. However I know so many people who I really like, but all they are playing is Cod and Fifa (which I hate, even though I love football). They do not get why I'm playing other games.

Those few games are all they care about and what developers are trying now is to get these people to buy other games as well by making them like CoD. Unfortunately BioShock Infinite, a franchise that imho was really different for an FPS before Infinte, has now turned into another stupid shooter in terms of gameplay (!!! not story). But it doesn't really work out, does it?!

I'd love to see CoD still being CoD and other games to not want to be like CoD. If they are not interesting to the guy who buys 3 games a year, developers and even more so publishers shouldn't try to make them buy their game at the cost of us and the creativity and identity of the franchise.

The sad truth is, for a lot of publishers it's all about the money and as long as the gaming market is growing and there is a game to copy they do it to make more profit. And that's why I'm so happy when I look at TLoU. It's different and risky. I bet a lot of casual gamers have a problem playing and getting into the game if all they know is CoD. And I love the game for that, it is what it should be and the developers made the game they wanted and not the game the bro-dudes (right Ken?!) would buy. It's really creative imho. That's why it is my GOTY and a game like BioShock is only an ok game with an AMAZING story and cool world.

Thanks if anyone cares ;)

Aceman181802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


you or anyone else don't have to worry the games from Sony studios. We all know they have the variety, and aren't afraid to create new and interesting IPs.

I do believe the 4 new IPs releasing this year shows we have nothing to fear when it pertains to PS4.

The Last of Us
The Puppeteer
Beyond Two Souls

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pedrof931802d ago

Why bother getting an XBOX at this point ?


MikeyDucati11802d ago

Uh...because a person wants to or appreciates what they offer????

dalibor1802d ago

If MS got rid of DRM and not being able to support used games I'm pretty sure it would be appreciated more.

MikeyDucati11802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

@dalibor I'm pretty sure its much more appreciated than what is actually being said. You're one of the cool kids if you slander Xbox and praise Sony at the moment. So I wouldn't be surprised if people are bullied into saying what they don't actually mean...

ltachiUchiha1802d ago


Problem is xbox one ppl keep saying its more next gen then the ps4 but how do they figure if it cant play offline games? If it is so next gen and is suppose to be the all in one box machine then your basically telling a user that has no internet connection that they can play games even with no online connection which is all lies & is not even next gen. If the atari 2600 can play offline games why cant the xbox one? So much for next gen haha.

MikeyDucati11802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


Ok, I don't like the always online thing either. I like to have choice or the illusion of it. But lets assess the situation objectively. Internet is needed for optimization of gameplay. That goes for add ons and patches. The problem is that your argument is only a point to be made for this instance. The truth of the matter is that we are always online. We take to forums asking for the best routers for constant connectivity. As complain to devs, essentially demanding patches. We use internet to claim our preorder bonus without complaining about the mandatory method of downloading it.

Yet when MS proposes always online, we raise Hades about it. Why? When didn't mind saying support your developers and buy new, in debates before. So why is it a problem now when MS makes it the standard. Ah because we appreciate the choice or the illusion of it. But we are beginning to sound hypocritical.

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CrossingEden1802d ago

Many soak (bad) rumors like a sponge sokes water.
Many still think used game fees exist.
Many still think you need an internet connection 24/7.
Many still think Kinect can't be turned off at all.
Many still think game-sharing isn't possible at all.
Many don't know that using PCs for demos is normal.
Many don't know that PS+ is required for multiplayer-gaming.
Many don't know that Microsoft introduced more exclusives than Sony.
It's MS's fault, but that doesn't make the Xbox One bad.

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dp2774071802d ago

Well i'll be playing these X1 exclusives on my PC Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. If they don't come to PS4

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

"Many don't know that PS+ is required for multiplayer-gaming."

Definitely not for any Free 2 play unlike Microsoft...

"Many don't know that Microsoft introduced more exclusives than Sony."

LMFAO!!! Are you counting these so called "exclusives" that are only timed or will be on PC as well???

Because if you are...We should include games that are only on PS4 and PC which Sony has Microsoft beat in a MASSIVE curbstomp. This isn't even counting the 8 timed or fully exclusive indie games shown. And not to mention the plethora of exclusives they'll announce at Gamescom and TGS.

Microsoft have pretty much showed almost all of what they have to offer for the coming year and it STILL doesn't beat Sony who have more to announce. lol

So no, "Many don't know that Microsoft introduced more exclusives than Sony."

is false. XD

A-laughing-horse1802d ago

Just to play devils advocate...

How do you know their times exclusives?
Can you just make up things and call them facts. You just sound like a rabid fanboy.
Sony side get their ass handed to them in the games department, and Microsoft in the PR DEPARTMENT

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

"Sony side get their ass handed to them in the games department"

No.... just no -___-

Most retarded thing I've read on the net in weeks...

"How do you know their times exclusives?"

Capcom and EA kiddo. Hell, if Mass Effect came to PS4, you'd be stupid to think EA wouldn't want Titanfall on PS4... Same as Capcom with Dead Rising.

A-laughing-horse1802d ago

That's your logic man. And PLEASE explain how Sony had better games than Microsoft at e3?

Ps I'm getting both systems day one so don't pull the fanboy card.

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Uhhh, I'm not talking about JUST E3. I'm talking about games coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One in general.

MANY if not most games we've seen for PS4 actually HAVE release dates and/or gameplay running on PS4. And they DEFINITELY look more interesting to boot. Sorry, but MS showing 10-15 second teaser trailers just doesn't cut it.

Were Xbox One games even running on the hardware???

And not to mention Kinect games like Kinect Sports Rivals, LocoCycle, Zumba Party Fitness, and Fantasia: Music Evolved are just sad excuses for games meant to fluff up the Xbox One's list IMO.

LoveOfTheGame1802d ago

You bash xbox for "timed" exclusives and games also on PC, then provide a list of games that shows PS4 has more of these.

And please tell me of these release dates for all the PS4 games.

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


"You bash xbox for "timed" exclusives and games also on PC, then provide a list of games that shows PS4 has more of these."

Did you see the part on my first comment "Because if you are...We should include"......... or can you just not read?


"And please tell me of these release dates for all the PS4 games."

"all PS4 games"

Again, did you not see the "and/or gameplay running on PS4" or do you not know how to read? I didn't mean ALL PS4 have release dates, but they definitely have clearer launch windows then Xbox One games. Considering the majority of Xbox One games announced were short, 10-15 second teasers that give practically NO deatils whatsoever, WHO KNOWS when these games will launch. XD

I also found it to be sad and pathetic that Microsoft didn't even have games playable on their OWN hardware...


Here buddy...

PS4 = 20 exclusives in the first year.

Xbox One = 15 exclusives in the first year. (Kinect Sports Rivals, LocoCycle, Zumba Party Fitness, and Fantasia: Music Evolved are crappy Kinect games so that just leaves 11. lol)

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Other than the four above, I wonder how many more will be for Kinect. : /

LoveOfTheGame1802d ago

I can read, the first link you gave showed very well the exclusives of both consoles with both having the same amount with more from the PS4 being also on PC. So PS4, by the article you gave, has less exclusives.

That's great about your little and/or statement, but still, tell me one release date.

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Well durr. When Xbox fans bring up exclusives. THEY ALWAYS MENTION GAMES THAT WILL BE ON PC. So why in the hell can't I???

"So PS4, by the article you gave, has less exclusives."

So what rule are we playing by kiddo??? Because with OR without the games that will be on PC. Xbox One has LESS exclusives coming out...
Xbox One = 15 1st party exclusives. Xbox One ONLY/No PC


PS4 = 40 1st party exclusives in developement, 20 in PS4's 1st year. PS4 ONLY/No PC

Like I said. Even if we DON'T include games that are already on PC.


20 in the first year >>>>> 15 in the first year.

Killzone SF, Knack, DriveClub are all day one.

Games like Planetside 2 and Warframe that ARE NOT part of the 20 1st party exclusives are ALSO day 1.

A-laughing-horse1802d ago

Your a lunatic man. You have serious issues I think man.

If you think that Sony releases a list at e3 every year of games that ACTUALLY get released on time, I have a bride to sell you..

Last guardian??

I don't even know why I'm arguing with a fan boy. It's like pissing in the wind.

CrossingEden1802d ago

even though these exclusives are published by microsoft, they are timed exclusives, I can say so without any facts whatsoever -_-

LoveOfTheGame1802d ago

I'm playing by the rules you have gone by, you bashed xbox for exclusives that were also on PC and then gave a list that showed a "weaker", in this sense, lineup for the PS4.

Not bashing Sony or anything, just pointing out your blatant fanboyism.

Still waiting on those release dates to be shown at launch could be Oct, Nov, or Dec.

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