US PlayStation Store Update: March 27, 2008

onAXIS: "It's that Thursday again, you know the one where we get a store update. Lets see what we have coming our way today."

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sonarus3681d ago

did EU get the UEFA demo?

decapitator3681d ago

Eu update did not go up yet.

Harry1903681d ago

have to set up
a european account to get the euro demo.

Relcom3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I don't car cause i have tons of games to play. Mainly Hot shots golf

Thanks for not charging on the Maps for UT3 Sony, High five!

Shankle3681d ago

It's a good sign that. It shows developers can start putting up map packs and other extras for free. Hopefully Valve and Infinity Ward will take notice.

crazy250003681d ago

Definitely giving props to Sony/Epic for not charging.

Altis13681d ago

You should thank Midway since its up to the publisher to set the price.

whoelse3681d ago

GTA trailer!

And i think this update even beats the european update!

therealwillie3681d ago

someone get that trailer uploaded quick.... wanna see it really bad :)

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The story is too old to be commented.