Examining Why Sony Won Big at E3 and Not Why Microsoft Lost

Matt Randisi writes There have been many assumptions concerning the reasons the console war during E3 went down the way it did. Regardless of what type of gamer you are it is difficult to dispute that Sony landed crushing blow after crushing blow to Microsoft’s hopes to come out smelling like an expensive bouquet of freshly cut roses. Objectively looking back at both press conferences it is also hard to convincingly say that Microsoft had a poor showing however, the situation simply was Sony had a better showcase because they bested their adversaries match point in just about every aspect. The only arguable exception to this may be the Xbox One’s sheer amount of exclusives, including the well-received Titanfall. I would agree with the idea that Microsoft never really stood a chance however, but the reasons may be more complicated than one may think.

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Mikelarry1736d ago

it all comes down to two things

used games


i think if the xbox one didnt have those E3 would have been a really tough to tell who won

zeee1736d ago

Hard to tell. Here are my thoughts.

Sony matched Xbox One games when it comes to sheer number of games and exclusive titles. With all first party studios working on PS4, they are going to have a lot more exclusives down the road.

That and not to mention that there is a VERY good chance that the 3rd party X1 exclusive titles will come over to PS4 over time (TitalFall anyone?). PS4 will probably outpace X1 when it comes to exclusive software.

It was not just Sony's policies, it was also their price. The price plays a HUGE factor of course.

Still, I hope X1 puts up a good fight. I for one don't want to see MS completely annihilated. I'd love to see all three gaming companies making a nice profit. We need Sony, MS and Nintendo competing for our dollars!

Mikelarry1736d ago

i have just seen a post on here that states xbox 1 surpassed the ps4 on pre-orders so it seems to me some people are not worried about the price

NewMonday1736d ago


this is one XB1 bundle vs multiple spread of PS4 bundles

aceitman1736d ago

@ mikelarry ps4 1st day is sold out in its 1st 3 days

Ezz20131736d ago

it come down to 3 things:
1.much more powerful console
3.No restrictions

GodGinrai1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

used games


and lower price point

I never mentioned specs because to be honest XBone games looked in my opinion. Forza5, Titanfall, killer instinct,project spark etc. made me WANT the machine ( key factor).

E3 was MSs to lose..and that they did, but not because the games were not up to scratch. they most certainly were, as long as your not wearing fanboy goggles.

But by keepings things simple sony doing the opposite of MS sony won a day one purchase from me. Ill have both before the new year. So in that sense neither company`s E3 has made me pledge allegiance soley to them. my only dilema is which platform do I play destiny, elder scrolls online, the division etc, on. My friends will affect that choice. not console specs.

AngelicIceDiamond1736d ago


"i think if the xbox one didnt have those E3 would have been a really tough to tell who won"

Lol not really.

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AngryOcelots1736d ago

With or without the strict policies on Microsoft's hardware, Sony spotlighted more quality titles whether they are exclusives or not.

bacano1736d ago

*DISCLAIMER: I own both a PS3 and a 360, so I'm NOT a MS or SOny fan, and have a lot of criticism about certain policies from both companies.

Now, I find it absurd - and boring- to start arguing to persuade people and yourself that you must take <THIS> side, especially when you can't play neither PS4 nor XB1 yet. Why don't you just wait to be amazed without thinking "Oh, it's a <INSERT COMPANY> product, I can't look at it..."

I watched some PS4 gameplay at last E3 (The Division) and it was impressive... I watched the new Killer Instinct for XB1 and again it was impressive... (who would not be happy about a new KI!). But some of you were just making a list of cons from rival console ¬¬ (why?)

TongkatAli1736d ago

Too many gamers love hating.

AngryOcelots1736d ago

I don't think people are necessarily not focusing on the games themselves, but we're at a crossroads in terms of how we will be playing them a year from now, something we haven't had to worry too much about for quite some time. Plus many of us will end up only having one of these systems for at least a year or 2, so it's important to make sure we buy the one that is right for us as individuals. Sony just happens to have appealed to all the right demographics: gamers and people who like money, lol.

MWong1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@ bacano

I think a lot of gamers are upset with the way M$ is handling their loyal fanbase. Like you I bought an XB360 love it, I get my GoW and 360 exclusives which are practically none now. I bought a launch PS3 (died) and a slim PS3 which is my primary gaming console.

I honestly was interested in getting both consoles this new generation again. But I am sadly disappointed with M$. So for this generation I am soley PS4. Why??

1. always connected ... if I don't like it oh well use my 360
2. used games & DRM
3. price (more expensive than the 360 @ launch)
4. lacking loyalty
5. proprietary hdd again (meaning I can't switch it out with a laptop hdd)
6. shadey answers & explanations
7. it looks like a desktop pc

Only thing that really seemed to interest me was Titanfall and Project Spark. The XBone itself is not interesting at all to me. I guess we'll see when launch comes what's what.

@ tongkatali

You mean to tell me you're happy with all the restrictions M$ is announcing and paying $500 for the console?

headblackman1736d ago

they most certainly didn't win because they had the best games line up :-/ they won because of word play. Sony aren't being 100% clear on the DRM feature and what it means for the for their ps4 console,the ps4 adopters,amend who has the power to implement this feature. DRM is a feature that's incorporated in both xboc one and ps4, but its not up to Sony or Microsoft to say what game or games will use this feature. its 100% up to every games developer. so of course Microsoft could've came out and used the same bs, but for some odd reasoning they decided to take it on the chin (which still baffpes the hell out of me). the only way to avoid this backlash is for Microsoft to redirect the backlash to where it truly belongs, but then that would create the same problems with the people and the developers which would in turn cause problems for all consoles which would also create w wedge between Microsoft and the games developers. not good.

iceman061736d ago

I understand the stance on DRM and both consoles having some form of it. However, when it comes to the way that DRM will be implemented, MS has made it much easier to make the point because of the console infrastructure supporting it. Let's be honest. Publishers have forced the hand of both companies. They want more control over their games. MS has provided a console with DRM features. Sony has simply conceded to the fact that DRM is an unfortunate part of doing business. All that MS really has to do to please their "angry" fans is to get rid of the 24 hr check and allow offline single player gaming. That would go a LONG way to healing some wounds.

jaredhart1736d ago

Sony one simply because they embraced gamers and came across as more genuine.

It is definitely true Microsoft had many missteps, but many of the missteps are part of their longterm plan. They really didn't expect the reaction they got.

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