BeatzGaming: Video Game Preview: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Epic Finale

Lightning awakens from her slumber and she only have 13 days to save the world. Find out what to expect in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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Snookies121770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I'm actually looking forward to this game more after replaying the XIII series. I just wish Noel and/or Serah had been the main characters here instead of Lightning. I think both of them are much better characters than she is...

ScubbaSteve1770d ago

I know how you feel, while playing the XIII series I kept wishing Noctis was the main character.

beatzgaming1770d ago

I think its fine that Lightning is the only playable character but it could have been better if Noel is also a playable character. It would be cool to see him changing clothes.

beatzgaming1769d ago

Noctis will appear in a different Final Fantasy. I will make a preview about it soon. You can subscribe to the blog to get the latest news.

bakasora1769d ago

Is it really the finale? Thank god.