Pocket-lint: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Aesthetically things are not one hundred per cent. On two tracks once a few cars are on screen the action can have the odd stutter. Not something you'd expect from a machine as powerful as the PS3.

Still no damage either, which is a real shame. Though with the producer coming out and claiming that damage is to come "very, very soon" it should be too long before gamers bashing their favourite motors around like there's no tomorrow.

If all this reads a little negatively, it's only because Pocket-lint know just how thrilling a Gran Turismo game is out on the track.

For petrol heads, and any gamer even vaguely interested in motoring should pick up this budget beauty.

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The Killer3641d ago

its just this is the type of this game, there is no damage to it get it??

must every single racing game on earth include damage?? for some games its great but not for all games!!
even if including damage will make this game better, still it doesnt mean it should get average review or negative review because of it.

creeping judas3641d ago

Simulation racing, should be a close to the real thing as there is. Hence why a lot of people are complaining about it not having damage. Without damage it's not very realistic, hence not a simulation racer. I remember the 1st two GT's would have at least damage to the steering, breaks, engine, transmission, etc....

When racing online with 16 players all this is going to do is allow wall riding and ramming people off the track, because there is no consequence for crashing other racers.

The Killer3641d ago

well i hope they add it in the future, maybe they didnt have enough time and they needed to release it before GTA4.