Global Hardware and Software weekly ending june 8th

minecraft takes the top spot for the week of june 8th .3ds keeps the top spot on hardware,followed by ps3 then 360.

3DS 130,359 (-3%) 31,657,008
PS3 125,658 (-6%) 77,708,028
X360 84,947 (-2%) 77,572,616
PSP 50,780 (-2%) 79,191,722
Wii 28,155 (-1%) 99,660,380
PSV 28,012 (-12%) 5,202,840
WiiU 24,012 (-6%) 3,146,343
DS 14,168 (-3%) 153,457,855

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SandWitch1734d ago

Whoa. What's happening with PSP lately? It's on fire in Europe

3-4-51733d ago

It has a lot of cheap games....

PSX classics + PSP games = lots of games...and good ones at that.

A bit dated, but still good.

NameRemoved00171733d ago

Is the 3DS really that good?

3-4-51733d ago

Yes...the 3DS is that good/fun. It's the coolest gaming device I've ever owned and it's only going to keep getting better.

Go check the releases by year for see at about year 2-4 it starts ramping up and every 1-2 years after they have a strong push of games released.

And good to great games too.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1733d ago

Wii U still struggling no surprise

kaozgamer1733d ago

lol PSP is doing better than the PS Vita