Microsoft’s Xbox One indie games policy baffles developer

BGR: In addition to all the other controversies surrounding the Xbox One, we’re now hearing grumblings from independent developers who are unhappy that Microsoft is telling them that they need to have a publisher to sell their games on the Xbox One marketplace.

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Upbeat1772d ago

Microsoft's xbox one baffles everyone at this point lol.

ApolloTheBoss1772d ago

I'm still dumbfounded that they actually think they can get away with this.

Outside_ofthe_Box1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

They are going to get away with it sadly.

ApolloTheBoss1772d ago

@Outside Yeah we'll see about that.

Panthers1771d ago

The console will sell out day one, but after that I believe it will go nowhere. People are not going to put up with all of the BS.

Panthers1771d ago

Not to mention the amount of returns after Christmas. I mean kids who want this and do not know of all the issues will lead to a lot of angry parents.

Perjoss1771d ago

Dont worry, any second now someone at microsoft will announce "just kidding guys!" and then they will reveal the real xbox one.

I'm convinced this is 1 giant experiment at using trolling as a marketing strategy.

right microsoft?


MysticStrummer1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@Apollo - They're betting that the average consumer's want for new technology will outweigh their common sense, and sadly they're probably right. As a gaming console One isn't the most advanced, but as a remote free media hub it will probably sell ok, at least in the US, which is mostly what MS cares about anyway for now.

The online requirement will cost them many sales worldwide, and other restrictions will cost them more, but in the end they'll successfully introduce a new product by using an old one as bait.

DragonKnight1771d ago

I'm dumbfounded that they think Indie + Publisher still = Indie. It doesn't. The second an indie dev gets a publisher, they are no longer indie. Their independence, their detachment from the publishing side of the industry, is what makes them indies. MS are quite foolish.

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theWB271771d ago

We've heard this story over and over and over.... and over. Oh.... and over. There should be another Jonathan Blow story next.

DragonKnight1771d ago

Because it's relevant. You may not like to hear this, but people are upset with the Xbox One. From consumers to developers. You will hear about it over and over so long as there is another developer that has a problem with the X1, and there will be plenty of them.

SymphonicRain1771d ago

You! You also like spirited away! But of course...

But what's you problem with hearing different facets of a news story? It's not like devs reveal a cool new game every day, and the n4g community needs to discuss something.

theWB271771d ago

I looove Spirited Away!

It's not a problem per se... its just beating a dead horse. I came to N4G cause people posted articles to games from sites i hadn't heard of. Now it's deteriorated to basher article after basher article. Maybe I'm skewed cause i prefer Xbox (still had a ps3 all this gen too) but the articles detailing games haven't been there instead replaced by basher articles.

irokster1771d ago

I'm happy that articles like this come out because MS are just digging themselves into a deeper hole. I felt sorry at first but now I'm just sitting back and enjoying the fireworks.

MasterCornholio1771d ago

And i thought the Wii U was confusing............

humbleopinion1771d ago

So this "news" article is basically a quote of something Lorne Lanning said to Eurogamer two weeks ago? Who approved this article!?

ironmonkey1771d ago

Its not just the fans that dislike ms approach but its also the developers as well and thats why an overwhelming support is on sony.

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