FiringSquad: Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Review

FiringSquad writes: "Vegas 2 is a mostly fantastic follow-up to 2006's surprise smash that moved tangos and tango-killers to the glitz of the Sin City strip. The new game is more of an extension of the original than any sort of true sequel, in that it looks and sounds almost exactly like its predecessor. But this is still some top quality more-of-the-same with newish locales and gameplay refinements that make life as an R6'er feel more authentic."


-Few shooters are this intense and visceral, blending dumbass killing sprees with tactical assaults.

Adding and enhancing
-Little tweaks like ACES and sprinting mean a lot.


Second verse, same as the first
-What happens in Vegas apparently really does stay in Vegas, as this sequel is almost identical to its predecessor.

-Dropping co-op support from four players to two will annoy some players.

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