New Video Games June 16th - 22nd, 2013

GR: "Jak, Daxter, and even Luigi hit center stage on their exclusive platforms, but I'm wondering what's up with this new game called Sleeping Off E3."

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doctorstrange1737d ago

I still have yet to play The Last of Us. Sorry this week's games.

dbjj120881737d ago

Good thing you still have your priorities.

TrendyGamers1737d ago

Going to wait for reviews on the Jak & Daxter Collection for Vita.

dbjj120881737d ago

Shouldn't it be pretty similar to the reviews for the collection on PS3? I'm trying to find differences between the two versions.

ftwrthtx1737d ago

Just fired up The Last of Us last night, so nothing else matters this week.

dbjj120881737d ago

Haha, pretty much this for everyone who owns a PlayStation 3 right now... or at least most active PS3 owners.

Foolsjoker1736d ago

I feel like I should be watching The Last of Us instead of playing it.

Wedge191736d ago

Mediocre week after TLOU and E3. Glad for the downtime though.I still have to write.

deafdani1736d ago

Damn you, Nintendo, I want to play Super Luigi U, but I want the retail case, and that comes out in august. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?


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